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"We are all that stands between humanity and the predations of the Shadows..."

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Originating as a small band of teenagers, and growing into a corporate-sponsored paramilitary group, SEES still retains its original mission of ending the Dark Hour and defeating Shadows, but as instances of the Dark Hour form outside the boundaries of Tatsumi-shi and as members become embroiled in various aspects of supernatural activity, the faction has slowly but surely begun to change.

Faction Goals

Above all else, SEES' goal is to defeat Shadows and end the Dark Hour. This is undertaken directly by patrols during the Dark Hour, as well as fact-finding expeditions into the Tartarus. They see it as their duty to contend with Shadows wherever they lurk, which has at times brought them into conflict with other factions. Additionally, SEES tends to recruit people with the Potential or other stray Persona-users, as they feel that it's far better for people to have the knowledge of how to use their power than to lose control or otherwise run amok. Many members of SEES specifically keep an eye out for new Persona-users, though they will never recruit the Shadow-Possessed.

Faction Resources

While SEES is not a part of Kirijo, there are times where the company's research ends up benefiting the faction. This has mainly been seen in the form of Evokers and Dark Hour-capable cellphones, which are provided to every member of SEES who needs them upon their recruitment. Evokers are necessary to summon Personas for certain people, as detailed in Persona Gaining. Dark Hour-ready cellphones work during the Dark Hour to enable communication and support between groups, but only in areas with a special transmitter tower in place.

SEES also has a resource in the form of their base of operations, a school dorm in Tatsumi-shi. This building contains monitoring equipment for the dorm along with a small armory, which is one of the places where SEES members may obtain a weapon. They may also obtain weapons through a police contact in Paulownia Mall, Officer Kurosawa. The dorm also contains a reinforced training room to allow SEES members to avoid accidental injury while training for combat.

Character Concepts

A list of some ideal concepts follows below:

People connected to the Dark Hour or Apathy Syndrome who desire to do something about either; New Persona-users of most stripes, particularly those who seek to help others; People connected to Kirijo and its offices; Motivated students of Gekkoukan High.

It should be noted that Shadow-Possessed are not a good fit for this faction.


Mitsuru Kirijo: As the founder and current commander of SEES, Mitsuru's primary role is to provide direction to the rest of SEES. She establishes their goals, issues orders and oversees the safety of both Tatsumi-shi as well as those who belong in SEES, both from behind a desk and on the front lines.

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