Haku Kurebayashi

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Haku Kurebayashi

NPC's Full Name Haku Kurebayashi
NPC Owner Admin
NPC Faction None
NPC Type Antagonist, Demon
NPC Description A rising star within the political stage of Sumaru City. Elevated to mayor following the tragic shooting and long-term rehabilitation of the former mayor of the city, Kurebayashi rose to the fore with the declaration that he would 'get to the bottom' of the corruption in the city government. In truth, he is the demon lord known as the Red Count, the mysterious leader of the demons in Sumaru City. Known for experimenting on 'interesting' humans in the past, it's unlikely that his plans for the city are in any way good.
NPC Notes Also known as the Red Count. It's OOC info, but his true identity is Belial.

NPC Activity

Date Name Details
08-07-2012 Admin At the Red Count's command, Leraje the hunter seeks his prey.
08-22-2014 Admin Haku Kurebayashi officially accepts the role of Mayor (IC date: March 15th 2013)
Another date Another name Another detail
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