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"Reality wavers under the light of reflection, and it is only with trepidation that one can proceed along the dimly-lit path."


The Moon is defined by illusion, expectation, and fantasy. Mysterious and alluring and unsettling, the Moon swings between the extremes of creativity and insanity, of fantasy and horror. Belief is a powerful force, and by that belief, they construct a reality for themselves and others with their illusions. The Moon can be difficult to understand, and some might be turned away by their nature. Others might find the Moon a source of knowledge about things they might never have experienced if not for the Moon's actions. The Moon is capable of being chaotic and dangerous, as much to themselves as others. Their illusions, too, can be a threat, particularly if they become especially wound up in their dreams. However, if they can navigate those illusions, they can tap an unrivaled creative force.

Sometimes, however, the Moon creates their illusion because they are afraid to face their own reality: they might find themselves lacking in some way, and compensate for it by creating their pose and living life on their terms, by their rules, and seek to get others to validate it by having them believe the same. Or worst, they may cross the line and dive fully into insanity, then inflict it on others in the most gruesome of ways.

Sample Personae

  • Gurr, an evil carnivorous eagle of Sri Lankan Buddhism
  • Alraune, the soulless, loveless offspring of witches and mandrake roots
  • Dionysus, the Greek god of wine and madness

Example Persona-Users/Shadow-Possessed

Upright Traits

Lack of clarity, Tension, Doubt, Fantasy, Deception, Psychological conflict, Obscured vision, Confusion, Illusion, Fear, Imagination, Worry, Romanticism, Anxiety, Apprehension, Unrealistic ideas. The artistic genius whose bipolar depression sends her hurtling between crippling self-hatred and founts of dazzling creativity.

Reversed Traits

OPPOSITE: Dark of the moon, Wild and primitive, Criminals, Dark purposes and intents, Evil fantasies and dreams, Stalkers, Predators, Dark times ahead, Here there be dragons. The depraved free spirit whose hobby is killing, especially women and children.
BLOCKED: Restricted chaos, Self-restraint, Blocked creativity and energies, Artificial calm, Crimes prevented but not stopped, Depression held off but not cured, Caged in but not tamed, A lock on the door. The depressed person who hides their neuroses by pretending they're OK, but never actually gets help, even though they need it.
UPSIDE-DOWN: Absolute chaos, Primitivism unchecked and directionless, Revolutions, Riots, Turmoil with no peace in sight, No civilization, Anarchy, Ruled by animal nature, Complete mental breakdown. The creepy, insane homeless person who screams incoherently at and sometimes randomly assaults people as they pass by.

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