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Ryouma Kirisato
The Man Possessed
Full Name 切里凌真(きりさとりょうま)
Arcana XVI - The Tower
Nature Persona-User
Gender Male
Height 6'3"
Date of Birth March 31st, 1984 (Aries)
Age 27
Guardian Dragon White Dragon
Persona Oinu-sama
Weapon Two-Handed Swords
Faction Darkside
Team N/A
Blood Type B
Voice Actor Tomokazu Sugita/Patrick Seitz
Player Ayu Ohseki
"What the hell am I, your gofer? --You damn well better not say 'yes'!!"
Profile and Skills

Profile: Though his activities had been kept quiet to prevent a public panic, "Twilight" Ryouma Kirisato, so nicknamed due to his tendency to hit his marks at dusk, is a domestic terrorist and stone cold killer who heartlessly targets harmless research facilities and government buildings, massive blade and ravenous beast at his side. Admittedly, very few fatalities have resulted from his terrorism, and those that have have always been policemen or JSDF agents, but that's just a coincidence, right? Because "Twilight" Ryouma is clearly a heinous criminal and traitor to Japan too wicked and psychotic to be allowed to run free. ...Even though, in person, while he's prickly, untrusting, and irritable, he's also totally sane and actually rather caring.

Skills: HAADOKOA!, Darkness Beyond Twilight; Crimson Beyond Blood That Flows, Don't Call Me Kirisato >:(, Hard Worker, Compulsive Miser, Dog Lover, Cat LovOW STOP BITING ME YOU FURRY BASTARD, Unpopular With Demons, Highly Teasable, Titanium Stomach, Life is a Highway, BIONIC-- ARRRRRRRMMMMM, If You Go To A Restaurant And Ask For Water Then Mix In Ketchup And Sugar From The Table It's Like 1/4 Of A Meal And It's Totally Free!, sdaglhdslgkn /puppets/, Let's Rok!!

Social Stats
Never Hit High School
Balls to the Wall
Never Say Die
  • Weapon
    Slab Sword: A particularly large two-handed sword.
  • Body
    Heavy Jacket: Good for keeping warm, with lots of hidden pockets.
  • Feet
    Combat Boots: Steel-toed, steel-heeled. Perfect for curb-stomping.
  • Accessory
    Cheap Gloves: When fingerprints are a no-no, this is the way to go.

Ryouma Kirisato/History


Ryouma Kirisato/Personality

  • Poor Man's Advice: Ryouma gives some tips on how to live on a very, very tight budget. May provoke happy or interested reactio--RAGE SPIRAL
  • Where Is She?: Ryouma asks if the demon knows anything about a girl named Rinne Aono, adding some pertinent details. May provoke interested or angry reactio--RAGE SPIRAL
  • Talk w/ Fists: Ryouma gets into a tussle with the demon, letting his fists do the talking for him. May provoke scared, angry, happy or interested reactio--RAGE SPIRAL
  • Death Glare: Ryouma doesn't even bother putting his anger and disgust into words; he just lances the demon with a glare. May provoke scared or interested reactio--RAGE SPIRAL
  • Ryouma has a fully functional full-arm prosthetic, which replaces his right arm. The company that "gave" it to him was "nice" enough to provide it for "only" "a few" "minor" "inconveniences."
  • Ryouma is ambidextrous, though he's more proficient with his right hand even though he uses his left more often.
  • For this reason, Ryouma has awful handwriting. It's only slightly better than chicken scratch.
  • Ryouma likes both dogs and cats, but while dogs tend to love him, cats tend to hate him. Somehow, even though they piss him off, Ryouma can never give up on cats, though.
  • Ryouma does not believe in banks. He does, however, save as much of his money as he can at all times, and spends as little as possible at all times. This translates to "cheap bastard."
  • Ryouma owns a motorcycle, which he maintains and repairs himself, and uses it as his main mode of transportation. He enjoys joyriding and racing, but, since gas is expensive, rarely does it.
  • Ryouma never turns down a free meal. Ever.
  • For this reason, Ryouma's developed a titanium stomach for his own health, safety and sanity. The same can't be said of his taste buds, though, which might make this more a curse than a blessing...
  • Ryouma hates his surname, Kirisato, and insists on his given name and/or his nom de guerre, "Twilight" Ryouma--assuming he gives his name at all. Using his surname even so is a quick and easy way to get on his shit list.
  • Ryouma is extremely unpopular with demons for god knows what reason, he sure doesn't know. It's not universal, but many tend to dislike if not outright hate or fear him on sight, meaning that strong ones tend to attack and others tend to flee, regardless of how he attempts his contacts.
  • ????? Count: 1
Combat Information


Special: Twilight of the Gods - TBA

Persona Information and Resonance

"I am thou... thou art I. I am Oinu-sama. Though thou art lost to the machinations of devils, I shall guide thee to safety."

Ookuchi-magami is nicknamed Oinu-sama, but while that means "[right honorable] dog," he's a god who takes a lupine form. A wide variety of beliefs posit that he initiates deterrence of theft, prevents various disasters, fires, illnesses and so on, and grants divine protection. According to legend, the reason why Oinu-sama's worshiped at Mitakesan is because, long ago, Yamato-Takeru-no-Mikoto went out on an eastern expedition, but was deceived by a wicked god and lost his way there. At that time, a wolf unexpectedly appeared and guided him through the mountain. Because Yamato-Takeru evaded the wicked god's tribulations as a result, the wolf has been worshiped as a servant of Yamato-Takeru ever since.

Wolves also are regarded in general as largely benevolent, straight-dealing, un-deceptive creatures in Japanese folklore, even while there's a danger that they might rip you apart. Okuri-ookami (also known as okuri-inu) in particular, over which Oinu-sama presides, are said to either attack travelers or protect them--sometimes from other wolves--depending on the behavior of the travelers; if they fall down, the okuri-ookami attack, but if they show no aggression and beg for their lives, they receive protection instead.


Being a wanted criminal, Ryouma has learned the trick of suppressing his Resonance so it can't be casually detected while he's not 'on the job,' as it were--when on a hit, once he starts the fireworks, he wears it like a banner. Otherwise, Spotters still notice him, but they can't pinpoint the Resonance as his, and sensitive, normal Persona-Users can tell that he's one too after some conversation, but again not anything specific.

SENSE: The feeling of a predator skulking in the shadows, almost but not quite in sight; this can be either unnerving or reassuring, depending on the type of interaction going on.

SMELL: The warm, musky, earthy, natural scents of a summer mountain at night.

SOUND: Oddly enough, the occasional chirping of a night sparrow. Well, it is said that a yosuzume heralds the presence, arrival and either malice or protection of a wolf...

Notable Social Links
  • O - THE FOOL
    • Tohru Adachi (Reverse) - Enoha's boyfriend and also a detective cop. Ryouma disliked him even before he found either of these things out and keeps his guard up around him.
    • None
    • None
    • None
    • None
    • Nemu Shudo (Reverse) - Crazy, creepy bitch. Ryouma finds her unnerving for reasons he can't quite quantify as well as reasons he can fully quantify, after she gave him the impression during a fight that she was a cannibal and wanted to eat him. She was actually hitting on him, though realizing that wouldn't make it any better for Ryouma.
    • Pâques (Upright?) - A French-American Tap Buster that Ryouma met on the Darkside boards who now alternately supports/partners with and employs him. They've never met in person, but Pâques has earned a measure of Ryouma's trust and respect, even if he's kind of a pain in the ass about teasing and nagging him.
    • None
    • None
    • Rei Saionji (Reverse) - It's super-complicated. Rei wants to kill Ryouma, but the feeling's not fully mutual; in fact, Ryouma's just as if not more frustrated by the fact that Rei won't tell him why. Very much a love/hate relationship on both sides. Ryouma currently has his personal number.
    • Nagato Ishiwatari - A loyalist Hatamoto samurai that Ryouma met in a dream as his Maboroshi-self, Shinogu Aono. Despite their polar opposite personalities, the two men hit it off almost immediately, partly due to Shinogu having saved Nagato from a watery grave. After a would-be battle to the death to exonerate their pride and honor after Shinogu prevented Nagato from fulfilling his duty, the two men reconciled and became companions.
    • None
    • Enoha Koinose - A childhood acquaintance of Ryouma's, whose family kept him from starving when he was younger. After a chance reunion in Aoba that led to Enoha treating Ryouma to lunch, they exchanged numbers and Ryouma promised her a favor, though he intends on keeping her at arm's length, even if (or perhaps especially because) she told him he was like a little brother to her. She also gave him Rei's number, something he's got lots of mixed feelings about.
    • Tohya Kidzuki - Alias: LostAndFound. An acquaintance from Darkside who apparently specializes in finding things and people that are lost, Ryouma happened to run into her one night. He liked her attitude, and while he doesn't trust her, that's mainly on a matter of principle; he told her about Rinne and ask her to help him find her.
    • None
    • Miya Aikawa - A pain in the ass!! Still, she could be worse. Ryouma saved her a couple times, and while she irritates him, he also kind of likes her and respects her never-say-die attitude.
    • None
    • None
    • None
    • None
  • ?? - ?????
    • Rinne Aono - A girl Ryouma's been searching for to no avail for over a decade.
  • "Baptize" - Yousei Teikoku (Fairy Empire) [Ryouma vs. Rei]
    • The chill that conceals the white earth drops indelibly vermilion impurities deep in my eyes. I realize now that the pain of a deathmatch, of stealing and snatching away, is none other than the terminal pain of losing one's loved ones.
  • "Danzai no Hana ~Guilty Sky~" ("Convicted Flowers ~Guilty Sky~") - Riyu Kosaka
    • This world held as necessary the solitude known as the truth. Your shadow, your dream, I chased after them... While tightly gripping that which I can't lose, I am even now right here.
  • "Harinezumi" ("Hedgehog") - AZUMA HITOMI [Rinne Aono]
    • Where should I go to be able to see you? Don't embrace me; the spines on my back will hurt you. Even so, my overflowing emotions are seeking you out. Don't embrace me; let me have you ride on the beat in my chest. Don't give up, because I will reclaim the tomorrow that was torn apart.
    • I will simply repaint my destiny. Even if I become covered in wounds, I'll try for pride. Ah, ah, ah, alone in my world, I still sing about love.
  • "in the land of twilight, under the moon" - Emily Bindiger
    • High and loud, the sound of your bell of the twilight... ringing... (Now you are watchin' us outside the circle, wanna be in the company) All alone, it rings and echoes in the twilight (boy, but you are lonely, dance with nobody. Run away child), to your hiding place.
  • "Null and Void" - t.A.T.u. [SEBEC #1 - Memories of Rei]
    • Tell me with affection in your voice that you never really had a choice. Place on me the burden of the past; offer me the future and take it back. ... My life is null and void, dismantled and destroyed.
  • "Obezyanka Nol" ("Monkey Zero") - t.A.T.u. [SEBEC #2 - Memories of Rinne]
    • Honest psychos don't need healing; neither of us will be set free. We can't give up this anguish; monkeys will live in prison. Monkeys will live in prison; love for everyone and anguish for monkeys. You're the monkey in my dreams. Monkey - I'll be in your dreams.
  • "Ookami no Nodo" ("The Wolf's Throat") - The Birthday
    • It's not like I'm howling at the moon; nothing comes of that. My feelings are making me do it, is all. Why is it that a wolf's howl sounds so very sad?
  • "Somebody Loved Me" - Reel Big Fish [Rei Saionji]
    • It's burning red; I heard what you said. You smile at my face, but you wish I was dead. I think somebody loved me once, I think somebody loved me once, I think somebody loved me once, but I cannot remember why.
  • "You Got It Wrong" - The Rasmus [SEBEC and the NWO]
    • When you found me on the street, did you think you rescued me? Bet you thought without you, I would die. Like a snake, you swallowed me, took it 'til I couldn't breathe, just to bring your fantasies to life. ... You got it wrong, 'cause I don't give a fuck; I'm not your believer.
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