Mikano Makino

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Mikano Makino
Full Name Mikano Makino
Aliases Princess of the Ring
Arcana Lovers REVERSED
Persona Nogitsune
Nature Acerbic
Gender Female
Age 16
Birth Date 03/15
Blood Type O
Preferred Weapon Gloves
Faction Unaffiliated
Teams None
Job Student
Divisions 2nd Year
Assignment Yasogami High
Origin Original Character
Voice Actor Yūko Mizutani
A high-school student that transferred in from Tokyo, Mikano Makino is a somewhat distant and cold girl that seems more interested in her studies or her own interests then in making friends or meeting others. Some have hinted that she's downright cruel, if she's rubbed the wrong way, and as one of the few female boxers in Yasogami High, it's a reputation that's growing with every passing day.
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