Masao Inaba

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Masao Inaba
Full Name 稲葉正男 (いなばまさお)
Aliases Masao, Mark
Arcana VII - The Chariot
Persona Ogoun
Nature Persona-user
Gender Male
Preferred Weapon Axes
Faction Darkside
Job Professor K
Origin Persona 1
"What you call an eyesore I call art."
Profile And Skills

Profile: Once known in and around Lunarvale for his unusual sense of style and even more unusual taste in art, Masao 'Mark' Inaba has come a ways from being simply the local eccentric graffiti artist. Upon graduation, he has been in attendance at Sumaru University, and has begun to apply his artistic talents under instruction there. His laid-back, casual nature hasn't changed, which sometimes irritates those who are more serious-minded, but he's nothing if not absolutely loyal to the people he calls friends, and will more often than not drop everything to help someone in need.

Skills: Dance Like Crazy!, Funky Radio, Mischievious Boy, Yappie Feet, Humming The Baseline, Moody's Shuffle, Sweet Soul Brother, Everybody Jump Around, Electric Tooth Brush, Dance Like Crazy!

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