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- VIII -
"To find the one true path, one must seek guidance amidst uncertainty..."


Justice believes in fairness, responsibility, and cause and effect. They strive to ensure that a balance is maintained in all spheres of life, be they personal, social or professional. They struggle to be fair, no matter what decisions present themselves before them, or how their choices make others feel. Justice is calm, cool, and collected, trying to use reason instead of emotion to guide their actions. They often have a habit of measuring and criticizing other people's actions. This might be an effort Justice takes to guide them towards a better way, but care must be taken in the method, for not everyone bears this kind of advice well. Justice understands well that actions have consequences, and that wisdom is needed to make decisions from the choices that present themselves. Rather than to punish, they seek to adjust.

Reversed, Justice means nothing more than unbalance, unfairness, and, of course, injustice. The person may possess too many biases to be able to make a fair decision. Their wisdom is colored by their emotions and experiences; they are not in a place where they should be judging others, and they may well be abusing their position. This is a card of corruption. What should be impartial is influenced instead by the interests of others, and the wrong choices and decisions will be made because of it. What the person needs is nowhere to be found, while what isn't needed exists in far too great quantities. Wisdom is absent.

Sample Personae

  • Principality, seventh in the angelic hierarchy
  • Fereydun, a hero from Persian legend who led a revolt against the corrupt king Zahhak
  • Koumokuten, one of the Four Heavenly Kings and the guardian of the west

Example Persona-Users/Shadow-Possessed

Upright Traits

Impartiality, Distance, Coldness, Justice, Objective mind, Criticism, Being clever, Insensitivity, Decision, Intellect, Analysis, Realism, Severity, Responsibility, Rationality, Clear vision, Logic and reason. The friend to whom all his other friends go to seek a neutral arbiter because he's objective, fair, rational, and reasons out problems without judging.

Reversed Traits

OPPOSITE: Injustice, Unfairness, Imbalance, Inequality. The sheriff with an obvious bias towards a certain party and/or prejudice against another.
BLOCKED: Justice cannot be done, Inability to find balance. The sheriff who wants to do good, but can't because the ones in charge keep his/her hands tied.
UPSIDE-DOWN: Corruption, Bias, Lawlessness. The sheriff who uses his/her position of authority to bully others and get what he/she wants.

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