Hana Aoki

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Hana Aoki
Personal Information
Real Name Hana Aoki / 青木花
Aliases Hana
Arcana III - Empress
Nature Persona User
Gender Female
Age 20
Preferred Weapon Extendable Baton
Organization Information
Faction Darkside
Job Gravure Idol
Divisions None
Assignment Sumaru City
Persona - Xochiquetzal
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OOC Information
Origin Original Character
Voice Actor  ???

"Got a problem, huh? Want to talk about it?"



Hana Aoki has a busy life; a graduate from Yasogami High, Hana was scouted not long after her graduation and currently has a job as a gravure idol - a swimsuit and clothing model - through a Sumaru agency. She also has more than a passing interest in the occult and supernatural and has lately started to spend some of her (limited) spare time nosing around unnatural happenings. Despite her apparently glamorous job, Hana is not entirely happy with the path her life is taking, and is vaguely unhappy that her body is probably better recognized than her face is even as she appreciates being admired; an attempt to reinvent herself by becoming a musical idol failed due to lack of talent. Perhaps as a way to get away from her own problems, she tends to meddle in other people's, helping them solve them - whether they really want her to or not. To this end, she is an occasional contact of the Sumaru-based Kuzunoha Detective Agency.


Coming soon, when I summarize my app.


Coming soon, when I summarize my app.


Xochiquetzal is an Aztec goddess. Representing fertility, beauty, and female sexual power primarily, Xochiquetzal is also a patron of working women and crafts. By extension from this, Xochiquetzal represents human desire, the drive for luxuries and pleasure, indulgence and excess; she is the patroness of prostitutes and the artisans who design and create luxury goods. She is also associated with plants and, more specifically, flowers; she also has ties to birds, butterflies, and the earth.


Hana Aoki is a woman in her early twenties. She is of only about average height but usually gets remembered as tall due to a sense of presence between her subconcious attitude and, maybe, just a little bit of her Persona's resonance. She tends to draw the eye for the same reason.

Hana's face has seen enough sun to give her healthy colouration but not enough to really tan, free of blemish aside from a small beauty mark just to the left of her lips, and her hair is black, straight, and shoulder-length. Her frame is notably more buxom than the average, something she is currently taking no pains to either hide or emphasize; otherwise she is healthy and reasonably fit.

Hana is currently dressed down in what is certainly picked for casuals: well-fitting black jeans, a fitted tank top in grey that is long enough for the lower hem to brush her jeans when she stands still, and a jacket overtop. Often she also has a purse with her.


Hana's Resonance is a vague feeling of satisfaction and possibly guilty pleasure, like one had just (over)indulged themselves in something they don't get to do very often or finally gotten something they wanted. It smells like green growing things and flowers, and feels like warm sun on the skin.

In-Game Connections

None yet.

Social Stats

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Name - Hana's name means 'flower' and her surname means 'green tree'. Both were picked by looking at a common names list.

Appearance - Hana is rather vain and goes to great lengths to keep herself looking her best, from diets to keep her figure to careful make-up and hair jobs. Despite this she has a poor grasp of fashion; she knows how to make herself look good but she hasn't quite figured out how to make her clothes do it.


Sadly, I am non-artistic, so these arts belong to whoever made them. I don't know who that is.

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