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Casey Coburne
Alias: KC, case, Casey
Fullname Casey Caroline Coburne
Arcana IV - Emperor
Nature Unawakened Persona-User
Gender Female
Date of Birth April 1st
Age Fifteen
Faction Darkside
Team Cincihna
Eyes Hazel-brown
Hair Brown
Height 5'8
Voice Actress
Persona Girflet(Unawakened)
Weapon CDs
Other Things

Blood Type: O
Nationality: American
Hometown: New York City, New York
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Hobbies: Hacking, programming
Personal Treasures: Her computers
Favorite Food: Oranges
Likes: Computers
Dislikes: Her mom
Best Club: Computer

Soundtrack & Gallery

Heart Beat - Stereo Skyline

  • Close your eyes, don't say a word - your way to beautiful haven't you heard
  • The way, the way, my heart keeps - Beat, b-beat, beat, beating

Going Under - Evanescence

  • Screaming, deceiving and bleeding for you and you still won't hear me!

Haunted - Evanescence

  • Watching me, wanting me, I can feel you pull me down

Hello - Evanescence

  • Don't try to fix me I'm not broken

My Last Breath - Evanescence

  • Sweet raptured light it ends here tonight...

Undisclosed Desires - Muse

  • I know you've suffered but I don't want you to hide
  • It's cold and loveless but I won't let you be denied

Taking Over Me - Evanescence

  • I believe in you - i'll give up everything just to find you... I have to be with you to live to breathe you're taking over me!

Tourniquet - Evanescence

  • Do you remember me? Lost for so long - will you be on the other side, or will you forget me?

Whisper - Evanescence

  • Don't turn away - don't give in to the pain - don't try to hide - though they're screaming your name

The Perfect Scene - Mercy Mercedes

  • All in all it's the perfect scene - And there's not anywhere that I would rather be
  • And it's now, now or never when we're chasing our dreams - And oh we're getting close now, don't turn away.

Truly Madly Deeply - Savage Garden

  • 'Cos it's standing right before you - All that you need will surely come...

Get Busy Living Or Busy Dying - Fall Out Boy

  • I used to obsess over living - now I only obsess over you

Welcome To The Black Parade - My Chemical Romance

  • Your memory will carry on, we'll carry on

Slow Motion - Panic! At the Disco

  • Slow motion - see me let go - we'll remember these days

Dreaming - Blink 182

  • You always make me smile - whether I'm depressed or in denial

Hello Hello - Paramore

  • I opened up my life to you - I've told you everything I knew
"To have, to feel, to touch, to create - I create with words a world that most cannot divine. ."
Profile And Skills

Casey Coburne could be called the ultimate gamer geek - she loves video games, particularly PC games, is into science fiction movies and novels, and is a expert computer hacker and programmer. Casey, however, for all the traits she shares with the technology filled world, is not a walked on teenager - instead, Casey is proud of her station, and can be viciously controlling and egotistical about her abilities and the way people look at her. Casey was born and raised in America until middle school, upon which her parents moved over to Japan from the States, landing in Lunarvale. However, with Casey about to start high school, the family packed up and moved to the outskirts of Sumaru. Casey is all about order, as with her hacking and programming abilities she can twist words and the order they lie in to work her own way, in her own style, preferring to lead the way rather than follow. However, not everything is about leading, as she's also on a Grand and Noble Quest, of adventure and fun - to find her Superhero, no matter where he ... or she ... may be...


Sounds And Looks Like a Boy, But Really Is a Girl, Get Off The Computer, Science Fiction Geek, Computer Gamer, Hacker And Programmer, Follow My Lead, Gentlemen, Egotistical Control, It's All About Experience, Baby, Look, She Really Is a Girl, So Don't Underestimate Her, Excellent Marksmanship, Sports Sports Sports Sports Sports!, I Need A Hero, Oh Yeah!


Casey Coburne is the youngest child and only daughter of Catherine and Christoper Coburne, being 2 years younger than her brother, Charles. Born in New York City, Casey led a generally happy life, often getting into scrapes and tumbles with her brother, and getting into sports and more harder boyish programs, often preferring to wander around in a sports jersey rather than a dress, much to her mothers displeasure.

A certain event one night led Casey to believe in the world of heros, especially superheros... but no one believed her. So far, she's just looking for her hero, and looks forward to meeting her hero again, even if she won't recognize him...

In her beginning middle school years,, not long after her incident with her hero, her parents, both high level people in Macintosh, got jobs offered in Japan. They accepted, and the small American family moved from New York City to Lunarvale, Japan. Entering her next year in Lunarvale, Casey and Charles went to a online international school while learning to speak and write the local language, with the caveat to their parents that they would enter the local high schools the next year. With that, they shortly transferred over to Sumaru City, where they now reside.

Casey is entering her first year as a student at Seven Sisters High School. The young woman has been found in the company of many people from Reiji Kido to Naomi Suzuno. Casey tends, based on gossip, to not think twice about doing something if it's exciting - because of that, she found herself facing the The Lurker with Masumi and Hinata in the Dark Hour. Thanks to timefoolery, Casey forgot about it briefly, but now that she remembers it... she's gotten curious.

Uh oh.

Logs and Cutscenes


No uploaded logs.


Cut Scenes:Just A Normal Teenager: Casey gets busted by her Mom after getting into a fight, mom suspects a bruise is a hickey. Casey gets grounded. Angst.

Social Links


  • Casey has no noticeable Fool links.


  • Casey has no noticeable Magician links.


  • Masumi Hayashi: Complicated: AKA, Kannushi, or ojou-chan. Masumi is a member of Darkside and through it and other events led by friends, Casey and Masumi have become even closer than just contacts. Casey has made it absolutely clear that no matter who Masumi saw herself(himself) as, Casey would be supportive. This has led to two interesting run-ins on both Christmas Eve and Valentine's Day...


  • Yuuka has no noticeable Empress links.


  • Akatsuki Enda: Trust: Akatsuki Enda is a third year at Gekkoukan High over in Port Island. He supposedly has a brother, Kyo, who is the Sevens School President as a Third Year; Casey doesn't quite believe it. Akatsuki is like a perfect senpai; he looks good in a tux, he can talk to anyone, yet she can't shake off the feeling something's wrong.


  • Casey has no noticeable Hierophant links.


  • Casey has no noticeable Lovers links.


  • Casey has no noticeable Chariot links.


  • Casey has no noticeable Justice links.


  • Casey has no noticeable Hermit links.


  • Casey has no noticeable Fortune links.


  • Casey has no noticeable Strength links.


  • Casey has no noticeable Hanged Man Links.


  • Casey has no noticeable Death links.


  • Dona Kimura: Kindness: A second year at Seven Sisters High School, Dona and Casey get along fairly well, as within the norms of society, they are both bits of an outcast compared to societies normal way of thinking.
  • Daiya Kagami: Annoyance: Another second year at Seven Sisters. She always seems to show up right after Dona leaves...
  • Naomi Suzuno: Friendship: A second year at Seven Sisters High, Naomi Suzuno is a 'ojou', a very wealthy, rich person. She is the interim CEO for a industry business, and as such, knows of the Coburne family from her mother's financial work with Apple, Inc. Casey finds Naomi to be utterly calm and tempering, and likes her deeply.


  • Reiji Kido: Frustration: Reiji is a frustrating, stuck up, know-it-all who thinks Casey can't do anything. Grr.


  • Casey has no noticeable Tower links.


  • Hinata Itoh: Confusion: Hinata and Masumi are really close. As such, Casey has tracked down the bright Itoh to figure out Masumi a little bit more. This has led to a game of friendly one-uppance between the two, as well as a growing friendship. Just don't ask about Valentine's Day...


  • Casey has no noticaeble Moon links.


  • Tatsuya Suou: Honesty: A third year at Seven Sisters High, Tatsuya seems to speak in ellipses and monosyllable words. He can be hard to talk too, and trust Casey on this: YOU DON'T WANT TO GET GLARED AT BY TATSUYA EVER. It's scary. Aside from that, however, he radiates trust; she just hopes he'll start /remembering/ her...


  • Casey has no noticeable Judgement links.
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