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Takeshi is pretty laid back and calm; traits he learned from his late Mentor, Master Matsuki. He keeps a level head, and assesses any situation he comes across, whether it's a combat scenario, or an academic test. He likes sitting around and playing video games just as much as he enjoys going out and hanging with some friends, and everything in between.. so long as it doesn't involve watching sappy Titanic-like movies.. He generally gets along with everyone, but his biggest niche seems to be the people who aren't trying to be something they aren't; the normal people. Reputation wise, many believe him to be among the more popular kids, but he doesn't draw a line with anyone.. unless you piss him off. However, he has a fire inside of him that, when provoked, will be unleashed. He will put himself in harms way to protect anyone that cannot protect themselves.

He also has a soft spot for women, and absolutely despises the cold. Winter is his least favorite time of year. It reminds him of when he was a child, and he saw his neighbor's puppy nearly freeze to death from being left outside for too long. An element that's so simple, can so quickly ebb away at life, just by existing. It frightened him. One of the strangest phobias he knows of, but it's his. A soft spot grew for animals within his heart after that.

Achilles; his Persona, offers a corner stone to his personality. The main attribute of the Persona is fire. Every time such an ability is used, Takeshi is reminded of the death of his Master. He's reminded of the indecision that he experienced. The hesitation that froze him in place from fear. If it weren't for his fear, his Master might still be alive today. His philosophy is simple: If he can't overcome his fear, how can he prevent what happened to his Master from happening to others. His ultimate goal is to attend a University, and then open his own Dojo, as tribute to his late Sensei.

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