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Being born just outside of Tokyo in 1994, Takeshi was born to a middle-class family. His father was a businessman working at a reputable Law Firm. His mother was a housewife. He lived a relatively normal childhood. He made his friends as he got older, and would often been seen out in the yard playing some form of ball game. His parents rarely received complaints about Takeshi, but that doesn't mean never. As he progressed through grade school, he was often sent home for getting into fights. Regardless of how much he protested to his parents, and explained how he was simply defending one of his friends; he was still penalized, and often grounded.

At one point, he felt as though someone was talking to him, within his mind. Initially, he didn't pay it any mind, and continued on with his life. He came across a martial arts dojo one day, and decided to sit in for a class to see how things went. The Sensei took an interest in the young man. Soon after this meeting, the phone calls from school dwindled down. Takeshi wasn't getting in trouble anymore. Once he finished classes, he would spend his days at the dojo, learning to fight in Tae Kwon Do. His Sensei, Korida Matsuki, became his inspiration. The man was strong, determined.. and most importantly, calm and collected. He even got Takeshi in to collecting Tarot Cards. Well.. not really collecting. Master Matsuki gave him a card to commemorate his advancement through the training. The card had the picture of a Warrior upon it, holding a Gladius and a Round Shield, and was decked out in light, black armor. Achilles, his Sensei said the name of the person on the card was.

One day, several years after the first class he ever intended, Takeshi left school and started heading towards Master Matsuki's Dojo, head hung low because he forgot to bring what became his Lucky Card; the card his teacher gave him only weeks ago. He stepped off of the bus that lead to where his Master's Dojo was, and noticed something odd. There was a strange stall on the side of the street, and no one was around. Strangely enough, neither was the bus he just stepped off of. He looked around, and then back. There was a short, balding man with silver hair along the sides of his head. He had piercing beady eyes that were locked on Takeshi, and a strange, almost sadistic smile on his face. The oddest feature was his extremely.. long.. nose. Takeshi cautiously advanced towards the man and his stall, which was a deep velvet color. As he neared the stall, things got even more strange.

"Welcome, welcome.. I've been expecting you." The man started. Takeshi blinked, looking around, still seeing no one, as he looked back to the man. The strange little imp looking man explained to him that a difficult time was fast approaching. A time of choice, and indecision. He explained that he would have to face a fear that he never knew existed within him, and the only way to gain the power to face that fear, is to accept it, and the responsibility of any consequences that come from it. Takeshi looked at the table before the man, and saw three Tarot Cards. It all started to make senses, now. Master Matsuki's hobby must have been because of this guy. The man further explained, that after making the decision, and if Takeshi chose to move on, then life may become more complicated than Takeshi might expect.. but only those worthy, can make that decision.. and only when the time is right. He then produced a Tarot Card, face down, and slid it across the table. "A gift.. to remind you of our visit.. I hope to see you again, my friend." He looked to the card, and picked it up. When he turned it over, he saw Achilles; the card that his Master gave him. This one, however.. had a strange symbol upon it. Everything began to swirl, and then darkness overcame him.

Suddenly, Takeshi woke up. He was on the bus, nearing the stop that lead to the Dojo. He looked around, seeing several people staring at him as if he were from another planet. He shook his head to clear the cobwebs, before stuffing a hand into his pocket. He felt the lining of a card. He produced the card, looking it over. He could have sworn he left the card at home, and that he simply had a dream about the big nose guy. The bus stopped. He stepped off, and looked towards where he saw the stall. Nothing was there. He blinked several more times, before slowly slumbering towards the dojo, looking over the card. He neared, and saw smoke billowing upwards. The dojo was on fire. Instinct kicked in, and he dropped the card, running towards the dojo as he heard the cries of pain coming from within.

He kicked the door in, fear gripping him in place for several moments. 'Thou Art I..' Closing his eyes, he shook his head; and the fear away. He called for his Sensei, only to hear cries of pain respond. He managed to find some of his fellow students, as the sounds of sirens slowly came in to existence. He helped them up, and escorted them to the exit. When he ventured back in, he came across his Sensei. He was pinned down by a wooden beam, and the fires around him weren't calming. He rushed towards him, only to hear a creaking noise. He looked up, and everything slowed down to a crawl. A wooden beam burned out, and began crashing down towards his defenseless Mentor. His hand twitched, and his eyes went wide. The voice was heard again. 'Thou Art I.. I Am Thou..' His hands slowly clenched into fists, as the voice continued. 'From The Sea of Thine Soul..' Suddenly, the unspeakable happened.

Something snapped within his mind. He felt something in his hand. He brought his hand up, and saw the Tarot Card that Big Nose gave him. He looked at it, and then to his Mentor, before his mind cleared. "Per.. So.. Na.." He spoke the word he never heard of, as a crystal red flame erupted around the card, causing it to shatter. The massive form of Achilles appeared above Master Matsuki, as time resumed its normal speed. The creature held the beam up, and then threw it aside. Takeshi ran in and grabbed his Sensei, as Achilles released a sharp swing of his sword, sending a massive wave over the flames, causing them to blow out.

Takeshi set his Sensei down outside, as time seemed to stop once more. Achilles appeared before Takeshi, floating in midair. "I am Achilles.. Thou Hast Heard The Call. I Hast Answered.." And with that, Achilles disappeared, and the Tarot Card appeared back in Takeshi's hand. He looked at it, before exhaustion overtook him, and he passed out. Several weeks later, he awoke in the hospital; stuck on bed rest. His mother was waiting in the room. His father was busy at work. After a teary reunion, his Mother informed him that Master Matsuki had passed away. Sorrow overcame the young man, and it stuck with him for several more weeks.

Word arrived that his family and he were moving. He would be transferring to a new High School, Gekoukkan High School. While on the train, holding his Tarot Card.. he made a vow. The Persona gave him a second chance.. and he vowed to use that chance to help and protect anyone that he could. That was several months ago. Now, he attends school at Gekoukkan, and lives in the nearby dorms.

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