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  • ...jor ones that affected the Five Cities as a whole and SEES's role in those events.
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  • == Events == category=Events
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  • Born in Sumaru City, Katsuya is the elder of the two Suou boys. In 1999, two events occurred that would change his life: first his younger brother was badly in
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  • ... distortions reigned, Chie found herself mistrusting Aigis for her role in events and willingness to engage in acts Chie found she could not make herself con
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  • ** [[Junko Kurosu]]: Yukiko met Junko in the midst of some fairly charged events involving Hitler and a certain long-lost son. They carried that son out of ...respect for the not-a-cop, and has gladly worked with her during strenuous events in the past. Like Nazis. Also brothers.
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  • ...encer Heiress's family and has rubbed shoulders with her at various social events in Japan. Still, he did not have much direct interaction with her until a c
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  • *Obsessively clean (especially after the events of the Innocent Sin plot), Sudou spends a surprising amount of time bathing
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  • Eikichi cannot remember the events of the past, largely because he has suppressed them all thoroughly. But sti
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  • ...osedly "manufactured" personality has become ingrained into him due to the events of his life growing up. Kanji has a deeply rooted problem with authority fi ...own through a safety glass window over a dispute on animal crackers. These events led inevitably to his arrest and parole under [[Tohru Adachi]]. Kanji still
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  • ...vents in the Sky Museum, she is sad to learn that Jun has orchestrated the events that led to the troubles and grief she and her friends have endured. Fortun ** '''[[Maya Amano]]''': Big Sis. After the events at Mt. Iwato, she and her friends have remembered Maya to be their beloved
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  • |title=Notable Events}}
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  • ...hich only reinforced Tatsuya's determination to be alone. But, as strange events became more and more commonplace in Sumaru, Tatsuya started to meet a varie ...eviously, Tatsuya was only vaguely aware of Rena's existence and identity, events conspired to change that. When Rena kidnapped Akatsuki Enda, Tatsuya was am
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  • ... stories. Stories about the occult and such have fascinated her. With the events happening in the world lately she has been thinking about what kind of ‘f
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  • ...rawling Chaos, Nyarlathotep, who came to him not long after the disastrous events that saw the Araya Shrine burn down--and, so Jun thought, taking the life o
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  • ...k. This is an important frame of reference as it contains pictures of past events and is likely his personal record. The number are the pages in order that h
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  • Consulting with [[Lucas Xavier]] over recent events led to reassurances that Shiori had to do what she felt to be right. She al ...Wataru evacuated, along with [[Tom Magnusson]] (who had missed most of the events) and Farah.
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  • ...can be useful in finding links or clues in various supernatural things and events. Many cases also come through the doors proper of the detective office, and
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  • ... Since then, Enoha's loyalty to Adachi was called into question during the events of Maboroshi, but after Adachi accepted her back, Enoha has firmly insists ...d Katsuya have caught up in their friendship, forming a strong bond. While events have since made her feelings more complex, she's determined to be there for
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  • ...ently has been able to come to terms with it, aided by a series of unusual events and a few friends willing to accept her for what she was. Though still shar
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  • ...ys physical or romantic, as the Lovers also works within ideas, movements, events, and groups. The Lovers also confronts those personal beliefs (as opposed t
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  • Hideo is concerned, the fact that she suddenly seems apologetic for the events that have transpired since his Shadow-Possession makes him loath her even m ...most the same, just with wildly different outcomes from the same series of events.
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