OOC Logs: Meeting - 12 Nov 2012

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Time: 7:30 PM EST
Place: PMUSH OOC Meeting Room
Date: 12 November 2012
Summary: PMUSH staff call a meeting to hash out issues pertaining to, prominently, plots, the IC grid, and the csys.

Trish says, "Hi everyone! Thanks for coming. I'll be the moderator for tonight's discussion."
Trish says, "We have a few topics we'd like to discuss with you tonight. First of all on the agenda is the topic of plots. We're interested in learning what sort of admin-run plots you would like to see more of in the future."
Suzuka Umezono says, "point of minor order, do we need to formally ask to be recognized or the like or is this small enough that you'll just tell us to settle down if everyone starts hollering"
Tohru Adachi says, "how are we getting in line, do we page you and you call on us?"
Suzuka Umezono slap adachi
Miyuki Tsukuda arrives from the OOC Lounge.
Miyuki Tsukuda has arrived.
Tohru Adachi says, "fuk u"
Trish says, "Page me, and then go in order, yes."
Trish says, "Adachi, go ahead."
Tohru Adachi says, "Jesus, I didn't think I was /that/ fast. A sec to type."
Lucifer says, "go ahead and prep what you'd like to say if you're in line"
Katsura Tsuruya arrives from the OOC Lounge.
Katsura Tsuruya has arrived.
Tohru Adachi says, "OK, well, I'll lead off by saying that I don't think it's any kind of secret -- just not highly publicized -- that Persona 4 is loosely on the docket for sometime in the near future, like probably early next year or something. We're still talking about how to do that, but I imagine that anyone who wants to see 'more of the stuff from those games' will be satisfied, although it will almost certainly not be something like 'the TV Killer storyline is exploded into an SRT-style 50-person-scene invasion.'"
Trish says, "Hi Katsura. To recap, we're discussing plots. Please page me if you have something you would like to say, and I'll call on you when it's your turn to speak."
Trish says, "Thank you. Do you have anything else you would like to say, Adachi?"
Tohru Adachi says, "Yeah, I'm just typing it all as one brick."
Tohru Adachi says, "Nearly done."
Trish nods!
Tohru Adachi says, "As for what I, personally, would like to see: anything. No, seriously, anything. In the past while there's been the stuff I've run, Mabo, a Full Moon P3 shadow, and Sudou's plot in progress. I'm averaging something like GMing two scenes a week lately, and not doing much here besides, which is taking time away from doing things like 'being active on my FCs,' since both running and playing in the same breath is usually more hassle than it's worth. And when attendance starts to taper off for my things -- which it has -- there's just /not much else/ for anyone to do. Frankly, I don't care what you guys want to run. Chances are I'll be interested in half of it and not give two shits about the other half, the same way anyone looks at any group of plots. But I'd like to feel like people with the actual bits are putting in at least as much effort as me, Mr. Random Player, in a way that I can actually... appreciate, you know?"
Tohru Adachi says, "And now I'm done."
Trish says, "Thank you! Does anyone have any commentary on that?"
Thora Kobayashi says, "I too approve of Things Happening."
Masahiko Irie does, but he'll wait until his turn to touch on it. But for now, he'll just agree with More RP Good.
Lucifer says, "speaking as plotstaff, I approve of and endorse this textbrick."
Miya Aikawa, also agreeing.
Minato Arisato says, "I may have a comment on that. But I think I should talk to staff before getting into it too much, given my current history."
Miya Aikawa says, "(Not that I've been here very long, but I figure Adachi would have a good handle on this stuff?)"
Belladonna says, "You can page us if you're concerned about saying it out loud, Minato"
Suzuka Umezono says, "To play off what Adachi said a little, I'd love to see 'more stuff' in general run. Mabo was great but was in large part fueled by Mikiya's Mikiyosity and if we had someone running something like Adachi's short things a few nights a week and with a mix of locations and flavors I imagine everyone would be happier."
Lucifer says, "Adachi has a good handle on it, yes."
Minato Arisato says, "I do like the sound of stuff happening, though."
Suzuka Umezono says, "It does't of course have to be just one 'someone'"
Trish says, "public scenes help people get into things, so I am in favor of more of them"
Minato Arisato says, "Who should I page in that regard?"
Trish says, "page me"
Tohru Adachi says, "For what it's worth, as commentary on my own thing, 'coming up with stuff to GM' is, in my case, as easy as just taking lounge jokes literally or whatever."
Tohru Adachi says, "I think a good 80-90% of my GMed scenes aren't planned out in advance at all, it's just some Whose Line Is It Anyway shit."
Lucifer says, "not everyone has plotrunning experience, of course, but running plots is how you get good at it -- it's really as simple as that. And Nyx, Trish, and I are more than willing to facilitate that."
Suzuka Umezono says, "Yeah one-offs and bizarre adventures are fun and perhaps a little better suited for the environment than just Main Line Plots."
Lucifer says, "especially in the interests of keeping folks like Adachi unburntout."
Tohru Adachi says, "That said, improv bullshit isn't for everyone, so -- other voices, obviously welcome, to cater to as many tastes as possible."
Seiichi Miyamoto says, "Too add to it, I'd honestly rather have a GM'd scene or a scene with a point to go to rather than a random public scene. I'd appriciate More Things."
Lucifer says, "what would help us, actually, is y'all throwing out ideas for us to run!"
Lucifer says, "since we can only do, say, Arcana Shadows every full moon."
Mitsuru Kirijo says, "what about a suggestion box?"
Trish says, "We have a number of free-use Boss Personas, too, for small combat scenes"
Mitsuru Kirijo says, "an anon suggestion box where we can throw random ideas"
Lucifer says, "a suggestion box is an excellent idea, Mitsuru!"
Trish says, "I believe we still have one in the loungue"
Mitsuru Kirijo has a few ideas but has no energy to run any of them lol
Thora Kobayashi would like an anon plot suggestion box.
Lucifer says, "we do, but it may be a good idea to make one specifically for plots."
Tohru Adachi says, "You know I love you guys, but 'facilitating players doing their own shit' only works when players actually do their own shit. I don't want to be cynical, but I'm gonna be for a minute: most people won't."
Belladonna says, "anon plot suggestion box eh :|a"
Lucifer says, "that is, unfortunately, also true."
Lucifer says, "so initiative is important."
Mai Namikawa says, "The downside of an anonymous box is the lack of feedback. If your ideas are not ok, you need to be told what's wrong with it."
Lucifer says, "hmm, also a good point"
Mitsuru Kirijo says, "true"
Tohru Adachi says, "You can make it as easy as you want to get people loans to buy Segways but they'll still carpool. So I'd like to see more of a carpool-driving action from TP staff."
Trish says, "maybe something like our +request system would be good, with some tweaks."
Nyx says, "i figure if you want feedback you can sign it"
Tohru Adachi says, "Because, speaking selfishly, it keeps me from being burnt out."
Nyx says, "if you're just dumping ideas and you don't care you don't have to sign it"
Lucifer says, "no, Adachi, we like you unburnt."
Alice says, "That's not selfish at all, Adachi."
Alice says, "You've been giving your all here, and I wish I could give you internet pizzas or something for it"
Miya Aikawa says, "GM burnout is a terrible thing which I wouldn't wish on anyone yes. :("
Tohru Adachi says, "Like I seriously don't care if Trish (to pick someone at random) runs 'The Shadow of the Cake Shop, Scene 1 of 1' or 'Persona MacBeth: A Dramatization in Fifty-Six Scripted Parts' or anything in between, but someone taking the toys out of the box and going 'here's the game' would be great, versus just holding the lid and saying 'take all the toys you like.'"
Lucifer says, "so what I'm hearing is y'all would like us to come up with a few smaller plot threads for y'all to chew on, yes?"
Suzuka Umezono says, "Aye, Reed Richards"
Mitsuru Kirijo says, "or even just some random one off scenes"
Mitsuru Kirijo says, "you don't have to run EVERY SCENE"
Lucifer says, "well, ideally it'd be a mix of both."
Tohru Adachi says, "Yeah, something where I can just go and play Adachi (or whoever), versus having to tame /and/ ride the horse."
Mitsuru Kirijo says, "but yeah, like seed the RP every now and then would be nice"
Mai Namikawa says, "Not everything needs to be Lord of the Rings long."
Trish says, "Yes, it's not fair for one person to do all the work"
Lucifer says, "but yes, stuff that we can run and that we can give y'all to run would be best?"
Trish says, "To recap, you would be all right with perhaps a signup list for scenerunning, and then we could tap one or two of you to run things?"
Tohru Adachi says, "From my own experience wizzing on games (hawwww) there is, if you're lucky (and I think this game has a positive enough playerbase to be lucky), a trickle-down effect."
Mikiya Ryouhara arrives from the OOC Lounge.
Mikiya Ryouhara has arrived.
Tohru Adachi says, "Staff is visibly active, encourages players to be visibly active with them, activity goes up all down the line."
Mikiya Ryouhara meanders in.
Alice says, "A suggestion box may also be good for volunteers- ie 'I'm free to RP out your monster if you need me'"
Trish says, "Hello Mikiya! Currently, we're discussing plots."
Katsura Tsuruya says, "I have to say it: hee hee trickle-down wizzing"
Lucifer says, "it'd be nice if we could have one that has little ticky-boxes, maybe"
Trish says, "Please page me if you would like to take the floor."
Lucifer says, "[X] Volunteers to run [X] Volunteers to facilitate, blah blah"
Trish says, "Mitsuru, I believe you had a comment to make?"
Yosuke Hanamura arrives from the OOC Lounge.
Yosuke Hanamura has arrived.
Itsuka Mizuhara arrives from the OOC Lounge.
Itsuka Mizuhara has arrived.
Mitsuru Kirijo says, "that's a good idea Alice since you might have poeple willing to run things but.. don't know how or what to run"
Belladonna says, "wb Yosuke"
Itsuka Mizuhara enters the OOC Lounge.
Itsuka Mizuhara has left.
Yosuke Hanamura says, "my kidnapping spree continues unabated"
Mitsuru Kirijo says, "as for my comment"
Mitsuru Kirijo says, "I would love to see more original themed plots to be honest. At the very least, for 'story plots' (namely plots based off the games themselves), a better intigration of the entire grid/theme as a whole as opposed to heavily focused on 'just this group' with a few random bits and pieces to let other people get into. I felt like that was the biggest weakness to the P2 plot. If you somehow didn't have a close tie to either of the Tatsuyas, there didn't seem to feel like there was any reason to participate. Sure you could attend the scenes but it felt like there was no reason to do so.

Ultimately, as 'game plots' go, I am more interested in not simply just 'rehashing what happened in the games with other stuff' but taking the game plot and turning it into something original that everyone can buy into, be their OCs or FCs. Obviously FCs from the particular game that the plot is based off of will have more of an interest since their development IS tied to these plots in a big way but it doesn't seem exactly fair to the grid as a whole to focus on resolving just THEIR issues."
Yu Narukami arrives from the OOC Lounge.
Yu Narukami has arrived.
Masahiko Irie ^s Mitsuru so much.
Trish says, "Did you have anything else you would like to say?"
Alice says, "Welcome, guys- we're currently talking about plots, what plots to run, etc. If you want the floor, page Trish!"
Mikiya Ryouhara says, "plots eh"
Mitsuru Kirijo says, "mmm. Nope not really."
Lucifer says, "speaking as P2 plotrunner, I pretty much agree with that assessment, Mitsuru."
Mikiya Ryouhara has no input right now, is just here to e_+
Trish says, "All right, does anyone have any comments they would like to make on that?"
Trish says, "I also agree."
Lucifer says, "and with the broader sentiment."
Tohru Adachi says, "I agree. P2 plot was, to me, this opaque glass wall."
Lilith says, "I like this idea"
Lilith says, "It's like what I was trying to do with Fuuka before."
Miya Aikawa says, "Games based on canons generally do very well with original plots, I can say that much in response."
Belladonna says, "I'm pretty fond of 'original-in-theme' plots myself and there's enough material for us to do it"
Katsura Tsuruya says, "I'll also agree with that. I had a brief in at part of it but felt pretty window-dressing for all other parts."
Tohru Adachi says, "And I agree that 'stuff to do that isn't acting out this that and this from the game' is... how to keep the MUSH going. Yu and I are very very conscious of this re: P4."
Lucifer says, "if I'd been able to write it from the ground up, I think it would have been more inclusive, but hindsight, etc."
Mitsuru Kirijo says, "as someone with a lot of skin in the P3 plot, I would seriously love to see this involve more people than just 'SEES' (and whatever exists of 'Strega')"
Lucifer says, "totes"
Mitsuru Kirijo says, "as it is, I'm already shoving off the investigation of the Sumaru Dark side onto the SHinsengui and gang lol"
Mitsuru Kirijo says, "if it goes into Inaba, I plan on letting the KDA ride shotgun on that"
Lucifer says, "haha"
Mitsuru Kirijo says, "etc etc"
Masahiko Irie says, "Yeah, in a lot of scenes, if it isn't directed to you and your faction, it feel like a 'come along and punch this because we said so, but don't get in the way.'"
Lucifer says, "well, I will say that we're working on P3 as well, and one of the things on our collective mind is how to balance 'this is SEES' thing' with 'inclusiveness'."
Minato Arisato hrms.
Trish says, "one thing that we're hoping to do in the future, masahiko"
Belladonna says, "That said there's nothing wrong with multiple factions being interested in the same issue"
Trish says, "we'd like to give different factions different goals in large scenes."
Tohru Adachi says, "I'll talk shit for a second: I think more than just 'not acting out the games,' the key to a successful big plot is that Joe New Player should be able to go to a given Big Scene and find something to do and some even fractional way to feel like they're contributing. Which is hard, but fuck y'all if you want to run a big plot and not do the hard work."
Trish says, "and thus improve solidarity within factions as well as give them distinct roles"
Tohru Adachi says, "Right now I'm bored to death on SRT because it feels like all of the big plotlines are geared mostly towards the people who've been helping plan out their guy's role since day one. And fuck that style of plotrunning, and fuck anyone who likes it, and that's real."
Tohru Adachi says, "Shit-talking over."
Mikiya Ryouhara senses anger in adachi's spirit.
Tohru Adachi says, "I'm angry at badly run TPs yeah :("
Miya Aikawa says, "Right, as a new player (and unaffiliated at that) I've felt a little intimidated trying to get into scenes/plots (although Adachi's done pr. well integrating me into his scenes I'm happy for that!) Like, Maroboshi? I still have /no clue/ what that even is (and I haven't bothered asking because it seems to be almost over)."
Lucifer says, "it's quite over, sadly."
Trish says, "Maboroshi has concluded, yes"
Belladonna says, "Miya I'm actually impressed by your hard work at involving yourself in things even without a Persona"
Lucifer doffs his cap :(
Belladonna says, "That is super hard mode"
Lucifer says, "I am as well, it's super hard mode and you get a gold star for it."
Alice says, "Yeah- I'm glad you're on this game."
Lucifer pins it on Miya
Miya Aikawa says, "Haha, thanks. Honestly I feel as if I'm annoying people sometimes, but I hope if I do folks'll tell me because I am suuper bad at telling when I'm getting in people's ways."
Tohru Adachi says, "And I'll note, re: Miya saying I've done a good job doing whatever, literally all I've done is had her bonk my boss monster in the head with a rock."
Tohru Adachi says, "It's that easy. :("
Trish says, "You've done a good job so far, I think!"
Trish says, "As others have said, it isn't easy."
Lucifer says, "hey man, as a runner I just want people to show up and get their hands dirty"
Miya Aikawa says, "(And thanks for all your kind words too~)"
Trish says, "Does anyone else have anything they would like to say?"
Masahiko Irie says, "Well, the concept is simple but now always easy a game runner: to work to find ways to include people and make them feel as if their presense has made a differnce."
Lucifer says, "and to punch me in the face, I like that"
Mikiya Ryouhara says, "Maboroshi had a little rough times towards the end. Unfortunately, a lot of the 'WHAT IS MABOROSHI?' stuff on the board cycled out, of which i wrote like four posts about '-'a fortunately there was still the newsfile i put into the environment room;;"
Miya Aikawa says, "Yeah, I'm a GM elsewhere and generally what I like to see is "people enjoying themselves by being able to do things"."
Seiichi Miyamoto says, "I'd like to say that I agree with Tohru here, a key to s successful global is to make it just that. Global. Anyone with some minor knowldge of theme should be able to show up and enjoy themselves and not just require either A) A friend thats an In for the thing or B) Weeks of headbutting brick walls until something gives and you force yourself into a niche."
Mai Namikawa says, "To add on rehashing and accessibility, I've been in too many of those to keep track. I get that FCs feel some elements must be there, but making it borderline 'you can follow where we are on Gamefaqs' has backfired heavily on too many occasions than I care to count. And every 'game plot' I participated in that worked had taken FCs and OCs from other themes/sources/games to investigate or sometimes even make central to the storyline. It keeps it fresh, it keeps it from being something you can guess the outcome 30 minutes before the scene. It makes FCs and OCs meet where they might not have had reason to meet. And I know it's difficult, I know it's complicated to try and make multiple objectives matter, but it's the thankless job of a GM. If a plot has 2 scenes with no impact and a 3rd for FCs where everything gets resolved, people stop attending for a reason.

On the other hand, letting people run whatever can have certain repercussions, as some unapproved things can and do happen if the leash is too short, so if you want people to help out, you're going to have to figure out the right length of 'letting people run relevant stuff' while keeping it 'we need to retcon/backhand someone over this'."
Lucifer says, "it's not easy, Masa, but I find that good things rarely are."
Mikiya Ryouhara says, "it's very important to make that kind of informacions available"
Lucifer says, "that's quite true, Mai."
Mikiya Ryouhara tried to get the board posts preserved, but... ( ._.) pmush eated them
Lucifer says, "awww"
Miya Aikawa says, "Aw, sorry to hear the mush ate your posts :("
Mai Namikawa says, "Some of the best plots I have ever witnessed, I didn't even realize it was the plot until 3/4ths in."
Trish says, "I have them preserved."
Mikiya Ryouhara has them in his backscroll still but getting them all will be work
Miya Aikawa says, "As for me - like I mentioned to Trish earlier - I'd be very happy to run plots. I just don't feel as if I have a good enough sense of the game yet to go 'okay this'll fly and this won't', if that makes any sense."
Lucifer says, "well, Miya, that's what we're here for."
Miya Aikawa says, "So, like Mai mentioned, some guidelines might be useful?"
Trish says, "We've been working on a new TP application and file."
Belladonna says, "Actually we currently--yes"
Belladonna says, "Those new guidelines are specifically in the works as we speak"
Miya Aikawa says, "Oh! Okay, that's good to hear <3"
Lucifer says, "bounce stuff off of us and we'll tell you what works and what doesn't, and if you're feeling particularly saucy you can- yes, submit some stuff to the appbox."
Lucifer says, "that tp app file was overdue for a rewrite."
Trish says, "We're still in the process of rewriting many of our files."
Mikiya Ryouhara says, "send me a copy of the new one i've got more plots i want to write"
Suzuka Umezono has disconnected.
Lucifer says, "rofl"
Lucifer says, "we'll be putting it up this week, don't worry."
Mikiya Ryouhara pushes lucifer and just generally gets rowdy
Tohru Adachi says, "And I will, for whatever it's worth, vouch for being told what works and what doesn't."
Lucifer ahn
Trish says, "Masahiko, you're up."
Masahiko Irie says, "Right now, I"d like to see plots that allow for more inter-factional conflict. Right now, a lot of the admin run (and most of the player run) plots are 'big bad shows up, everyone or the faction being focused on pounds threat, and everything returns to normal'. While I know these plots often require more work and even organization with facheads (making more work for myself, crazy, I know) and staff, I think they give a chance for TPs that spawn RP and can have lasting consequences for characters, relationships, and the grid as a whole.

As Tohru said, there hasn't been much RP outside of TPs, but if the stage is set for conflict, I feel people can and will RP with one another in ways that they wouldn't. As an example, if NWO came up with a new way craft the world in their image, but it involved using Inaba's Midnight, could be a great way for two groups that normally wouldn't play a chance to butt heads. Another example would be perhaps some sort of wish granting that is only preformed once the group or person did something horrible to someone else, which could cause two 'heroic' factions to come into conflict, each vying for their different ideology. With the loss of Strega and the NWO changing, there has been little to no reason for people to punch one another in the face save specific characters messing with specific characters. If there is an issue with groups becoming too similar, these conflicts give them a chance to say 'we aren't like so and so because this is how we do things and why'. They could even provide a way to change dynamics in the game if discussed and worked out with staff, giving a way to shake things up and add incentive to go out there and do RP if it means getting to some goal.

For those that want the tl;dr of my thoughts: More Conflict = More RP."
Belladonna says, "Considering that the last time there was a chance for me to show that, Itsuka started attacking Masahiko too, I clearly agree with you :D"
Trish says, "We have been giving some thought to encouraging more conflict between factions."
Lucifer puts on his Sudou hat
Minato Arisato !
Tohru Adachi says, "I like -- love -- the idea of more factional conflict, but I think that's a difficult thing to engender. One, this theme doesn't really support shooting wars -- I think Trish and Lucifer would put us all through a table like the Dudley Boys if everyone was constantly having massive Persona Mind Wars all the time, unless we were doing them all in mine shafts and random meadows. The other problem is that after four years(?) of continuity, so many cross-factional relationships have developed that it'd be fucked up to make everyone choose this side or that side, unless they actually OOCly wanted to make that choice."
Lucifer says, "speaking as NWO fachead, I'm in the process of making conflict /as we speak/. So I agree, and think this is a fine idea."
Nyx says, "That ties into something we've been talking about"
Nyx says, "The allies system"
Lucifer says, "yes"
Lilith says, "Yeah"
Tohru Adachi says, "Like if Player A in the NWO is mega-bros with Player B in SEES, and NWO and SEES go to war, Player A and Player B can either go along with it and milk that tension, or they can both 'pfft' and roll their eyes and resume doing Will-and-Jazz handshakes."
Lilith says, "It's an interesting dilemma and also very confusing at times"
Alice says, "One thing we as staff were considering is rehauling and rethinking the +ally system."
Tohru Adachi says, "But lest I sound too down on conflict: I love conflict, I want more of it, especially between me, teenage girls, and TVs, but I don't think it's a sustainable cure-all, and we'd need other highways built too."
Thora Kobayashi says, "Uh oh"
Mai Namikawa says, "I don't think the issue is a matter of an +ally sister, character bonds will dictate who you will and won't fight far more than what a tag says."
Mai Namikawa says, "Ally system, jeez."
Tohru Adachi says, "I think +ally would at least prompt those relationships to have to exist more in an RP zone."
Tohru Adachi says, "Versus 'Adachi, NWO ally, finds out all the NWO's shit by reading their board.' I'd have to go to Tatsuzou or someone and do it the hard way, or otherwise arrange it."
Seiichi Miyamoto says, "As someone who /is/ allied with NWO and SEES, honestly I think conflict between the factions actually would give me /more/ venues of RPs and concenquences if I don't pay attention to it."
Trish says, "Unfortunately, +ally does mean that it's difficult for a faction to make secret plans"
Tohru Adachi says, "And that'd give the NWO more leeway for-- yeah, secrets."
Masahiko Irie says, "Well, I am not saying just give excuses for fighting, but I've seen a lot of the TPs encourage everyone to fight against the same threat as opposed to having their own reasons and movitations, even to work against another player."
Belladonna says, "Yes; I've heard a number of issues wherein people feel unable to use their faction board effectively because of widespread +alliance"
Alice says, "Right now, it's hard to say, post something on the Darkside boards that might involve some dirty laundry on another faction because many faction members +allied would automatically know."
Mikiya Ryouhara says, "Persona Mind Wars, eh."
Mikiya Ryouhara writes that down. e_+
Miya Aikawa says, "RE: conflict, conflict works best when it's combined with other things. As much as everyone loves fightan', you can't be all fightan' all the time, especially not on a game like this where social links social links social links"
Lilith says, "even so called locked posts are still seen by allies"
Tohru Adachi says, "'Prepare... for MIND WAR.' (RIP superhero mushes and ekchuah or whoever said that all the time)"
Lilith says, "so yeah...it's a weird line"
Belladonna says, "Since so often you have seen in the past on the SEES board, for instance"
Belladonna says, "'locked to members and not allies'"
Masahiko Irie says, "Well, right now, the allied locked posts aren't that big a deal because there isn't much conflict. If there was, much like any other conflict, people could and would likely lose their allyship."
Tohru Adachi says, "I'll vote in favor of killing +ally, mostly because I think the only real loss is channel access, and frankly these channels are awful quiet anyway."
Yu Narukami says, "i imagine people hold back OOCly"
Lucifer says, "I think Yu may well be correct, to be perfectly honest."
Yu Narukami says, "it could be removed or even more bboards added that are 'this faction and friends' but that's kinda absurd"
Masahiko Irie says, "Not having ally would also require people getting information the old fashioned way... RP."
Lilith says, "Yeah"
Lilith says, "I agree"
Nyx says, "What Masahiko said"
Trish says, "I'm in favor of more RP"
Lucifer says, "quite"
Tohru Adachi says, "(also what I said)"
Tohru Adachi says, "(adachi, ahead of the curve)"
Nyx says, "And if char bonds are the dictate of what a char does rather than a tag, the tag is probably not needed"
Lucifer says, "hipsterdachi"
Yu Narukami says, "good job adachi"
Lilith says, "Yessss"
Minato Arisato says, "Wait, is that why I can see all these OOC channels?"
Yu Narukami says, "now let's get rid of +rank and +title while we're at it!"
Yosuke Hanamura says, "I vote in favor of +ally because, since those parties are no longer with us on the game, the only thing I've gotten out of it at all is obnoxious behavior due to legacy +alliances from ages past."
Yu Narukami B;)
Trish says, "Possibly because Minato was once the fachead."
Yosuke Hanamura says, "err, in favor of killing +ally"
Tohru Adachi says, "Anything that starts with 'O-' other than SEES, yeah, probably."
Lucifer says, "you used to have a fachead flag, you may still have it."
Belladonna says, "No, your charbit used to be a fachead"
Lilith says, "Rofl"
Minato Arisato says, "Oh. That should probably be killed, right?"
Belladonna says, "rank and title are already basically deprecated, ha ha"
Belladonna says, "yyyes"
Belladonna says, "I'll help you out with that later on, Minatos"
Minato Arisato says, "I wasn't sure why it was a thing, so I didn't bring it up."
Minato Arisato says, "Anyway, shutting up now."
Yosuke Hanamura says, "Yeah Minato, when I joined I had access to all of that too."
Trish says, "Nah, it's fine!"
Nyx says, "i honestly think removing +ally would bring back some of the 'fog of war' that encourages people to seek other people out in RP more."
Lucifer says, "it's fine, Minato."
Nyx says, "if you can't just go read it on a bboard then you have to go get it"
Trish says, "I didn't know he still could see those"
Lilith says, "Definitely agree Nyx"
Trish says, "So thank you for bringing it up"
Miya Aikawa says, "I've never played on a game with +ally before this/SRT? so yeah, I'm used to and like the old-fashioned way."
Nyx says, "it also gives people more of a sense of 'solidarity' within their own faction"
Lilith says, "The thing is... if you're in a faction and allied to every other faction...what's the point of having the tag to begin with?"
Lucifer says, "it might also encourage /more/ use of the boards, since what was brought up before is true: less information is being spread for fear of allies seeing it."
Nyx says, "in that when sharing information you can be sure only your faction is reading"
Nyx says, "as opposed to it leaking out to god knows where"
Masahiko Irie says, "Exactly, in Persona, information is important."
Minato Arisato says, "Yeah, that makes sense."
Tohru Adachi says, "And to speak to the flipside of that: even if I don't RP to get X/Y/Z info from Nyx, I still have to page her and go 'Hey Nyx, how can Adachi know this or that,' which... is not as amazingly active as RP, but still requires some thought about one's place in the game."
Minato Arisato says, "That. Info's a big thing."
Lucifer says, "and I know lack of posting is an eternal frustration of mine as a fachead."
Masahiko Irie says, "Well, right now, there isn't stuff to post about too."
Lilith says, "Well... yeah"
Lilith says, "What Masa said"
Masahiko Irie says, "How many proactive missions can PCs go about and do on their own?"
Yu Narukami says, "then you use +radio to RP it"
Trish says, "I think in some cases, facheads can possibly set up missions for people"
Lucifer says, "we'll foster some. I will say that lately I've posted quite a bit on the boards and had no response or acknowledgement, even of big things. So it's not always that there's nothing to post about."
Masahiko Irie says, "Def. Trish."
Miya Aikawa says, "+radio is a thing here?!"
Nyx says, "it's more +phone here"
Mai Namikawa says, "And there's also that not everything is post-worthy."
Miya Aikawa says, "#2 of things I did not even know"
Trish says, "yeah +phone"
Lucifer says, "but we facheads can certainly create missions if that's desired."
Miya Aikawa says, "I'll ask someone about that later u_u/"
Belladonna says, "There's no /global/ +radio"
Tohru Adachi says, "Missions are nice, but they should be missions that... can be done."
Philemon says, "SEES does have the easy resource of Tartarus but I imagine that can get samey if you're not careful."
Trish says, "yes, agreed"
Trish says, "and also agreed"
Lilith says, "Also, you don't have to wait for facheads to run stuff"
Yosuke Hanamura says, "Likewise, KDA and MC."
Yu Narukami says, "and really shouldn't"
Tohru Adachi says, "Like, on one of my alts, I got tasked by Masahiko to go track down Lilith's alt, and then Lilith went on vacation."
Trish says, "you need to make it more interesting than 'go to a place'"
Lilith says, "It's really encouraged for players to run their own stuff too!"
Lucifer says, "agreed, Lilith"
Lilith D:
Lilith says, "Adachin :("
Lilith says, "Well... I am back so"
Lilith says, "Deal with it"
Tohru Adachi says, "No."
Tohru Adachi says, "Get out."
Masahiko Irie says, "Well, the Tartarus can be unique... But it requires PCs that might make it interesting. In P3, it was Strega, but perhaps it could be someone else or another group who stands to gain by the Tower not being scaled."
Lilith walks away dejectedly
Belladonna a-aaawww
Tohru Adachi says, "Anyway nothing against anyone in the example I just cited, but it would have been nice to have like, something to do that can be altered on the fly if someone integral can't make it, or whatever."
Trish says, "Agreed, it would have to be mixed up than just 'go to the Tartarus and fight Shadows'"
Belladonna says, "Well the simplest way for Tartarus to be enjoyable is to find people who like dungeon crawls and combat"
Nyx says, "yeah if i have to do another 'shinjiro tells someone what tartarus is' scene i may actually die"
Tohru Adachi says, "At this point I'm not advocating policy I'm just throwing out shit to help people get ideas about what they can/should do."
Miya Aikawa says, "You can make it more rewarding by including tangible.... well... rewards."
Nyx isn't representative though because she has been doing 'exactly that scene' since 2009
Masahiko Irie says, "And while I've noticed the same issue with bbposts, Sudou, but at the same time, everything I say 'Put ya guns on' and march somewhere, a lot of people get excited and show up."
Yosuke Hanamura says, "Nyx: You need to apply the Yukiko approach."
Trish says, "Nyx, to help with that"
Lilith says, "Rofl Nyx"
Trish says, "We can actually make sticky bbposts, as I discovered last night"
Belladonna says, "Ahahah those pamphlets"
Miya Aikawa says, "Is there any precident here for items other than special weapons? Things which would have RP effects without necessarily being csys?"
Yosuke Hanamura says, "Which is to have something similar to her 'So You've Got A Persona Now' flyers."
Lucifer says, "SEES has /had/ pamphlets"
Trish says, "So there's a way to do--yes"
Mikiya Ryouhara says, "I think when it comes to generating missions us facheads need to be more cognizant of 'situation' and as players it's pretty helpful to 'prioritize'"
Lucifer says, "yeah"
Belladonna says, "Miya: nt sure what you mean"
Nyx says, "Miya means rewards for doing 'quest' type scenes"
Mikiya Ryouhara as a wee mikiya was assigned to beat up somebody who basically just disappeared off the face of the earth the next day
Seiichi Miyamoto says, "No I don't think you should have to wait to do just what the fachead setup, but I think they should be at least allowed and even encouraged to set up stuff if they would like too. There really hasn't been much encouragement for facheads to even set up scenes or missions, at least from what I've seen."
Minato Arisato says, "Like artifacts and the like, right?"
Mikiya Ryouhara but as a wee mikiya has also been lazing about some other orders since the beginning of time so
Lucifer says, "and Masa, maybe you have more luck with it than I do. But that's kind of a tangent."
Nyx says, "Trinkets and shit like that"
Suzuka Umezono has connected.
Suzuka Umezono says, "doop, internet"
Miya Aikawa says, "Well, say a spotter goes on a dungeon crawl with her tank buddy. By the end of the dungeon crawl they might have found, I don't know, a sweet shield and some magical spotter-enhancing cocaine I mean pixie dust."
Lucifer says, "well Mikiya it's not your fault the guy vanished off the face of the earth r_r"
Tohru Adachi says, "If you want trinkets go to my Haunted Mall scene."
Lilith says, "Seiichi, I don't think it's lack of encouragement honestly."
Alice says, "Suzuka <3"
Tohru Adachi says, "It's explicitly in my +request to staff, people are getting trinkets."
Tohru Adachi says, "Because... trick or treat."
Lilith says, "Rofl"
Lilith says, "mmm candy"
Mikiya Ryouhara says, "well"
Yosuke Hanamura says, "whether you can live with what you are given in an adachi scene"
Alice shows up to Adachi's scene "what do you mean i can't join"
Yosuke Hanamura says, "is another story entirely"
Mitsuru Kirijo looks back here, "I agree with Nyx in the whole 'if I have to explain the dark hour in a scene again I might die'"
Miya Aikawa says, "he gave out a cat a few scenes back, i like cats"
Mikiya Ryouhara says, "my point is, apparently that guy has been spotty for awhile"
Belladonna says, "Miya: weird things do sometimes go out, though they obviously aren't as codified"
Lilith says, "Well, we do have the SEES pamphlets now so... :/"
Trish says, "There are many things that people should know once they are in a faction"
Lilith says this as someone who has alts that are guilty of that.
Philemon says, "So why not put non-timeout posts on the faction boards?"
Tohru Adachi says, "As is my understanding, there's a SEES wikipage, just post it somewhere and +bbtimeout 0."
Belladonna says, "Well, I think the last such SEES scene was done by Shinsuke, actually"
Nyx says, "Yeah something should be stickied on the boards."
Mikiya Ryouhara says, "we as scene organizers should be more proactive about being aware of stuff like that and maybe communicate more, cos sometimes the noobs like weemikiya didn't know that at the time so it's like 'gonna beat him up!! e_e' ..... waits by the door... .... the sun goes down..."
Tohru Adachi says, "And then say the pedophile president told them."
Trish says, "I can set those up easily"
Lucifer says, "we do have the ability to sticky posts, yeah"
Mitsuru Kirijo says, "I prefer non-timeout posts on the faction boards yeah"
Belladonna says, "So yeah those can be set up"
Trish says, "they need to be stickied by admin, but it's definitely something that's doable"
Mitsuru Kirijo says, "like REQUIRED READING"
Lilith says, "Yesssss"
Lucifer says, "of course, that also means people have to read the boards."
Masahiko Irie says, "Yep."
Lilith loves this idea
Trish says, "Write the post up, and we'll stick them for you"
Mitsuru Kirijo says, "well"
Nyx says, "the last scene might have been done by shinsuke but the 3294802935325 scenes before that"
Nyx omfg
Lilith says, "Rofl Lucy... yeah"
Mitsuru Kirijo says, "aren't people in factions supposed to read their faction boards?"
Lucifer says, "wait what scene did I do"
Masahiko Irie says, "Well, we can cure a lot of things with required reading posts, but we can't cure stupid."
Lilith says, "well... they are"
Trish says, "They should"
Lilith says, "doesn't mean they do"
Mitsuru Kirijo says, "at the very least, I know the required reading is in the admin board"
Mitsuru Kirijo says, "clearly"
Lilith says, "but.. yeah"
Trish says, "if they don't, they should be redirected to the post"
Lilith never reads the boards, is a rebel.
Mitsuru Kirijo says, "you need to make an admin post that says: you are required to read the 'required reading posts' on your faction"
Trish says, "Sure thing"
Mitsuru Kirijo says, "or at least include it in people's e-mails with the password"
Lucifer says, "there's no real reason to have to explain something over and over when you can just link a post, as it were."
Mitsuru Kirijo says, "'make sure you read your faction's required reading posts'"
Trish says, "Both of those are doable"
Alice can do~
Lilith says, "yeah"
Yu Narukami says, "or each faction could just do a 'getting started' wiki post"
Mikiya Ryouhara says, "wikis have spotty attendance"
Yosuke Hanamura says, "yeah"
Mikiya Ryouhara says, "not recommended"
Trish says, "Not everyone uses the wiki"
Mitsuru Kirijo says, "I think we need someoneo n the game that at least directions people to the 'getting started' wiki post"
Tohru Adachi says, "Well, here's the thing."
Yosuke Hanamura says, "But you can link to wiki 'flyers' or whatnot in RP so"
Mitsuru Kirijo says, "er *directs"
Trish says, "oh, definitely"
Tohru Adachi says, "Put the information up wherever. Wiki, bbpost, who cares."
Yosuke Hanamura says, "and they don't even require faction access to a board at that point"
Tohru Adachi says, "Then it works like this:"
Tohru Adachi says, "Joe Bumble New SEES Guy 'let's RP me getting my evoker'"
Lilith says, "Yeah. It's easy to figure out what questions people are going to have so"
Tohru Adachi says, "Shinjiro '+bbread whateve/rwhatever'"
Lilith says, "like the evokers and dark hour... tartarus, etc."
Tohru Adachi says, "And if JBNSG doesn't like it, he can cry the facheads a river."
Yu Narukami says, "'good scene guy hit me up with a +sl' 'what' '+help +sl dude'"
Mitsuru Kirijo lol
Mikiya Ryouhara says, "well, game design, adachi... and the sanity of everyone involved... dictates an elegant solution first"
Mikiya Ryouhara says, "it would be nice if joe bumble doesn't get a hardon for his evoker scene and powered up to ask about it"
Belladonna says, "My new elegant solution: send Mikkiya to joe bumble's house, IRL"
Mikiya Ryouhara says, "and then get smacked down by some post he didn't know existed before"
Belladonna says, "But yeah there are good ways to include this info in apps, posts, whatever"
Lucifer says, "perhaps we can amend the charapp file to include something about how you joined your faction in the first place"
Lilith says, "it's easy enough to include it in the acceptance email"
Mikiya Ryouhara says, "so it's best if he gets Informed as part of his natural process of getting onto the game"
Mitsuru Kirijo says, "Hrm."
Tohru Adachi says, "OK, well, if the 'every new player with a hard-on gets an evoker scene' is not on the table, the elegant solution is 'put the info up, make it visible, and if someone doesn't look, they can still be pointed to it.'"
Lucifer says, "so as to avoid- yes"
Tohru Adachi says, "Because my understanding was, we're talking about people who are just like ignoring links and bbposts and shit."
Minato Arisato says, "I thought that was on there. Or something similar at one point."
Nyx says, "A blurb in the acceptance email might be the easiest way"
Mikiya Ryouhara says, "all new players have hardons adachi"
Mikiya Ryouhara says, "they're just"
Mikiya Ryouhara says, "they're just ravenous"
Nyx says, "Just keep a blurb for each faction and paste it in acceptance email"
Lucifer says, "it's similar but not quite the same"
Mitsuru Kirijo says, "I don't know about amending the charapp file since.. isn't.. that kind of implicit in the 'how do you feel about other factions' section?"
Mikiya Ryouhara says, "yeah"
Nyx says, "'welcome to sees this is shit you should know'"
Mikiya Ryouhara says, "might be good"
Yosuke Hanamura says, "in other words, mikiya just fessed up to being an eternal newbie"
Trish says, "Actually, that section doesn't exist anymore."
Lucifer says, "we don't have that section anymore, Mitsuru."
Tohru Adachi says, "Yeah, just make a bunch of wikipages with a common naming scheme."
Yu Narukami says, "you can also lock them in the pcreate room until they go through 'the stat room' and then 'your faction room' or some such, there are lots of ways"
Lilith says, "Yeah"
Tohru Adachi says, "'SEES_Info' 'NWO_Info'"
Mitsuru Kirijo says, "shows you when was the last time I checked out te char app"
Mikiya Ryouhara says, "just because i have excalibur doesn't mean i pulled the sword from the stone, yosuke."
Tohru Adachi says, "Put the appropriate link in the accept @mail."
Lucifer says, "Yu, herding cattle"
Yu Narukami applies prod to luciballs
Trish says, "All right, I'll take a few closing comments on this topic, and then we need to move on"
Seiichi Miyamoto says, "?"
Mikiya Ryouhara wants to be herded ._. moo
Mikiya Ryouhara's closing comment
Lucifer ack!
Lilith says, "I like the idea of having something in the pcreate room."
Tohru Adachi says, "But then what if people don't read anything other than their password etc etc etc we have no foolproof way of making people read and be informed, the end."
Lilith says, "Even if it's a secondary source"
Nyx says, "put it before the pw"
Tohru Adachi says, "There always gon' be fools, like me, Mr. fool reverse"
Mikiya Ryouhara likes the 'lock them in the damn pcreate room until they read, suckers'
Belladonna says, "If that happens, Adachi, then it's their own fault for not readin'"
Nyx says, "better yet, encode the pw and embed it in the information"
Lilith says, "Yeah. True"
Mitsuru Kirijo says, "clearly we need to make an EULA that no one reads"
Lilith says, "Rofl"
Philemon says, "Also Yu's idea isn't terrible either."
Mitsuru Kirijo lols at Nyx
Lucifer says, "Nyx that's fiendish, I like it"
Mikiya Ryouhara holds the password for every newbie
Mikiya Ryouhara says, "they have to fight me to get out"
Mikiya Ryouhara >:'
Belladonna says, "and I basically believe that if someone can't be bothered to read stuff then they can deal with not knowing??"
Trish says, "haha"
Lucifer says, "and we never got any new characters ever again"
Belladonna says, "We can only make information available and convenient"
Mikiya Ryouhara has high standards
Miya Aikawa fights mikiya +_+
Ryouma Kirisato arrives from the OOC Lounge.
Ryouma Kirisato has arrived.
Mitsuru Kirijo says, "Question in relations to this"
Belladonna says, "Yo, Ryouma"
Mikiya Ryouhara says, "locking those guys in there would make it kind of a necessary thing"
Ryouma Kirisato says, "Hey"
Mikiya Ryouhara says, "also relatively trivial to do"
Mitsuru Kirijo says, "if you guys include a 'please read <x>' and the guy doesn't read it but asks us for a scene in regards to <x>"
Mikiya Ryouhara says, "PILEDRIVER"
Mitsuru Kirijo says, "we are totally within our rights to just go 'no, go read <x>'"
Mitsuru Kirijo says, "?"
Mikiya Ryouhara says, "NO EXCEPTIONS"
Trish says, "Yes"
Lucifer says, "yes"
Mitsuru Kirijo says, "awesome"
Belladonna says, "If that is what happens"
Mikiya Ryouhara ok
Belladonna says, "Then yes"
Mikiya Ryouhara scoots
Philemon says, "Yeah, that would be the idea."
Mikiya Ryouhara will be back e_e
Lucifer says, "later mikitan"
Belladonna says, "Of course if there are faction members willing to volunteer to /do/ those intro scenes"
Belladonna says, "Then folks can get them after all"
Lucifer says, "but they're not entitled to them."
Trish says, "but it isn't required"
Belladonna says, "Yes"
Mitsuru Kirijo says, "just covering my bases"
Trish says, "of course!"
Miya Aikawa says, "well I mean, from the new player's perspective it's like "oh my god I get to do shiny things", getting to do shiny things and involve other people in them is /why/ I apped TV Dungeon route"
Belladonna says, "Indeed, miya, it's nice!!"
Yu Narukami says, "or if the new guy is happy to help drive the rp and make it interesting themselves"
Lucifer doesn't want to do nwo intros any more than shinjimits wants to do sees intros
Lucifer tbqh
Yosuke Hanamura says, "as opposed to, in the shared dialect of miya and myself"
Yosuke Hanamura says, "having to explain 'the convergence' for the fiftieth time"
Mikiya Ryouhara will do NWO intros :]
Nyx says, "well in this case it's the difference between doing shiny things and 'sitting and talking about doing shiny things'"
Lucifer would do sees intros though
Miya Aikawa says, "hahaha oh yosuke"
Trish says, "One minute, and we're moving on."
Lucifer says, "that's a good way of putting it, Nyx"
Nyx says, "but yeah we have other topix"
Miya Aikawa says, "Okay, let's move on, I just wanted to throw that in there~"
Belladonna says, "For these we can do another sticky post: 'intro post volunteers'"
Mikiya Ryouhara wrecks everyone new who comes in and throws them over a fence. introduced!!!
Belladonna says, "and anyone who wants to volunteer to do them can make themselves available"
Miya Aikawa says, "mikiya why are you so cruel i only want to be friends"
Lucifer says, "good idea"
Tohru Adachi says, "And then those people can be facheads ;)"
Mikiya Ryouhara shows friendship with his fists
Trish says, "All right. Our second topic for tonight involves the grid."
Lucifer says, "and then no one ever apped nwo again :'("
Trish says, "One comment that we've had a lot in the last year is that it's difficult for people to get involved with events outside their home city. There seems to be be a feeling that the grid is on the 'large' side."
Mitsuru Kirijo says, "in terms of IC distance, the grid is way too big."
Nyx says, "Yeah we've seen that people have a hard time justifying RPing with chars in other cities often due to the distance"
Minato Arisato says, "Is it?"
Mitsuru Kirijo says, "it's kind of a pain in the ass if you have to travel in IC time like 2 hours to get to somewhere to justify a scene"
Tohru Adachi says, "I legit don't know how far apart the cities are ICly and thus have never cared. I think this complaint is more to do with there not being enough to do, period."
Minato Arisato says, "I just go by the theory I use elsewhere and turn up for plot convenience."
Trish says, "Technically it's about 30 minutes"
Tohru Adachi says, "Ideally there's shit popping in all... three(!) cities. Right now we're lucky for one. I've tried to spread my TPs around accordingly but..."
Yosuke Hanamura says, "Yeah, with the train thing I just...don't really get that."
Tohru Adachi says, "...I did a tp for SEES in Port Island, and 80% of the turnout was KDA anyway."
Tohru Adachi says, "So frankly, distance isn't the issue, stuff to do is."
Minato Arisato says, "I need to talk to you after this, if I may, Adachi."
Tohru Adachi says, "Sure."
Yosuke Hanamura has been on many, many games and this has one of the saner and easy to understand grids he's come across, with distance being a non-issue on top of it.
Miya Aikawa says, "Yeah, I agree with Yosuke."
Mitsuru Kirijo says, "as someone who is ICly the head of SEES, it's kind of a... logistical gymnastics for me to justify sending people from SEES to Sumaru or Lunarvale to take care of dark hour things"
Miya Aikawa says, "This has a few cities. I'm used to a whole /planet/ on grid."
Mitsuru Kirijo says, "when there are pretty important things at home to deal with?"
Nyx says, "It's more difficult with this game with the type of character base it has"
Tohru Adachi says, "Well, we're on a game with magical skull pokemon, so I think some suspension of disbelief is necessary going in."
Belladonna says, "Well, in my personal experience I don't have much trouble with it because it's all fairly close, but I can share what I've discussed with folks as 'the ideal' that the grid probably should have been to begin with"
Mitsuru Kirijo says, "and by *from SEES I mean from the PI SEES branch"
Masahiko Irie says, "If it's only a half hour... I deal with that every day when I was working."
Masahiko Irie says, "Err, dealt."
Tohru Adachi says, "Yeah, I used to drive 100 miles round trip to college every day."
Belladonna says, "And that's: The grid is Sumaru, and Port Island and Lunarvale are wards of it/suburbs/whatever, and Inaba is a train ride away"
Lilith says, "There are ways around stuff like this"
Lilith says, "Ultimately, I don't really think about it too much"
Mitsuru Kirijo was under the impression that the cities are.. like.. a couple hours apart by train
Lucifer says, "naw"
Lilith says, "Nope"
Belladonna says, "Nah, it hasn't been that for years"
Trish says, "More like a half-hour tops"
Miya Aikawa says, "Furthest is 40 minutes right?"
Belladonna says, "If it ever was"
Yu Narukami says, "yeah it's pretty easy to just suspend dat belief"
Minato Arisato says, "I figured the opposite: that they were within walking distance."
Yosuke Hanamura says, "Yeah, as a new player I didn't get that vibe at all."
Lilith says, "We have a new map that shows distances on the wiki but"
Lucifer says, "Inaba is maybe a half-hour by train"
Lilith says, "I dunno if it's listed here?"
Nyx says, "Given all this confusion about it"
Mitsuru Kirijo says, "I think it should probably be put on game"
Trish says, "news game-location"
Masahiko Irie says, "Bullet trains: Yet another reason why Japan is better than the US."
Lucifer says, "indeed"
Nyx says, "we had debated just condensing the grid into one city"
Tohru Adachi says, "'news trains'"
Tohru Adachi says, "'here's how fast it is from X to Y to Z by train'"
Tohru Adachi says, "'end file'"
Belladonna says, "Yes, as I mentioned above, the ideal way would just be to shove things a little closer together"
Nyx says, "Sumaru, PI, and Lunarvale, with Inaba still 'out there'"
Trish says, "that's what the file is, actually"
Belladonna says, "so it requires less handwaving"
Lilith says, "There are a lot of things that people see as hurdles to RP that could be easily overlooked. This is one of them imo."
Lucifer says, "agreed"
Miya Aikawa says, "That might just lead to 'no one can get to Inaba reasonably', I think."
Tohru Adachi says, "Four Color Comix was a superhero game Haruna ran and its solution to having grids in NYC, Vegas, and NOLA was 'it's superheroes, you can maybe believe the trains are super-fast magnet shit.'"
Lilith says this as someone who overthinks stuff a lot XD
Suzuka Umezono says, "Thanks a lot /Obama/."
Nyx says, "Inaba would still be like 30-40 minutes away"
Tohru Adachi says, "Obviously this game isn't superheroes but still, c'mon."
Yu Narukami says, "bb 7/30, june 19"
Belladonna says, "Well it's Japan with their magic 'actually good public transportation"
Belladonna says, "Oh, there we go, Yu"
Miyuki Tsukuda says, "Honestly, the best virtue of having a smaller grid when it comes to the Persona theme imo is that there might actually be a pretty rad school dynamic instead of everyone being from different schools."
Lucifer says, "well, we'd still have different schools"
Tohru Adachi says, "Also, with regard to the actual number of rooms in the grid itself, that I do not think needs any editing because it's fucking teeny compared to a lot of other games I've been on."
Lucifer says, "but you do have a good point."
Nyx says, "that's another thing we were thinking about. more mingling."
Philemon says, "We don't really have many 'highschoolers' anymore either."
Yuzuriha Hatsumi arrives from the OOC Lounge.
Yuzuriha Hatsumi has arrived.
Lilith drops Gekkoukan in the middle of Inaba
Lilith says, "There's a plot"
Belladonna says, "There are things I would edit about the grid but it's geeeneral size int erms of numbers of rooms seems fine to me"
Ryouma Kirisato says, "Yeah, there are IIRC literally one or two second-year students at best"
Nyx says, "because i don't really know what kind of japanese schoolperson thinks 'after school im gonna go hang out in a completely different city 30-40 minutes away'"
Belladonna laughs
Lilith dusts hands
Katsura Tsuruya slowly raise hand
Lucifer says, "but, like, I don't really worry about the fact that Kei technically commutes from Sumaru to Port Island every day."
Katsura Tsuruya slowly lower hand
Belladonna says, "Well Nyx"
Katsura Tsuruya sob uncontrollably
Lucifer pats katsudon :(
Belladonna says, "'half of Yasogami, by P4' :D"
Belladonna kids, kids
Lilith says, "Yeah. The dynamic has changed"
Lilith says, "Age-wise"
Tohru Adachi says, "Nyx, I don't know what kind of Japanese schoolperson thinks 'after school I'm going to summon my chocolatey inner being and fight demons.'"
Tohru Adachi says, "So every PC here is just ~a different breed~"
Sophia says, "Smaller grid can consolidate, but I agree with Adachi that a content shift can make this less an issue. Like it could be Mits having reservations against sending a SEES team into Sumaru because it's getting into leery Kag/NWO territories and less that the kids will be playing a lot of bored angry birds on the train ride, and having that former stuff more accessible reasons to drive actions."
Lilith has two high-school age alts still but it's not near as big as it used to be.
Belladonna says, "But more seriously actually I grew up in a small town and 'going out of town to do something' is pretty much normal"
Tohru Adachi says, "Sophia, nothin' but net."
Belladonna says, "Yeah, for being leery about sending SEES to Sumaru my advice is..."
Belladonna says, "Just don't be leery of it"
Belladonna says, "Do it anyway, that makes RP"
Miyuki Tsukuda says, "Just bringing it up since new players would probably expect to see more highschool stuff since it was so prevalent in P3 and P4."
Lucifer says, "down here in our rural uni town, driving the 50 miles to Savannah for fun and anti-profit is basically par for the course."
Belladonna says, "Yah Miyuki I can get that"
Lucifer says, "no, it's a good point, Miyuki, because it's entirely the case."
Belladonna says, "I'd like to see more but it's hard to consolidate schools because each game has its own with its own flavor"
Miya Aikawa says, "I know I was surprised to see "nope erryone university", yeah"
Belladonna says, "And it's been difffficult in the past to encourage school mixing"
Miya Aikawa says, "What about inter-school events?"
Miya Aikawa says, "Swim team matches and the like."
Lucifer says, "well, we can't do much about the way the games were integrated in the first place, apart from slowing down time altogether."
Trish says, "those were tried"
Lilith says, "Well... when I did the Yasogami school trip to Gekkoukan..very few people showed up sadly."
Lucifer says, "(which we did)"
Mitsuru Kirijo says, "OOCly, I think people should and can go do whatever they want. But ICly it's more like: we have <x> amount of resources and we've been spending 10+ years defending the popele of Port Island from <y>"
Trish says, "but most people didn't show"
Lucifer says, "yeah, we've tried that"
Belladonna says, "I'd encourage it but yes, traditionally there hasn't been much interest in it"
Minato Arisato says, "As a Fachead elsewhere, having reservations about that tends to cause a choke of potential RP. I know I don't have a lot of space to talk on the subject, but yeah, sending a team out to an opposing factions area of control is amazing for RP."
Masahiko Irie says, "People aren't big on the school stuff I've found."
Mitsuru Kirijo says, "By spending <x-z> reources to Sumaru to investigate things means fewer people at the home base"
Belladonna says, "After a certain point the IC reasoning needs to be fudged a little in order to make RP"
Yosuke Hanamura says, "well, yeah, but you also have people stepping in to help you out from out of town, and the street goes both ways"
Katsura Tsuruya says, "Yeah people are primarily interested in their existing social circles (and slightly expanding them) and having Weird Times With Personas"
Lucifer says, "I wouldn't really worry about the logistics that hard."
Tohru Adachi says, "As is my understanding the initial retard staff group here was like 'mannnn high school is for /squares/, daddy-o' so we've just kind of inherited the radioactive fallout of that."
Tohru Adachi says, "And we just grew into a game culture that don't emphasize book learnin' much."
Nyx is mostly thinking about TPs when she contemplates a single city grid
Lilith just hates the idea of people closing themselves off for RP because of stuff like 'commute' or 'where you live'
Trish says, "actually there was... some back in the day"
Lucifer says, "ICly it /does/ make sense to be concerned with that, but OOCly you know nothing's going to hit your home base while you're away stabbing someone else in the tit."
Trish says, "the problem was that most people then graduated"
Lilith says, "haha"
Yosuke Hanamura says, "if you get hung up on logistics, activity doesn't happen."
Belladonna says, "And yes, as Yosuke says, there are people from out of town coming to help SEES out in PI too"
Belladonna says, "for example"
Mitsuru Kirijo says, "definitely"
Lilith says, "yup"
Nyx says, "as it is the current pattern seems to be that 'a tp affects one city and people in the other ones don't really get involved'"
Yosuke Hanamura says, "and when it comes to logistics, this game is much better off than other games I've been on."
Miya Aikawa says, "What if you invited RP by asking for help to cover home base, Mitsuru?"
Belladonna says, "it's one of those 'you've just got to bite the bullet' things"
Katsura Tsuruya says, "There are also certainly reasons even among the younger crowd to commute after school, on that part. I actually lived in basically Inaba IRL, like, 'the map is almost the same as where I lived,' and sure enough, one of the biggest charm points for people was 'driving to LaCrosse instead of staying there.'"
Masahiko Irie says, "It's pretty easy to have plots affect different towns or draw people in from different areas. I mean, if I kidnap Mitsuru and hold her in Inaba... SEES is coming to Inaba."
Miya Aikawa says, "Then you could send your people out there, and have new people come in."
Belladonna says, "Yeah Nyx that's true"
Mitsuru Kirijo lols at Masa
Belladonna says, "Well frank question for people:"
Tohru Adachi says, "Can I also say, this game needs more tit-stabs to drive up activity."
Lilith says, "And now we know Masa's next plan"
Tohru Adachi says, "Speaking as the TV Killer."
Nyx says, "Like when Sumaru is blowing up mostly people in PI go 'wow Sumaru is blowing up, i'm glad I live in PI'"
Belladonna says, "Would anyone even notice if we shuffled the grid to make things closer together?"
Mitsuru Kirijo says, "worth considering Miya"
Lucifer just makes an entire tp out of tit-stabbing
Belladonna ansis for emphasis
Miyuki Tsukuda says, "I just sadly want things like someone being a 'student council president' being something that is important ICly and not just another feather to put in your hat."
Lucifer already drafting it up
Belladonna says, "Nah Miyuki I'm with you"
Suzuka Umezono registers for this TP
Tohru Adachi says, "I would not notice unless you specifically told me."
Belladonna says, "I still have two high school alts"
Yosuke Hanamura says, "It'd just confuse me more than anything after getting used to it."
Tohru Adachi says, "I also would not really change how I did anything at all."
Mai Namikawa says, "School RP unfortunatly became a rarity."
Suzuka Umezono says, "Yeah I wouldn't notice myself."
Lucifer says, "I still have two hs alts myself."
Belladonna says, "And for anyone who did notice, would they then care?"
Thora Kobayashi would like a 'closer' grid.
Miya Aikawa says, "I wouldn't be bothered, Bels, but I'd like for it to be a TP instead of just unexplained."
Tohru Adachi says, "Because as it is the stuff I run bounds all around in a panic regardless."
Yosuke Hanamura says, "Miya and I are also biased as former FFMUX players, we're just happy that distance is a nonissue;;;"
Lilith says, "I did some with kasumi and sayori but generally found it easier to do other scenes"
Lucifer says, "I wouldn't notice because I don't worry about it as it...is."
Minato Arisato says, "I wouldn't really notice, but it would probably help in the long run."
Miya Aikawa says, "Like 'oh no Sumaru is blowing up, let's make a neo-Sumaru' or something which isn't as silly but which still works."
Lucifer's $0.02
Tohru Adachi says, "Since it seems like a non-issue for most of the people here, making it also a non-issue for the people who are anxious about it would level out the playing field."
Belladonna says, "Like it's /technically/ a retcon but it might be a retcon no one cares about since distance would remain a non-issue but be easier for people to handwave without getting hung up"
Tohru Adachi says, "Win-win."
Masahiko Irie says, "Well, school RP can be made relevent, but it just has to be made a priority. If people want ideas for how to make cross faction/city TPs, it can be done. Work has to be done, even if we combine the cities, so it's just a question of what sort of work you want to do."
Miyuki Tsukuda says, "Is university RP even really a big thing? I know from personal experience that I visited a ton of universities even though I was in highschool. You would think that the natural progression of a highschool centric theme would be a big emphasis on the dreaded Japanese universities."
Trish says, "so a combination of 'combine cities' and 'flat travel time' would possibly be agreeable?"
Tohru Adachi says, "And tbh, retconning distance on a map is not the same as 'retconning Fuuka's birth' or whatever."
Masahiko Irie says, "As it stands now, the grid is like New York City in a lot of ways. Massive, but people can get to most places. And... Um, guess Inaba is New Jersy."
Yu Narukami says, "i don't care, make it a dva ripple after the fact and only 1 crazy person (shinjiro) remembers how it used to be and we all call him crazy"
Tohru Adachi says, "It would only matter to people who sought it out and paid attention, versus actively fucking up people's RP."
Ryouma Kirisato says, "That's an apt comparison, Masa"
Yosuke Hanamura says, "+1 Yu's idea"
Belladonna rofl, Yu
Lucifer says, "rofl"
Trish says, "haha"
Lucifer says, "finally, someone /else/ gets to be the crazy one!!"
Nyx says, "shinjiro will spend a whole scene telling people how he used to have to walk uphill in the snow to get to sumaru and everyone just looks at him patiently"
Belladonna says, "and also things like 'improving grid descs etc.'"
Lucifer LOL awww
Belladonna ahahahahaha
Lilith says, "ROFL"
Trish says, "A number of grid descs need housekeeping"
Trish says, "as do some entrances"
Lucifer says, "'he hasn't been the same since he had tits in maboroshi :('"
Philemon says, "Shinjiro is also the only one to notice that Minato is actually a chicken with a floppy blue wig on."
Lilith says, "LOL"
Lucifer says, "yeah some of the grid descs make me cringe"
Lucifer says, "lol"
Thora Kobayashi says, "He's not a man, he's Chicken Boo!"
Belladonna says, "So cool, it sounds like the overall feeling on the grid is"
Tohru Adachi says, "I also support grid-shrinking because it means less roads, which means Kei Nanjou will be stuck in traffic in his limo all the time."
Katsura Tsuruya says, "What descs are bad?"
Lucifer says, "you bitch"
Nyx says, "But if we did this we would basically turn the grid into 'Sumaru, with PI as the coastal ward of Sumaru, Lunarvale as the suburb of Sumaru, and Inaba is out there'"
Belladonna says, "'sure, make it easier' 'eh a lot of us don't care' and 'seriously make it more obvious that travel time doesn't matter'"
Lucifer hurls adachi
Sophia says, "yess shinjiro stars in They Live, with minako as keith david"
Katsura Tsuruya says, "Oh man"
Suzuka Umezono says, "It sounds like all this really does is 'remove Okina'"
Nyx says, "Well"
Trish says, "well we could keep okina"
Katsura Tsuruya says, "Do they have a 10 minute old man knock-down drag-out fight, Sophia"
Lucifer says, "uhhh 'all of the ones I didn't write,' katsura"
Lucifer says, "obviously"
Belladonna says, "Okina actually also stays but as part of the broader city"
Nyx says, "It would also change how the cities are referred to"
Lucifer says, "Okina is honestly 'a shopping mall with a train station'"
Trish says, "okina would probably retain its exits across the grid"
Nyx says, "Because then it would be just 'Sumaru'"
Lucifer says, "that's all it is"
Katsura Tsuruya says, "I'm pretty sure the descs I wrote during the P2 plot were amazing"
Lilith says, "Lol"
Lilith made a good one herself XD
Lilith is so proud
Nyx says, "The other cities would be part of the city of Sumaru, or suburbs of."
Lucifer says, "show me them"
Lucifer says, "...later"
Trish says, "Port Island might, say, replace Narumi Ward"
Nyx says, "so the next time shit bombs sumaru it'll bomb everywhere else at the same time"
Lucifer says, "well we'll see"
Nyx says, "instead of 'wow sumaru is exploding again' through a telescope"
Yosuke Hanamura says, "luci, stop propositioning for nude descs"
Lucifer u_ua
Belladonna says, "Yeah, it would make on-grid plots matter more"
Tohru Adachi says, "Lucifer wishes he had my skill at that"
Masahiko Irie says, "Well, most factions should care about that anyway since well, innocent people getting killed."
Tohru Adachi AFKs to vomit from the time people actually did send them
Lucifer says, "also"
Lucifer says, "/also/"
Nyx says, "Yeah, but having things all be in one city makes the logistics of caring easier"
Lilith says, "well... factions that care about that kind of thing"
Mitsuru Kirijo says, "also adds a sense of urgency I think"
Nyx says, "It also creates more tension between SEES and the rest of the grid if PI is actually 'right next to everwhere else'"
Minato Arisato says, "Yes."
Lucifer says, "it would mean I, speaking as Tatsuya 'Heath Ledger' Sudou, would be better able to justify bombing Port Island and whatever if it were...right there."
Nyx says, "Because with the new grid, Yumezaki DH would suddenly be way closer to the original DH"
Minato Arisato says, "That would be awesome."
Lucifer says, "so hooray more conflict"
Nyx says, "And the two overflowing would be more of a concern"
Minato Arisato says, "Quite."
Lilith says, "Lucy is planning on bombing the entire grid"
Lilith RIP
Lucifer bombs it all
Belladonna says, "It also fixes the problem of Sumaru University and Fra Mauro University"
Belladonna says, "that is to say"
Lucifer leaves nothing alive
Belladonna says, "'welp, I hope all darkside members are average students and all SEES members are eggheads, because otherwise they have to switch or move :D'"
Tohru Adachi says, "I think we're all in general agreement so the details should be hashed out in somewhere that isn't a room where 20 of us are all talking, and presented for comment/concern as a more coherent document later."
Lucifer says, "yyyyyyep"
Trish says, "haha all right"
Minato Arisato inexplicably is the only one to survive.
Belladonna says, "Yes, agreed, Adacchin"
Trish says, "We'll move on to the next topic"
Nyx says, "what exactly was the agreement"
Tohru Adachi says, "'shrink'"
Belladonna says, "'sure go for it' basically"
Nyx says, "'i don't care do whatever'"
Trish says, "I think we're--yes"
Trish says, "and generally making travel time flat"
Belladonna says, "'and put in big flashing ansi that travel time doesn't matter'"
Lucifer goes to get the shrink ray out of the closet
Tohru Adachi says, "since all the tallied votes were 'compactify grid' or 'abstain'"
Nyx says, "well good because having separate cities really bothered me >:("
Lilith says, "Aw"
Miya Aikawa says, "can I blow up the old PI"
Trish says, "so it doesn't matter if you're in Inaba, you can get to Sumaru"
Lucifer says, "Nyx doesn't like having to expend lots of lasers when bringing the apocalypse into being"
Belladonna says, "no :|X"
Tohru Adachi says, "maybe when you get a persona"
Miyuki Tsukuda says, "Mmm. I would love to have a smaller grid instead of NOW -Inaba- has a Dark Hour."
Miya Aikawa sob
Tohru Adachi says, "so never"
Lucifer says, "it's inefficient"
Suzuka Umezono says, "If Inaba had a dark hour Miyuu would just use it to smoke dope"
Rei Saionji arrives from the OOC Lounge.
Rei Saionji has arrived.
Ryouma Kirisato says, "Sup Rei"
Lucifer says, "true"
Trish says, "One minute, and we will move on"
Lilith says, "Dark Hour is the best time for that"
Miya Aikawa says, "I'd kind of like to see the Dark Hour in more places actually."
Rei Saionji says, "Seriously, seriously thought this was tomorrow hurp."
Nyx says, "Well this way when I come to blow up PI and the DH and everything, I'll be blowing up Sumaru too, so everyone else has to care"
Ryouma Kirisato says, "Haha, I did too"
Trish says, "The Dark Hour is currently in three places, Miya"
Lucifer says, "exactly, moonmom"
Minato Arisato :|
Belladonna says, "it's cool Rei I did too this morning"
Miya Aikawa says, "That one Sumaru ward, PI, and ... where else, Trish?"
Trish says, "Okina"
Lilith is gonna be afkish a few
Miya Aikawa says, "Ooooh. I didn't know that one. Must've missed it."
Ryouma Kirisato says, "Anyway I'm throwing in with the 'don't really care, do w/e' people, I'm OK with the grid as it is now but I wouldn't care if it got consolidated into a single city"
Trish says, "All right. We're going to move on."
Trish says, "We've had the new combat system since June, and we would like to hear any comments about it and your experiences with it."
Miya Aikawa can hit people in the nuts for a single hit point, she's good.
Minato Arisato thumbs-up, here. "Seems fairly intuitive once I got into it."
Suzuka Umezono says, "I like it, although I think you might want to look at the utility of the different stat growths for EX meter."
Yosuke Hanamura says, "The biggest thing I'd like to see is support for puppets in combat, to make AREA stuff more relavent for non-badguys."
Minato Arisato says, "Puppets?"
Trish says, "That's a good idea, Yosuke"
Trish says, "And in what way, Suzuka?"
Belladonna says, "Man Yosuke you are the first non-me person I've seen mention it"
Ryouma Kirisato says, "I'm cool with the csys itself but I feel like because damage output has gotten to be SO huge a thing that boss fights are kind of too easy now"
Miya Aikawa says, "They're objects which can be emoted through, Minato."
Katsura Tsuruya says, "I agree with Suzuka; I have no real objection to the way the statgrowths work in the abstract but I feel as though some of them are not very intuitive."
Belladonna says, "Hilariously, damage output is significantly lower than in 1.5"
Lucifer says, "damage is actually lower than it used to be."
Yosuke Hanamura says, "As it stands, good guys use area buffs/heals and single target offense. Bad guys use area offense and single target buffs/heals."
Trish says, "yes, it actually is a lot lower"
Ryouma Kirisato says, "Is it? I didn't have that impression"
Mai Namikawa says, "Stuff that can make fights against 'GMed dude and his cohorts' easier than 'shoot all on me and I'll RP it'"
Lucifer says, "the 204 Phil dealt me on Saturday is the highest I've seen it in 2.0."
Belladonna says, "However what a lot of people don't realize"
Belladonna says, "Is that boss health is now displayed differently in +pot"
Suzuka Umezono says, "trish: basically I'm butt hurt because I took VIT on Michiru for like three months and it's for shit even though she is in fact the legendary 'cloth tank' and fairly tough."
Belladonna says, "Bosses have a proportional Great -> Critical track"
Lucifer was proud to take that in the face T_T
Tohru Adachi says, "I like the new csys, and when it fucks up, Bel is usually there to fix it (often she's in the scene where the fucking up occurs, so she can immediately debug), which i appreciate."
Suzuka Umezono says, "That isn't really a huge crisis so much as you want to look at that and possibly make the labelling clear so people don't take a stat growth that works poorly for them without knowing what they're doing."
Tohru Adachi says, "I have no opinion beyond that, my soul does not yearn for any tinkering in particular."
Trish says, "I've actually had some good experiences with Vit growth, but it's highly dependant on combat situation"
Belladonna says, "So sure Yosuke I can make that a thing"
Suzuka Umezono says, "Yeah other than that it's pretty solid. I really like having more attack options."
Ryouma Kirisato says, "Yeah, debugging happens fast, I appreciate that"
Belladonna says, "Since people seem to have trouble with my 'log in NPC bits' old plan"
Tohru Adachi says, "Oh wait."
Yosuke Hanamura says, "vit and agi stat growths are better for people who are regular antagonists, yes"
Tohru Adachi says, "I would like one thing."
Tohru Adachi says, "Attacks that can hit more than 3 people at a time."
Tohru Adachi says, "Even if it means the damage goes to shit when you target 7 folks."
Thora Kobayashi says, "I have vit growth and max vit and it still seems I take lots of damage from physicals."
Tohru Adachi says, "OK my peace is said."
Belladonna says, "Why's that? For bosses?"
Tohru Adachi says, "For bosses, yeah."
Lucifer says, "it would be useful for bosses, yeah."
Trish says, "Vit growth won't affect your physical defense, Thora"
Trish says, "It just determines when you gain meter."
Mai Namikawa would argue that Str EX Growth could stand affecting free attacks since Mag currently allows multiple roles while Str will only go up if you phys attack.
Lucifer says, "and Thora you might have more luck with STR or AGI growth."
Mai Namikawa says, "But that's all for theorycrafting."
Tohru Adachi says, "When I'm fighting 10 dudes sometimes I'm in posing crunch time and it'd be nice to go 'the boss does one big thing!' and just target everyone and +round, as opposed to splitting the attack into 4 area attacks and making sure I don't hit someone twice or miss someone else entirely."
Ryouma Kirisato says, "That makes sense"
Belladonna says, "Hmmmmmmm, I see :|a"
Katsura Tsuruya says, "I took Luck because I expected being a crit build to make Luck good, but apparently what makes Luck good is being a buff/debuff guy, and that has been a little underwhelming."
Philemon says, "Maybe a boss-only meter option."
Belladonna says, "I might be able to include that in a boss-only--yes"
Ryouma Kirisato says, "That might be a thing, trading in multiple attacks for 'one huge attack'"
Trish says, "There could stand to be some more boss-only options"
Philemon says, "press button, make area wider area"
Ryouma Kirisato says, "Yeah"
Katsura Tsuruya says, "Yeah it'd be cool if bosses were better, I will never stop saying that in any csys"
Yosuke Hanamura says, "I vote for the backend code to refer to this flag as NUKE"
Lucifer says, "I'd love to have some boss-only options, speaking as a habitual user of +boss."
Trish says, "since another problem bosses face currently are being weighted down by debuffs"
Tohru Adachi says, "My understanding of the SRT Method is that, like, if you MAP a room, it does full damage if you target 3 people, and if you do 4, it does a little less, and a little less still for 5, and blah blah, so if you're a real dick and target 20 people at once, it just farts."
Lucifer says, "LOL"
Belladonna says, "hey Thora, +persona m and I'll look over your stuff"
Lucifer says, "yeah debuffs are painful :("
Belladonna says, "Honestly Adachi"
Belladonna says, "We got away from that because"
COMBAT: Thora Kobayashi has activated Fenrisulfr.
Belladonna says, "We used to have something like that here for areas in 1.0"
Belladonna says, "and it was dogshit"
Lucifer says, "it sure was"
Belladonna says, "just"
Belladonna says, "utter"
Belladonna says, "dogshit"
Ryouma Kirisato says, "Yeah it was pretty bad"
Trish says, "We used to have 'hits everyone in the room' attacks too"
Tohru Adachi says, "Well wasn't 1.0 Dansys."
Lucifer says, "ys"
Ryouma Kirisato says, "...Yeah it was"
Suzuka Umezono says, "adachi: that's how spread works, but your understanding is sound"
Trish says, "...And one time the code broke"
Tohru Adachi slowly winks.
Philemon says, "Ha ha, the ALL flag."
Lucifer says, "we can tinker with it"
Philemon breaks down crying
Lilith D:
Alice says, "Dansys with wolves"
Lucifer pats phil :(
Ryouma Kirisato patpats Phil
Belladonna pff
Ryouma Kirisato ROFL oh alice
Lilith broke that
Lucifer says, "lol alice"
Alice :I
Trish says, "we had a few people break ALL"
Belladonna says, "Thora: I'll test it later but that should be just perception, your PDEF is almost as high as PDEF can go"
Tohru Adachi says, "OH ALSO ANOTHER THING"
Tohru Adachi says, "Fucking take the fucking character limit off of weapon names, it's some bullshit."
Tohru Adachi says, "The end."
Trish says, "haha"
Lucifer says, "hahaha"
Trish says, "i agree"
Belladonna says, "Oh, do you really?"
Lucifer says, "well kandori's not around anymore, it might not be a bad idea"
Trish says, "I've had it cut off on me before"
Minato Arisato says, "I want the Legendary Plunger of Doom. So I second that."
Ryouma Kirisato says, "Yeah, likewise"
Trish says, "and i really wanted to equip a sock full of quarters too"
Tohru Adachi says, "Yeah, I mean, even if you just up the parameter so 'A Sock Full of Quarters' fits..."
Suzuka Umezono says, "The Sword of a Thousand Truths. The Ramen no udon no Daikatana."
Ryouma Kirisato says, "Well you could probably equip Sockfull of Yen"
Tohru Adachi says, "Instead of having to haiku-ize weapon names and stuff."
Trish says, "That's what I did"
Lucifer says, "it's not the same"
Trish says, "but it's not the same"
Ryouma Kirisato says, "Oh well then"
Lucifer says, "it's...not the same"
Alice says, "I remember trying to find a name for Enoha's gun that alluded to Adachi without it looking like"
Alice says, "yeaaaaah"
Lucifer just dicks around with accent marks, forever
Belladonna says, "so, here's a thing I'v enoticed"
Tohru Adachi says, "'Tohru's Pearl-Handle' oops it cut off"
Lucifer like an asshole
Belladonna says, "People really like being able to get creative and muck with their weapons mid-combat"
Belladonna says, "Rather than having a single that they always stick to"
Tohru Adachi says, "Yeah."
Katsura Tsuruya says, "Yes"
Suzuka Umezono says, "Yeah, it's especially true in things like Adachin often runs where you don't want to unzip and let your Persona flop out"
Katsura Tsuruya says, "Options are fun"
Belladonna says, "Yeah that I've definitely noticed"
Belladonna says, "Well"
Tohru Adachi says, "If I'm in a scene as Yukio, for example, I like being able to pick up a rock and throw it at someone -- which is something he'd do -- and +weapon Rock on the fly."
Belladonna says, "I could consider an actual mundane free-attack system instead of jury-rigging the fuck out of it with +weapon"
Rei Saionji says, "I'd be for that"
Katsura Tsuruya says, "LMH was definitely an improvement to the options list but sometimes you just want to drop your dumb half-bow and punch someone in the face"
Yu Narukami says, "allowing for more weapon slots prob couldn't hurt"
Yu Narukami says, "so i can go through a whole golf bag"
Trish says, "I'd like to have that plus a free attack system"
Tohru Adachi says, "You could honestly just change '+weapon' to '+free' or something, put in some default PLs for each slot, and boom, done."
Belladonna says, "Since honestly that's what I'm seeing at the moment"
Belladonna says, "People are just using +weapon as +free"
Belladonna says, "and you know, that's not all /bad/"
Miya Aikawa says, "I... didn't even know +free was a thing"
Belladonna says, "It's not here"
Belladonna says, "but there are places with attacks you just rename and mess with"
Ryouma Kirisato says, "Doesn't matter to me, IIRC the main reason a generic free-attack system hasn't been implemented before was to avoid obnoxious attack names"
Trish says, "we don't even have weapon type anymore in +finger"
Belladonna says, "My usual complaint on them is 'they're useless, mechanically'"
Suzuka Umezono says, "So instead we have obnoxious weapon names"
Ryouma Kirisato says, "yup"
Belladonna says, "'they suck and they are a dog and pony show to distract people with cool names from the fact that their attacks are boring as shit'"
Belladonna says, "to uh"
Belladonna says, "put it nicely"
Ryouma Kirisato says, "rofl"
Belladonna says, "However I've found ways to make them potentially interesting and people seem to like some of that flexibility"
Tohru Adachi says, "I think the solution to obnoxious attack names is not deprive all non-obnox people of +frees, it's 'step in someone's grill from a staffbit when they're pissing people off with their attack names.'"
Trish yeah
Belladonna says, "and yes Ryouma that too, though true enough"
Trish says, "if someone has equipped something that is particularly bad, they can be asked to change it"
Philemon says, "And honestly it would be better than the civilian group that everyone forgets they have (including me!)"
Belladonna says, "ahahahah"
Trish says, "Yes"
Trish says, "as much as i like it in theory"
Trish says, "people keep typing 'med'"
Ryouma Kirisato says, "instead of 'mid' yes"
Belladonna says, "I like it in theory but in practice its biggest use is to mess up folks' attempts to use their mid attacks"
Lucifer says, "civilian group is the quantum group, it only exists when it's being observed"
Lucifer says, "yep :("
Ryouma Kirisato says, "what is civilian group?"
Yosuke Hanamura says, "clearly we should take a hint from L4D and just rename Medicine to Pills"
Yosuke Hanamura says, "problem solved"
Belladonna says, "So, free attacks are a thing to consider; puppet support"
Ryouma Kirisato says, "this is a non-ironic question, i don't know what this thing is"
Lucifer says, "lol"
Tohru Adachi says, "Yeah, if I do a renamed +free that's 5 lines of flashing ansi 8====D22:26, 12 November 2012 (MST)Lustrare -- and I would, I love big flashing ansi dicks -- I'd also think it totally within staff's jam to be like 'cutey-cat! cut it out!'"
Tohru Adachi says, "And then I'd rage quit."
Belladonna says, "and eyeing stat growth"
Trish says, "+group/view standard civilian"
Ryouma Kirisato says, "ohhhh"
Ryouma Kirisato says, "dang i had no idea i had this"
Ryouma Kirisato says, "THUS PROVING PHIL'S POINT"
Belladonna also laughs
Yosuke Hanamura says, "yeah, it doesn't show up in +attacks/all, people forget"
Trish says, "touch can have a purpose but it can frankly be moved to +touch"
Rei Saionji says, "Yeah your should be terrorist anyways"
Trish says, "with a fail chance"
Lucifer says, "told you man, it's quantum group"
Yosuke Hanamura says, "now watch how many people say 'wow yosuke, I didn't even know +attacks/all was a thing'"
Ryouma Kirisato says, "rofl yes"
Yu Narukami +wow!
Belladonna says, "That's a... good point, Trish"
Ryouma Kirisato says, "well i knew about +attacks/all, it's super-useful"
Belladonna says, "Man I coded two extra tags just for the civilian group :( :("
Lucifer says, "and then mikage's +touch hegemony will be broken >:|"
Yu Narukami says, "+psearch/all is where it's at"
Rei Saionji says, "I don't even know another way to look my attacks other than +attacks/all"
Yu Narukami admire
Belladonna says, "but nah more seriously what would you guys think of me divorcing +weapon from your free stuff"
Trish says, "http://www.mysterymeep.net/mw/index.php?title=Ability_Lists#Civilian also"
Yosuke Hanamura says, "I forgot to use Touch during that one scene where I accidentally groped Itsuka. :("
Belladonna says, "and expecting you to stick to one weapon in combat, and use your +frees if you do something weird"
Ryouma Kirisato says, "I would be OK with that"
Mitsuru Kirijo has disconnected.
Mitsuru Kirijo has connected.
Trish says, "i'd like to retain weapon slots"
Trish says, "but that's about it"
Belladonna says, "Since the point of +weapon's choices is opportunity cost; you get to only pick one per fight for a reason"
Ryouma Kirisato says, "Though I understand why some might not be, since not everyone uses their 'standard' weapon at all times"
Belladonna says, "Naw you'd keep slots"
Ryouma Kirisato says, "Ah, well then"
Tohru Adachi says, "I'd be fine with having a weapon and a free list. I'd like frees to show up in my +attacks/all though so I remember they're there."
Ryouma Kirisato says, "Yeah agreed"
Belladonna says, "If I do a limited number of them that's easy to accomplish"
Yosuke Hanamura says, "also, on the note of that supposed opportunity cost"
Ryouma Kirisato says, "Hmm?"
Yosuke Hanamura says, "this is going to be unpopular but"
Tohru Adachi says, "Or at least at the bottom 'ALSO CHECK OUT +FREES, BUTTHORN'"
Suzuka Umezono says, "I vote for that exact message."
Belladonna says, "Do tell Yosuke"
Yosuke Hanamura says, "I think equipping a weapon should remind you that you're not supposed to switch again during the scene without talking to the scene runner"
Yosuke Hanamura says, "because I'm pretty sure at least a third of the game don't realize that's a thing"
Tohru Adachi says, "I'd be OK with that."
Ryouma Kirisato says, "I have no problem with this"
Nyx says, "Yeah"
Belladonna says, "Oh! Totes, good idea"
Trish says, "there are some cases where you might have one on you... but"
Lucifer says, "what if you have, say, a katana and a switchblade"
Lucifer says, "yes"
Trish says, "yes, you should clear it"
Belladonna says, "Especially if we add in +frees"
Tohru Adachi says, "+weapon 1, I get a one-line pemit in red 'REMEMBER: Check with GMs before switching weapons mid-scene!'"
Lucifer says, "works for me"
Trish says, "yeah, totally fine"
Yosuke Hanamura says, "what if you're like yosuke and you have a billion and one handheld weapons"
Rei Saionji says, "Huh, I never knew about that rule."
Lucifer says, "i think it's basically 'type'"
Yosuke Hanamura just starts juggling
Trish says, "rofl"
Yosuke Hanamura then drops it all on Rei
Tohru Adachi says, "I didn't either but I also enforce like zero actual csys rules during my scenes. :/"
Lucifer says, "but do you juggle geese"
Belladonna says, "I stopped enforcing it a while back because of situations like Adachi's scenes where people needed to improvise weapons"
Ryouma Kirisato says, "I don't think I did either but--yeah"
Tohru Adachi says, "'Hey Adachi can I go twice' 'sure if it's funny'"
Belladonna says, "and there was basically no way to do it otherwise"
Trish says, "when we move to having frees that's less of a thing"
Belladonna brb
Yosuke Hanamura says, "that's really what it comes down to, just people knowing they should ask about stuff"
Ryouma Kirisato says, "Yeah, I have no problems with that"
Yosuke Hanamura says, "because, really, most of the cool people don't care and will usually say yes"
Belladonna return
Belladonna says, "Yeah pretty much"
Belladonna says, "K"
Belladonna says, "I'll look at balancing the actual system on my own, though I'll take suggestions, but I will look at a frees system"
Trish says, "are there any other csys-related comments or suggestions?"
Nyx says, "i still want my adjusting derived values :("
Tohru Adachi says, "I think Adachi should have access to a time machine"
Trish says, "so do i"
Nyx in her corner
Belladonna hug Nyx :(
Katsura Tsuruya says, "I, hm"
Lucifer says, "awww"
Ryouma Kirisato says, "I already said my piece, I'm cool"
Suzuka Umezono says, "TS-CYS please, I think FiranMUX has a good model"
Tohru Adachi says, "And whenever I'm not in a csys scene, the CSYS should make, after every action, a message like 'CSYS: Belladonna looks around. "Where's Adachi?"'"
Katsura Tsuruya says, "More options for me, Bender"
Belladonna says, "Also general bugfixes for known issues are coming"
Belladonna also rofl, Suzuka
Belladonna says, "Also Adachi: that sounds like a great idea, clearly, 100%"
Yu Narukami says, "ahahahaha"
Yu Narukami says, "i get it don't worry adachi"
Tohru Adachi ;)
Tohru Adachi says, "Now then: Where's my burrito! Where's my burrito!"
Trish says, "All right, if there's anything else that's on your mind, please feel free to speak up now!"
Trish says, "Related to anything"
Tohru Adachi says, "Can I give praise instead of pooping in peoples' mouths for a sec."
Lucifer says, "yes"
Tohru Adachi says, "I love the free tarot for scheduled scenes thing, and even if people only come to my scenes to /get/ a free tarot, I don't care as long as it gets them off their asses for /something/. That policy makes me happy and being able to promise some kind of reward to people who waste their time indulging me is nice, in exchange for the like 3 seconds it takes to make a bbpost."
Tohru Adachi says, "So thanks for that."
Lilith says, "Lol"
Belladonna <3
Trish says, "You're welcome!"
Ryouma Kirisato says, "It is nice, yeah"
Lucifer says, "it's a lot better than our old system............................"
Trish says, "We feel like it's a good way to encourage people to run scenes"
Lucifer says, "indeed"
Tohru Adachi says, "it works for me i am so link hood rich"
Tohru Adachi says, "with my one alt over 100 links, after a year of playing here"
Ryouma Kirisato says, "TBH I keep forgetting it exists"
Tohru Adachi says, "But yeah I do think a lot of people forget about it.s"
Lucifer says, "runners get two, even"
Yuzuriha Hatsumi touches adachi's links
Ryouma Kirisato says, "Do they? I didn't realize that"
Suzuka Umezono says, "I'd like to thank everyone for being awesome and blame Daisuke for all our failures."
Lucifer says, "yep"
Yosuke Hanamura says, "my advice: keep being fun"
Yosuke Hanamura says, "EOL"
Tohru Adachi says, "Which is why every now and then I go 'FREE TAROT BUTTHOLES' when I advertise."
Tohru Adachi says, "And yeah, runners /do/ get two, which /I/ didn't even know until they hit me with a double the first time."
Ryouma Kirisato says, "Nice"
Tohru Adachi says, "So any kind of incentivization is good to play up and make sure it's in people's faces."
Ryouma Kirisato says, "I should know this, it wasn't that long ago that I ran a scene, unless it was Tatsuzou who got it since technically he was running even if I was doing the boss fight"
Tohru Adachi says, "It's like how the CSYS here gives me a foot-long, three-pound cock for being an antagonist."
Ryouma Kirisato says, "Yeah, agreed, I like that system."
Tohru Adachi says, "People spending time running things should have similar dick-girthening bonuses, that they can actually know about and look forward to, and maybe /do/ stuff in pursuit of."
Lucifer says, "well if you don't get your shit feel free to ask staff, we're only ineffable manifestations of the collective unconsciousness"
Trish says, "That said, if we don't show up and link everyone, please remind us to come over!"
Lucifer says, "and sometimes we make mistakes"
Nyx says, "you can thank, in large part, me for that and my endless, intense complaining about the lack of antag bonus"
Belladonna says, "Yeah basically we don't always notice"
Belladonna says, "Lucy also complained a lot about it"
Belladonna says, "many complaints"
Alice says, "and sometimes, we just forget stuff"
Tohru Adachi says, "Well now turn it toward intense complaining about how to make people feel like they get something other than 'a night indoors, listening to Yu bitch at me via page about how I didn't sell him enough in my boss pose' for scenerunning."
Alice says, "or mess stuff up"
Lucifer says, "hey man, I like blowing people up with ragnaroks"
Sophia says, "classic yu"
Thora Kobayashi perks at Ragnarok.
Belladonna says, "Though that's an interesting idea, Adachi"
Lucifer :)
Miya Aikawa says, "yeah, as a GM-leaning person I'd like that sort of thing"
Rei Saionji says, "To be fair you ought to sell him more, Adachi"
Rei Saionji says, "I sell Yu in scenes he's not even in"
Tohru Adachi says, "I've staffed on a zillion superhero games and I know from trial and error and error and error and error it's not enough to just go 'Here's the toybox, we're here to help you find your toys! :D'"
Belladonna says, "I tried to sell Rei"
Belladonna says, "but no one would take him :("
Lucifer says, "LOL"
Tohru Adachi says, "People will act if they think they get something for acting."
Lucifer says, "yep"
Ryouma Kirisato says, "Belatedly Lucy I don't remember if I did or not, it's been a while and it's not that big a deal, I'll try to remember that for the future though"
Rei Saionji says, "That's because i'm priceless :/"
Miyuki Tsukuda says, "Unless they just love the craft."
Miyuki Tsukuda says, "You cynical people, you."
Tohru Adachi says, "RP with choice big-gun FCs, plot to chew on, free tarots, whatever, people want rewards."
Ryouma Kirisato says, "Ha ha Rei you're so cute"
Ryouma Kirisato cheekpinches
Tohru Adachi says, "Because folks like me, who do shit just because I don't want to sit around waiting for someone else to hand me the RP I want, are sadly pretty rare."
Suzuka Umezono says, "a world finally free from the peril of yosuke hanamura"
Minato Arisato says, "I can't see Rei's name without thinking Reimi. >.>"
Lucifer says, "cynicism is just a reality of mushing"
Lucifer says, "and some of it is good"
Miyuki Tsukuda says, "It doesn't have to be. ;_;"
Lucifer says, "but too much and you start to stagnate"
Lucifer says, "awww"
Nyx says, "most importantly"
Nyx says, "/grid cleaning/"
Nyx can finally destroy typos
Lucifer says, "y'all don't even know how excited Nyx is right now"
Nyx almost typo'd typo
Tohru Adachi says, "Well, I guess we're all in agreement there."
Belladonna laughs
Tohru Adachi says, "Uhhh I'm trying to think if you guys are Hitlering out about anything else that's getting on my tits."
Tohru Adachi says, "Oh yeah, fire Sophia."
Miyuki Tsukuda says, "What does that even mean? :/"
Tohru Adachi says, "I don't even know anymore."
Sophia says, "just for that i'm taking your neo league points away"
Tohru Adachi says, "OH ALSO"
Tohru Adachi says, "We should have a memorial room"
Lucifer says, "for what"
Tohru Adachi says, "With a statue object"
Tohru Adachi says, "of sewa"
Tohru Adachi says, "that we can all leave memorial messages on"
Lilith says, "rofl"
Lilith says, "The worst"
Tohru Adachi says, "Oh, hey."
Tohru Adachi says, "With all of the chatter earlier about bboards, and me banging on incentivizing earlier."
Tohru Adachi says, "Give people an FT for doing IC News posts on the IC News board."
Belladonna :|a
Tohru Adachi says, "The more people are motivated to post, the more people will then actually read."
Lucifer says, "i like it"
Tohru Adachi says, "Also, get +jobs instead of Dan's +request, which sucks."
Belladonna says, "I'm working on my own replacement actually"
Lucifer says, "and the proliferation of ft means more people get to touch Trish's personas"
Tohru Adachi says, "Oh, cool."
Lucifer says, "and we are, yeah"
Ryouma Kirisato says, "That's actually not a bad idea yeah"
Lucifer says, "...does this apply retroactively"
Tohru Adachi says, "But yeah, I do my IC News post, I +request '+bbread 7/whatever!', I get my FT. That keeps both Bel and Lucifer from blasting me."
Mitsuru Kirijo likes Anamoly jobs but
Belladonna says, "No, it wouldn't apply retroactively"
Mitsuru Kirijo you know
Mitsuru Kirijo waves hands
Lucifer sniffle
Ryouma Kirisato says, "Haha"
Tohru Adachi says, "I'd say also people posting logs to the wiki is worth a tarot, but I don't think there's a big wiki-log-posting culture here."
Miya Aikawa says, "You can post logs directly to the wiki? I just posted them onto tumblr and linked."
Lucifer says, "you can"
Tohru Adachi says, "It's what I do, out of laziness."
Belladonna says, "Coding something myself means I can tailor it to our needs"
Rei Saionji says, "There's only really one when the game makes it easy for you, which MUSH doesn't do."
Rei Saionji says, "Or on a superhero game where they're just insane."
Tohru Adachi says, "Yeah, that's why I think it's worth some kind of a treat."
Tohru Adachi says, "Because it /is/ a pain in the ass."
Suzuka Umezono says, "I agree with that, though there should probably be some minimum standard for it so it's not like"
Mai Namikawa is unsure what having logs posted gives besides 'people can be voyeurs if they feel like it'
Tohru Adachi says, "No one likes bbposting news except Lucifer, no one likes editing logs except Trish, but both of those things contribute to a more accessible, vibrant game world, so why not make people /want/ to do them, at least a scooby snack to want."
Suzuka Umezono says, "I'm not big on logs either but"
Belladonna says, "Mai: gives people a chance to see that things are happening"
Belladonna says, "as Adachi says, the world feels more vibrant and active"
Masahiko Irie says, "And it would give a chance for players who are new and want to get some sweet Persona the chance to catch up for doing some extra work and making things nifty for all. Well, the logs could be useful for the bigger scenes too, so they can see what they might know about if their faction was there."
Belladonna says, "I say this as someone lazy about posting logs myself"
Trish says, "i only do it because i'm insane"
Suzuka Umezono says, "Anyway my initial thought: The requirement shouldn't be onerous but it should be like 'at least two grafs saying what happened, when, where, and how, and pointing people at someone to bug about it if relevant'"
Lucifer says, "I've had guests inquire about logs, actually."
Tohru Adachi says, "For big TPs and stuff it helps people get involved. When I was on SRT running Third Impact, I think a lot of the katamari-ing that happened -- and there was a LOT, and the plot became huge, with lots of important moving parts, which was fantastic -- was because 1. I talked about the plot in a public room all the fucking time, and 2. I obsessively logposted every important scene."
Lucifer says, "I'd have my own posted but...effort"
Tohru Adachi says, "So people could be like 'ohhhhh shit Gunbuster people are getting involved' if they were the type to follow logs on wikis."
Lucifer says, "graf what"
Lucifer says, "I AM THE ONLY GRAF"
Tohru Adachi says, "paragraph"
Suzuka Umezono says, "paragraph"
Lucifer throws suzuka!!
Suzuka Umezono throws Adachi
Belladonna says, "Yeah, talking about things in the lobby, for instance, is a huge way to get people in on things"
Lucifer says, "oh"
Lucifer says, "well fine"
Lucifer says, "i'll allow it"
Suzuka Umezono says, "Yeah it's edit/copy speak"
Belladonna says, "Possibly one of the absolute best ways to show that you're in the game and care is to be in the lobby talking about it"
Lucifer ^
Belladonna says, "Since if you stay isolated, then nobody can really know what you're up to"
Trish says, "i'd say posting plot scenes is fine"
Trish says, "even if you don't do it to the wiki"
Trish says, "i wouldn't say every scene because..."
Trish just... closes her wordpress
Lucifer pats
Tohru Adachi says, "Because of our edited News Tinysex."
Tohru Adachi says, "Thanks guys."
Tohru Adachi says, "Thanks for all the nudity."
Belladonna says, "You're welcome"
Suzuka Umezono says, "Anytime."
Miyuki Tsukuda says, "Well, I would be down for helping run some highschool related plots if someone wouldn't mind helping me. I'm a little intimidated by it, but it is worth it if I could kickstart something."
Lucifer says, "news tinysex, aka 'the best newsfile on the mush'"
Lucifer says, "don't be, that's what staff support is for"
Tohru Adachi says, "I don't have any actual high school alts Miyuki but I wouldn't mind helping out in an NPC sense or whatever."
Belladonna says, "Sure Miyuki"
Suzuka Umezono says, "For nudity?"
Tohru Adachi says, "Or I'll just Billy-Madison Yukio."
Lucifer says, "and I will personally bully, harangue, and abuse folks into coming if I have to e_e"
Suzuka Umezono says, "Yukio riding a tiny tricycle past Thora, 'it's /nudey magazine day/'"
Tohru Adachi says, "'Yukio's new part time job, high school athletics guy'"
Suzuka Umezono says, "thora slaps him, those are /her/ porns"
Lucifer says, "rofl"
Tohru Adachi says, "The only porn title I remember from that movie is 'She-Male Fiesta' so plot approved."
Suzuka Umezono says, "That's a good place to end the meeting"
Lucifer says, "naw, thora's into demon porn"
Belladonna says, "But yes anyway"
Belladonna says, "POssible rewards for posting things sure"
Miyuki Tsukuda says, "I tried. :P"
Philemon says, "And that was when we had to fire Lucifer."
Belladonna says, "hell we could do the same for 'actual faction reports'"
Lucifer u_u;;
Belladonna says, "'when things happen'"
Lucifer says, "yes I would like people to post reports"
Lucifer says, "I would like that very much"
Suzuka Umezono says, "Yeah though at some point you may need to raise the 'price' of thigns if you're having a LOT of new ways to get FTs"
Belladonna says, "Well"
Lucifer says, "incentivising it would make that more likely"
Belladonna says, "Honestly"
Mai Namikawa says, "But that'd devalue regular arcana gain."
Belladonna says, "Check out +strata"
Lucifer says, "not necessarily"
Suzuka Umezono says, "FIAT TAROTS"
Trish says, "Not as much as you'd think!"
Philemon says, "Incentivising reports is probably overdoing it, that's like rewarding people for... Not RPing."
Tohru Adachi says, "I think 'potential rewards for anything that requires real effort, as opposed to just logging in and hitting +punch' is something staff should have a long talk about amongst themselves."
Belladonna says, "There are folks with over a thousand total links already"
Rei Saionji logs on tomorrow to find he gets FT just for signing on.
Belladonna says, "I think it's exactly the opposite, Phil"
Lucifer says, "well, Phil, you have to have RPed to have a report to make in the first place."
Tohru Adachi says, "Because honestly fuck you guys I hate being nearly the only one running shit, find ways to make people want to help me out"
Belladonna says, "But yes we can chat it out ourselves later"
Tohru Adachi says, "Or I'll run even more shit and it'll just get worse as I go crazier"
Ryouma Kirisato says, "not necessarily, you might be doing a report to try to /start/ some rp"
Tohru Adachi says, "Like I've already run 50 scenes involving jizz this month"
Rei Saionji says, "Well"
Suzuka Umezono says, "You're under quota"
Tohru Adachi says, "But yeah my thought re: reports was that they create a publicly accessible game world that Joe Random can read and go 'oh that's interesting, I'll contact Adachi like the post says.'"
Suzuka Umezono says, "Yeah I think some kind of 'Guys I hear there's a ghost in the old amusement park next to the sulfur vents!' 'report' would also be valid if its purpose is 'start plot in efficient way.'"
Rei Saionji says, "Compress the US into one time zone so i'm not three hours behind you're ass"
Rei Saionji says, "And your ass"
Tohru Adachi says, "I mean in my experience no one investigates anything consistently but Trish but YOU NEVER KNOW"
Tohru Adachi says, "Like -- and since I'm spoiling this, I waive my Schrodinger's FT -- I'm gonna do a post tomorrow to set up the Haunted Mall thing."
Tohru Adachi says, "Because, frankly, it's much easier to go 'TP starts in a few minutes! +bbread 7/12!' than 'explaining it 15 times to everyone who shows up'"
Trish says, "yes"
Tohru Adachi says, "Joe Random can +bbread 7/12 and go 'maybe I /do/ want in', in my perfect ideal scenario."
Ryouma Kirisato says, "oh dang, that's right, that's in a few days"
Tohru Adachi says, "Vs. having to gamble."
Trish says, "yeah i'm still considering an in for friday"
Tohru Adachi says, "I mean, moreso than RPing with me is a gamble anyway."
Tohru Adachi says, "I've got a possible in for people that I can also make public so talk with me after and we'll buzz on it"
Tohru Adachi says, "Friday will be 'oops suddenly this old drug-addled rock star's estate in PI is a literal ice castle'"
Tohru Adachi says, "Mass public: 'what a fucking /show-off/ rock star dork'"
Tohru Adachi says, "Persona guys: '/hmmmm/'"
Tohru Adachi says, "Or 'what's on TV' or whatever people RP if not that scene."
Lucifer says, "i hope ginji shows and goes 'man you've really let yourself go' while sucking in his gut"
Tohru Adachi says, "God me too"
Tohru Adachi says, "If he doesn't can I have an FT to console me"
Lucifer says, "maybe"
Tohru Adachi says, "alice does mariko's 200 links post and just says 'well now we figured out why the bitch ran a 12 part tp. mariko fuck off'"
Yu Narukami says, "pretty sure ginji's an idle fuck"
Tohru Adachi says, "ginji should be pfired for squatting"
Yu Narukami drops the mic
Rei Saionji says, "Along with all his alts"
Rei Saionji says, "Then sitebanned"
Minato Arisato ?
Tohru Adachi says, "yu = ginji, minato"
Lucifer says, "well good because i hate his player and want to app the character anyway"
Belladonna says, "besides on FT"
Belladonna says, "whatever we do"
Belladonna says, "it's better than +review :D_b"
Tohru Adachi says, "haha"
Ryouma Kirisato says, "rofl"
Ryouma Kirisato says, "ah review"
Ryouma Kirisato says, "ahhhh +review"
Trish says, "let us never speak of it again"
Belladonna says, "+review: 'you're satan, now give me an FT'"
Tohru Adachi says, "i'd mourn the loss of anonymously shit-talking you people but i just... do it anyway"
Tohru Adachi says, "and no review system can be as hilariously fucked-up and political as 2k5's got"
Belladonna says, "bullshit, you do it under your own name"
Masahiko Irie says, "Ah, I remember +review from my M3 days."
Belladonna says, "But"
Tohru Adachi says, "exactly"
Tohru Adachi says, "i just do it anyway"
Miyuki Tsukuda says, "And the future refused to change...."
Masahiko Irie says, "It was the number 1 reason to hate facheading."
Rei Saionji says, "Yeah you're making the mistake of thinking anonymity changes anything Adachi says"
Lucifer got into facheading/adminning after +review died, ha ha
Tohru Adachi says, "I'm already on the fucking internettttttt"
Trish says, "All right, I think we're coming to the end here"
Tohru Adachi says, "Oh also"
Tohru Adachi says, "More activity from FCs including me would be nice"
Rei Saionji says, "Yeahh I was trying you think of something to bring up but as far as 'stuff that can actually be changed' I think others have covered everything pretty well."
Trish says, "agreed"
Miyuki Tsukuda says, "Anyone who wants to brainstorm/ help run some highscool stuff...feel free to mail or page me!"
Yosuke Hanamura says, "FCs are terrible"
Masahiko Irie will be sure to RP more since he knows when P5 comes out, he'll be a supporting cast members for sure.
Lucifer isn't active enough on Sudou, for sure
Suzuka Umezono should do more TV with junko
Suzuka Umezono says, "then you know what to watch on TV!!"
Lucifer says, "yesss"
Nyx says, "i am sitting on two chars that should be generators but aren't atm because"
Nyx says, "fuck my workload"
Tohru Adachi says, "I'm not even gonna say more than that, because it contains my entire thesis"
Lucifer says, "suzuka let's do weekly scenes where we just do japanese the view and everyone comes to watch"
Tohru Adachi says, "ANd because I need to do more shit with my jerks too anyway"
Nyx spends her time getting awkwardly hit on by students
Lucifer says, "eat them"
Masahiko Irie says, "My big recommendation? Look for characters that you don't think you'd RP with normally, then try and brainstorm epic with them. I know I will soon."
Ryouma Kirisato says, "That's not a bad idea"
Masahiko Irie head swivls to Yu and Adachi, poltergist stylez.
Yosuke Hanamura says, "step 1: meet up with philemon at a con"
Nyx knows some people have been interested in what Kyo is about but her energy has been dead
Yosuke Hanamura says, "step 2: get a picture taken with his arm on your shoulder"
Tohru Adachi %B
Yosuke Hanamura says, "step 3: put on desk"
Trish says, "i need to find more to do with minako, myself"
Ryouma Kirisato says, "Minako is the best, do everything with Minako"
Trish says, "haha"
Ryouma Kirisato says, "Do every/one/ with Minako B)"
Belladonna says, "/speaking of freetarot/"
Suzuka Umezono says, "Step 4: steal philemon's blazer"
Lilith says, "Yay!"
Ryouma Kirisato says, "Oh hey"
Yu Narukami says, "i sure will do her"
Suzuka Umezono says, "the source of his power"
Lucifer says, "and all the admin get ft we'll never use"
Miya Aikawa says, "yaaay :D"
Belladonna says, "You showed up to a posted meeting"
Lucifer says, "womp womp"
Ryouma Kirisato says, "rofl yes"
Lilith moves it to her player alt XD
Tohru Adachi says, "But yeah that's my final word on every topic we talked about and all the ones we didn't, people should get whatever drug-crazed reward orgy they need to be active, and if they can't or won't be active then they should either make it clear (a la Nyx not having time/energy right now) so the rest of the game isn't left with a thumb up their ass waiting."
Belladonna says, "/have a freetarot/"
Tohru Adachi says, "The end. RP more. I run scenes. Go to them. Assholes."
Lucifer says, "adachi makes a good point"
Ryouma Kirisato says, "Yeah right now I'm eyeball deep in NaNo, I intend on getting active again come December"
Lucifer says, "if you're good for it, let us know"
Trish says, "yes"
Lucifer says, "if not, let us know"
Lilith says, "adachin, you just run scenes cause of ft's"
Lilith says, "We all know it"
Trish says, "especially since i have plot candy as Minako"
Nyx anticipates having more time once this semester is over
Lilith says, "your goal is to be a persona master XD"
Nyx says, "...maybe"
Lilith hugs Nyx
Tohru Adachi says, "i only rp in the hopes of tsing mikage"
Lilith :D
Ryouma Kirisato says, "Man who /doesn't/"
Belladonna says, "I missed my only chance to TS Mikage :("
Ryouma Kirisato ^_- at lilith
Tohru Adachi says, "then posing about what a disappointment it is"
Lilith says, "Good thing she hates you Ryouma"
Yosuke Hanamura says, "people get attached to their characters and aren't good at telling themselves it's over when it's over"
Rei Saionji says, "Not Mikiya, pretty sure"
Tohru Adachi says, "and having jack throw some money in her face and leave, buttoning his cuffs"
Ryouma Kirisato says, "that just makes the sex better"
Belladonna says, "It's unfortunately true Yosuke"
Ryouma Kirisato says, "Yeah"
Lucifer says, "it does happen"
Rei Saionji says, "Anyways just try tsing her sister Ryouma"
Rei Saionji says, "Succeed where I failed"
Lilith says, "Rofl"
Miyuki Tsukuda says, "Brainstorm/planning offer is still on the table. Ciao guys and girls!"
Miyuki Tsukuda enters the OOC Lounge.
Miyuki Tsukuda has left.
Lucifer says, "rei you failed because you're a jackass"
Suzuka Umezono says, "You guys are all bigger whores than me :/"
Suzuka Umezono drops the mike
Ryouma Kirisato says, "It's true"
Suzuka Umezono enters the OOC Lounge.
Suzuka Umezono has left.
Lilith says, "Rofl"
Trish says, "we're winding up, so thank you all for coming!"
Belladonna stays in here in the meantime
Ryouma Kirisato says, "And man I don't want your sloppy seconds, Rei"
Ryouma Kirisato says, "That's just weird"
Trish says, "we appreciate your feedback"
Rei Saionji says, "Art imitates life Lucy :/"
Lilith says, "mitsuki is awful"
Lucifer says, "lol"
Ryouma Kirisato says, "hahaha"
Lilith says, "don't date her"
Yosuke Hanamura sits here as well, currently watching mysterious strangers assembling a D&D table
Ryouma Kirisato says, "That sounds like a glowing recommendation to me"
Miya Aikawa sits here because she wants to be cool, /is that too much to ask/
Belladonna yesss that table
Yosuke Hanamura says, "yes"
Miya Aikawa says, "you're a jerk"
Ryouma Kirisato says, "Though I should snag Mitsuki for a scene sometime anyway, Ryouma will want to ask her how her date with Rei went"
Yosuke Hanamura says, "so are you"
Miya Aikawa says, "well duh"
Ryouma Kirisato anticipates hilarity ensuing
Ryouma Kirisato says, "ugh god i need to get back on my dumb nano, i still have words left to write"
Belladonna hug Ryouma, laterrrrr
Miya Aikawa says, "go!! write words!!"
Belladonna says, "and excellent"
Miya Aikawa says, "YOU CAN DO IT"
Trish says, "take care!"
Ryouma Kirisato says this after having already written almost 5K words on his other novel
Miya Aikawa says, "god"
Ryouma Kirisato says, "thanks guys~~"
Miya Aikawa says, "you're doing /two/?"
Ryouma Kirisato says, "yes"
Trish says, "he is"
Miya Aikawa says, "you're crazy"
Ryouma Kirisato says, "i am"
Trish says, "he's at like 20k/30k"
Miya Aikawa says, "i salute you sir"
Trish says, "or something"
Tohru Adachi says, "yeah thanks for coming to my meeting y'all"
Ryouma Kirisato says, "i'm not quite at 20K, i need to reach that"
Tohru Adachi says, "i'm glad i got to lord over everything at you"
Ryouma Kirisato says, "this meeting has been distracting"
Lucifer says, "thanks for having us adachin"

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