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2009 Logs, IC Time

April 2009 (IC time)

June 2009 (IC Time)

July 2009 (IC Time)

Riding the Chariot - The NWO is after an Arcana Shadow from Port Island, with intent to capture. They employ the help of the mysterious Kyrie, who seems to be a Shadow-Possessed with connections to Inaba. Yosuke stumbles across the scene and promptly gets invited along for the ride. (Rumika Shiratori, Nikolai (NPCed by Aigis), Kyrie, Yosuke Hanamura) July 3rd, 2009 (OOC: Jan 3rd, 2010)

September 2009 (IC Time)

Pyro Granny visits the Internet - Three Seven Sisters High students meet a sweet old lady. But could there be more to her than meets the eye?! (Yeah.) (Miwa Saitou, Pyro Granny (NPCed by Shiki Ichimonji), Hideo Aratami, Tatsuya Suou) IC: Sept 4th, 2009 (Mar 6th, 2010)

Numina Numina Iei~ - Akimoto wants to make a deal with a devil. The ladies of Strega tag along for the ritual. (Akimoto Nagamori, Midori Nakashima, Chidori Yoshino, Numina the Faceless (NPCed by Margaret), Nagisa Renge) IC: Sept 5th, 2009 (Mar 7th, 2010)

Pyro Granny goes back to school ~DOUBLE FEATURE~ - Believing everything she reads about on the Internet, a confused Pyro Granny goes on a Nazi Hunt in a deserted Seven Sisters High! Inaba PD is on the case, but this old lady might be more than they bargained for... (Tohru Adachi, Shion Katsuragi, Pyro Granny (NPCed by Shiki Ichimonji)) IC: Sept 5th, 2009 (Mar 7th, 2010)

Preliminary Exercises - Shirou is at the mall at a bad time. Takahisa Kandori is bored, and scouting for new talent to bring into the NWO's ranks while testing the DVA system's universe-generation and splicing abilities. (Shirou Sekigawa, Takahisa Kandori) IC: Sept 9th, 2009 (Mar 11th, 2010)

Pyro Granny and the Great Nazi Hunt - Pyro Granny's infiltration of Seven Sisters High continues! SEES (and SEES Friend Thora) are after her... and may or may not uncover a sinister secret?! (Itsuka Mizuhara, Hinata Itoh, Thora Kobayashi, Aigis, Pyro Granny (NPCed by Shiki Ichimonji)) IC: Sept 11th, 2009 (Mar 13th, 2010)

November 2009 (IC Time)

The Prisoner of Onisaka Tower - Fresh from the incident that transformed Lunarvale, a group heads towards the tower for various reasons. In the end, they all cooperate towards one end: rescuing Thora Kobayashi. (Deidra Doyle, Fumiya Watanabe, Ichiya Chigiri, Maki Sonomura, Miwa Saitou, Naomi Suzuno, Shirou Sekigawa, Thora Kobayashi, Tohru Adachi, Tohya Kidzuki, Yosuke Hanamura, Yuuka Chiba) IC: Nov 1st, 2009 (OOC: May 3rd, 2010)

Enter Captain R - After a very confusing day in this strange, dreamlike town, several Persona-users converge upon the source of a bizarre rumor. Before they know it, they are dragged into a fight against insurmountable odds. Will their courage be enough to allow them to prevail?! (Minagi Shimizu, Blaise Cameron, Hana Aoki, Yu Narukami, Hinata Itoh, Itsuka Mizuhara, Minato Arisato, Masumi Hayashi, Yukino Mayuzumi, Dark O and foes (NPCed by Shiki Ichimonji), Secret Special Guest (NPCed by Maki Sonomura)), IC: Nov 3rd, 2009 (OOC: May 5th, 2010)

Dark O Appears - While Captain R is away from Headquarters, his evil nemesis, Dark O, somehow manages to breach into the base! The Secret Rebellion's new allies now faces another fierce battle... and what ensues may deal a heavy blow to their resolve. (Minagi Shimizu, Blaise Cameron, Hana Aoki, Yu Narukami, Hinata Itoh, Itsuka Mizuhara, Minato Arisato, Masumi Hayashi, Yukino Mayuzumi, Dark O and foes (NPCed by Shiki Ichimonji), Secret Special Guest (NPCed by Maki Sonomura) IC: Nov 3rd, 2009 (OOC: May 5th, 2010)

Forest Witch - Deep inside the red-violet forest of Agastya trees lives a witch, who might provide a valuable ally in getting everyone back to their world. However, what they don't know is how this encounter will serve as the fork in their journey, as well as the uninvited guest that will turn their expectations inside out... (Maki Sonomura, Yu Narukami, Hinata Itoh, Yukino Mayuzumi, Takahisa Kandori, Arisa Shiratori, Minagi Shimizu, Blaise Cameron, Hana Aoki), IC: Nov 4th 2009 (OOC: May 6th, 2010)

Subway Breakthrough, East Side - On the East side of Mikage-cho, our heroes have slaved time, hours, and resources on the DemonPlow Alpha. Set on the tracks in the subway, this is their sides adventure into the world of tomorrow... or the west side, that is. (Deidra Doyle, Shiori Hibiki, Yuuka Chiba, Tohya Kidzuki, Tohru Adachi, Yosuke Hanamura, Miwa Saitou, Thora Kobayashi, Yukiko Amagi) IC: Nov 6th, 2009 (OOC: May 8th, 2010)

Subway Breakthrough, West Side/Massive Traffic Accident!!/The Death of Captain R?! - This log, starting from the West Side perspective of the Subway Breakthrough scene, shows people from the East and West sides of the city make their own totally metal plans to get to the other half! Many things happen in this scene, but the log itself is named after one particular shocking event... (Hana Aoki, Ritsue Tetsumoto, Yu Narukami, Minato Arisato, Hinata Itoh, Captain R, Arisa Shiratori, Masumi Hayashi, Minagi Shimizu, Blaise Cameron, Yukino Mayuzumi, Deidra Doyle, Shiori Hibiki, Yuuka Chiba, Tohya Kidzuki, Tohru Adachi, Yosuke Hanamura, Miwa Saitou, Thora Kobayashi, Yukiko Amagi) IC: Nov 6th, 2009 (OOC: May 8th, 2010)

Spider Tank battle!! Secret plan to assault the Secret Rebellion's base!! - With the Secret Rebellion's headquarters under new management and a lost friend possibly trapped within, our heroes storm the place! However, their mission might be trickier than they originally expected, and the group is in for more than a few nasty surprises... Features a great many special guest appearances! (MYSTERY GUEST(S)???, Thora Kobayashi, Yu Narukami, Maki Sonomura, Fumiya Watanabe, Hinata Itoh, Yuuka Chiba, Himeru Namikawa, Minagi Shimizu, Minato Arisato, Itsuka Mizuhara, Masumi Hayashi, Deidra Doyle, Blaise Cameron) IC: Nov 10th, 2009 (OOC: May 12th, 2010)

Awakening and Rage - Now that the demons even on the West Side have gotten violent, Minako's found that suddenly she isn't just able to get by with sheer force of personality anymore. The demon Alice (as NPCed by Igor) terrorizes her and several people come to her rescue--including Minato, the brother she'd thought long dead. Sheer force of emotional trauma and Minato's Evoker allow Minako to awaken to her Persona, Eurydice, and save his life. Also, Itsuka dies, but she gets better. (Minato Arisato, Minako Arisato, Minagi Shimizu, Himeru Namikawa, Itsuka Mizuhara, Kanon Itoh, Ritsue Tetsumoto, Blaise Cameron, Deidra Doyle) IC: Nov 11th, 2009 (OOC: May 13th, 2010)

The Inescapable Truth/Harem Queen/Karma Palace - The Girl Scouts (Miwa, Naomi, Tohya, and Hana) entered the Karma Palace several days ago. The Demons (Shirou, Thora) are joined by Ideal Maki and Kanon on their way down. The Odd Group (Blaise, Chidori, and Masumi) trail after the Odd Couple (Tohru and Enoha) while SEES (Deidra and Yuuka) come in not long after. Join their adventures as they eventually make their way down to the Harem Queen (Chisato) and persuade her to accept herself for who she really is... (Miwa Saitou, Naomi Suzuno, Tohya Kidzuki, Hana Aoki, Shirou Sekigawa, Thora Kobayashi, Maki Sonomura, Kanon Itoh, Blaise Cameron, Chidori Yoshino, Masumi Hayashi, Tohru Adachi, Enoha Koinose, Deidra Doyle, Yuuka Chiba, Chisato Kasai) IC: Nov 14 (OOC: May 16th, 2010)

Once You Pop: You Just Can't Stop! - Yu, Yuuka, Shiori, Mei-Lin, Yukiko, Chie, and Aigis head into Yukiko's Castle Dungeon to face the Pringle(Contrarian) King. (Yu Narukami, Yuuka Chiba, Shiori Hibiki, Yukiko Amagi, Chie Satonaka, Aigis, Mei-Lin O'Hara) IC: Nov 28th, 2009 (OOC: May 30th, 2010)

December 2009 (IC Time)

Shion's TV Dungeon - Shion Katsuragi has ended up within the Inaba TV, so it’s up to a group of determined rescuers to save her. (Aigis, Chie Satonaka, Enoha Koinose, Fumiya Watanabe, Minako Arisato, Reid O'Lennon, Shion Katsuragi, Shirou Sekigawa, Thora Kobayashi, Tohru Adachi, Yosuke Hanamura, Yukiko Amagi) IC: Dec 19th, 2009 (OOC: June 20th, 2010)

The Forgotten - A spate of mysterious disappearances is finally tracked to its source. In the depths of the Tartarus, perhaps a hint to the Answer can be found... (Aigis, Akatsuki Enda, Anise Thompson, Arisa Shiratori, Chie Satonaka, Deidra Doyle, Farah Newman, Hideo Aratami, Himeru Namikawa, Hinata Itoh, Hitoshi Taniguchi, Junpei Iori, Kaede Ikeda, Kazuo Kagayama, Metis, Minagi Shimizu, Minato Arisato, Miwa Saitou, Naomi Suzuno, Reid O'Lennon, Ritsue Tetsumoto, Seiichi Miyamoto, Shinjiro Aragaki, Shion Katsuragi, Shiori Hibiki, Takahisa Kandori, Thora Kobayashi, Tohya Kidzuki, Tomomi Fujimori, Wataru Hoshimoto, Yuzuriha Hatsumi, Yuuka Chiba) IC: Dec 31st, 2009 (OOC: July 2nd, 2010)

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