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What is Free Tarot?

Free Tarot are points that you can place into any Arcana you desire! Not getting enough points in that Arcana you like? Want to get to that next rank in an Arcana faster? You can use Free Tarot with the command +freetarot <arcana> (Ex: +freetarot fool) to add points to the Arcana of your choice!

If your character's total links are lower, then you will earn more Free Tarot than usual when receiving any, up until your character hits 300 links. The scale is as follows:

  • Below 50 links: 5
  • Below 100 links: 4
  • Below 200 links: 3
  • Below 300 links: 2
  • Over 300 links: 1

How do I earn Free Tarot?

In general, Free Tarot is earned through actions that create or promote RP and RP opportunities. The following at the moment apply:

  • Run a public or faction-oriented scene. These should be posted on +scenes or on your faction's boards. The scenerunner will earn double Free Tarot.
  • Attend a public or faction-oriented scene. You'll know these because they'll say 'open to everyone' or 'open to x faction'. Attending these scenes will earn the attendees Free Tarot.
  • Writing a report for the character's faction, if they are in a faction. These should be about some event or RP-related element. Writing a report earns the writer Free Tarot.
  • Writing a post for any of the news boards. These should be about RP-driven events or hooks for other characters. Writing a news item earns the writer Free Tarot. These can be posted directly to the board or submitted to admin through +request.

If you have done one of these things and have NOT received your Free Tarot, contact admin!

Additionally, there are sometimes special events or other ways to earn some Free Tarot. Keep your eyes open!

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