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IC Date: December 7th, 2009
Location: SEES Dormitory - Room 210
Characters: Hitoshi Taniguchi, Mystery Textee

The early evening was beginning to hang over the city of Tatsumi Port Island, the sun hanging low in the sky over the cityscape as traffic and people bustle along. Panning in, the camera focuses on a specific building - the dormitory where certain Gekkokan High School students live; more specifically, those associated with the Special Extracurricular Extermination Squad, or SEES. Outwardly, nothing much seems to be happening in the dormitory. With exams coming up, most of the students in the dormitory - despite their night-time duties and excursions - have to take their upcoming final examinations; something that's just as serious as epically fighting the forces of evil.

The perspective changes again. Now, it's focusing specifically on one of the windows of a dormitory room; as it zooms through that window, a young black haired boy sits on the bed, dressed casually as the day is done and nothing is requiring him to go back out again; his room is sparsely decorated, but a couple of posters and a picture rests on the desk he'd normally be sitting at to work. It's of what would appear to be a rather happy family... two youthful parents, who couldn't be beyond their thirties... both appearing happy, and both coddling their vey young son... his hair cut short then, a stark contrast to the boy sitting on the bed with a ponytail. A notepad is in his right hand, and a red inkpen in the other... the inkpen moving rapidly acoss the paper as he writes out ideas on it. It would appear, to those who pay attention to his notepad, that he's working on ideas for some kind of paper... a narrative.

However, these ideas don't really appear to be what a Literature or Language teacher would be wanting someone to write; these ideas he's tossing around on the paper are rather graphic; occult-esque, even... Talking about things such as rituals, death, and renewal. He seems rather content to be writing these ideas out; it's his note pad, so who else is going to see it?

The scribbling can only go on for so long, though. He pauses long enough to put his pad and pen aside, rolling his left wrist a little bit and wincing. "Carpal tunnel's gonna be the death of me," the young man admits to himself, sighing. Despite this, he stands up from his bed, sliding off of it with a small thumping noise as his feet hit the floor. Pacing acoss the floor... Hitoshi Taniguchi, the young black-headed boy, picks up a cell phone which had been resting on his desk, before walking over to the window to look out of it. Flipping open the phone, he quietly begins to thumb though the list of contacts he has in it... which, for someone who is in high school and supposedly social, isn't that many. He stops on one specific name, though due to the glare from the sun on the screen, the name is obscured slightly.

Tap. Tap. Tap. Furious-tapping... in which Hitoshi uses both thumbs. As he turns away from the window, the screen isn't so obscured.

Hey, what's up? It's a simple enough text message.. casual. Appropriate, yes... He hits the 'SEND' button, and as the screen flicks to indicate it's sending and then it's sent, he smiles a little bit. The phone's closed, and he moves back to his desk... placing the phone back where he had found it. Then, it's back to the bed, and to the notepad, where the scribbling ensues and he quietly begins to work again... And time passes.

Of course, Hitoshi hadn't expected an immediate reply from whomever he had texted. He didn't expect a reply at all, perhaps. The scribbling on his notepad comes to a halt after a while... the pen tapping at the paper as he lets out a small sigh. Memories of events happening over the weekend seem to paint a small smile on his face, then... In fact, over the past week, things'd been so fast and hectic, now that he came to think of it. He makes him chuckle a little bit... before looking toward the window again.

"It's beautiful, don't you think?"
"It is," a quiet, decidedly feminine voice responds to him.

This memory particularly makes him smile. He's not even sure why. Apparently, whatever it was? It was good. Really good.

And then...

"Motto hanasou yo," (Let's talk more,)
"Mokuzen no ashita no koto mo." (And about the tomorrow that's before your very eyes.)
"Terebi keshite," (Turn off the television,)
"Watashi no koto dake o miteite yo." ( And look only at me.)

Stirred from this reverie by the texting alert that plays from his cell phone, Hitoshi's eyes actually widen a little bit as the song plays... and he begins to blush a little bit, before laughing it off and shaking his head. He looks to his pad, before looking across the room to the cell phone laying on the desk.

Before it can begin to loop again, he slides off the bed, moving to pick up the phone. Not even looking to see who it's from, he flips the phone open, hitting the button to bring the message up. It could only be from one of a few people at this point... and if it was from someone being random, well! He may just turn his phone off.

But, it's not. It's not exactly the kind of response he expected, either:

tea ceremony, ttyl <3

"... Tea ceremony?" he asks outloud to the walls. A sort of confused look appears on his face, and he tilts his head. But, there was something just as confusing about the fact that whoever it was ... was at a tea ceremony.

For a few moments, the boy just kind of stares at the message. He looks down at it... sitting back down on his bed and kicking his feet up to lay at this point as he does. The sun shines right in from the window from this perspective... not quite in his eyes, but just enough to light him up appropriately, without the need to have the room lights on just yet. He considers the message for a long time. Especially that little emoticon that whoever it was from had put on it's end.

Finally, he relents, apparently. Both thumbs type out the response to that message, and it's simple, concise. Unobtrusive. He can question whoever it is about this tea ceremony later. Right? Right.

Okay, have fun! <3

... Sending Message... Sent. As he closes the phone and puts it on his nightstand, he also picks up his notepad and pen, putting those sundry items there, as well. As he settles back against the pillow on his bed, he begins to smile quietly to himself, sighing just a little. "What are you going to do, Taniguchi?" he asks himself slightly as he turns to stare at the window... a bird flaps it's way by as he does. "From zero to dumbstruck and dazed in less than a week. You're hopeless. Young, dumb, and hopeless."

Turning away from the window and yawning wide, Hitoshi seems to settle a little deeper against the pillow... before his breathing becomes visibly less labored and a little slower. His eyes close, and off he drifts to sleep...

... At which point the camera pans slowly from him, to look at the notepad. There's literally dozens of ideas scrawled over the paper. Characters, names, plot devices... but one thing stands out overall. Ornately written in bold kanji is what this project's title is apparently going to be called. Below it, a translation appears...

A Bloody Memoir.

  • The lyrics appearing as the text message ringtone are Utada Hikaru's Hikari. Hitoshi happens to be a huge fan of that particular pop-singer...
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