Cutscene: Visit to the Shrine

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Kasumi arrives at the Naganaki Shrine late in the evening. After her belated birthday dinner she went home and changed and made it to the Shrine around 11:00PM. The air is cool enough that she is wearing a light black jacket with black pants. Around her neck is the heart-shaped locket that holds a picture of her deceased mother. She sighs and sets down her backpack which... to no one’s surprise is also black. She is not really sure why she almost always wears black. For awhile it was an attempt to make people uninterested in engaging her in conversation but it doesn’t really work that well anyway as she has found out lately.

Superficially, she seems okay with all the social meetings she has had lately, but secretly part of her wants to retreat back into her own world.


The normal world that Kasumi lives in is one surrounded by books and her writing. No people are involved save for the ones she writes about. Her writing is what has brought her here this evening.

Lately Kasumi has been getting more involved in reading mystery and ‘darker’ stories. Stories about the occult and such have fascinated her. With the events happening in the world lately she has been thinking about what kind of ‘forces’ are at work in the world. Is there some completely bizarre reasoning behind the disappearances, murders and deaths? Is that even possible?

She almost feels stupid for thinking it. It doesn’t make any sense at all. The only reason she even entertains the thoughts is because she figures it would make great additions to her writing. After all, people usually went for the darker stuff anyway. A lot of people seem to like mystery stories and such.

Kasumi lets out a long sigh. It had been a long day at her father’s store and then she had the birthday meeting with her new friends afterwards. She is getting pretty tired but with all the work at the bookstore she has fallen behind on her writing. She sits down and opens her bag...

It is dark and there aren’t too many people around. She brings out a small brown notebook and a pen. Not just ANY pen though. This is her “special” pen. She calls it that because her mother gave it to her when she was just starting out writing. After her mother passed away it became very important to her.

She begins scribbling down notes...

After awhile she starts nodding off for a second or two...

When she wakes up there is a woman standing there. She has beautiful black hair and is wearing a flowered dress. Kasumi can barely manage to talk.


The woman just stands there looking at her.

Kasumi looks more closely and gasps. It looks just like her mother but why won’t she say anything?

Just then a tap on her shoulder startles her.

“Are you okay?” The stranger asks.

Kasumi is confused for a second but manages to compose herself.

“Uh... yeah. Must have dozed off. Guess I should head home.”

The stranger looks at her for a minute before saying, “It is not safe for people to be out this time of night.” He is very creepy and Kasumi is a bit nervous.

She gathers up her stuff and heads home still confused with her dream and the stranger. Was that person really her mother? She can’t remember the last time she had a dream about her.

‘Why didn’t she say anything?’ That bothers Kasumi the most.

As she is walking she just shrugs it off. It had to have been a dream even though it felt so real.

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