Cutscene: The Reality of War

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In the basement regions of SEBEC ruins, who is searching or knows the area well will notice that some of the rubble has cleared out of the way from an area that doesn’t lead to the labyrinth like mazes of Mikage-Cho. There are two points of entry, likely emergency exits when the facility was a large building and not wreckage and ruins. The area around the exits is filled with hills of steel bars and concrete of varying sizes, a tetanus risk as well as a place that would seem easy to hide in if it was not for the rubble that seems to shift under every footstep.

The fire exits soon lead to a rather large area; to what might have been a parking garage or a large storage facility. It is one level, but contains a large amount of room, easily the size of two soccer fields if they were side by side. It is here that there is a rather large device with a variety of generators and machinery around it. This is the DVA, currently being powered and worked upon by one of those responsible for it and one of those that was deeply involved with its use, Maki and her scientist friend. While these two are the ones that are likely doing most of the work around the device, they are far from alone.

Keen eyes would see that outside there are men in black suits, traveling in pairs as they check the area, roughly three of these teams in total. There are also people in suits concealed here and there around the rock piles and even buildings that are somewhat far from the ruins, but if they offer a good vantage point, there are there, using it to check out the area. While these men were around mostly for the times when various protectors were at school, work, or other such duties, even as the Persona users that are protecting the device have arrived, they remained. After all, extra eyes rarely hurt in times like these.

Within the underground lot, Masahiko Irie is dressed in his white suit, flanked by an older man in a green suit. Those familiar with Irie and his family (and his grandfather’s ‘family’) would know that this is Kinryu, Irie’s legal guardian and Irie-sama’s right hand man. Kinryu has a Bluetooth ear bud in, checking with both the Yakuza and allies to Maki or Masahiko. After all, there are some here that are not linked to Masahiko or his people at all, but rather those who wish to help Maki in taking apart the DVA. Regardless of who they are, provided they wished to be a ‘team player’ they were provided an ear piece with an attached microphone, in order to have clear communication from those outside of the garage and those inside.

While others might be out patrolling, talking, or helping Maki; Masahiko merely waits. Dressed in his usual white suit, the so-called Yakuza Prince seems a little on edge, pacing somewhat around the machine, his attention going from entry point to entry point. He doesn’t stand still for long and when he does, his foot taps on the ground for a few seconds before he merely continues walking once more. He knows if the NWO wishes to make their move, it will be soon, but he has no idea if they will care and if so, what they will do. Either way, he’s done all he can to prepare and soon, he will see if it’s enough.

Meanwhile, in a prison courtyard in Sumaru, an elderly man in an orange jumpsuit calmly smokes his cigarette, looking to the clear moonlit sky from the prison courtyard. "So begins the second movement of the Jo-Ha-Kyu of Glory," he states with a smile that reveals slightly yellowed canines.

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