Cutscene: The Door Is Open

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ICly takes place on May 3rd, 2011

Getting there hadn't been easy.

It wasn't even a matter of finding his dungeon. She'd very nearly backed down.

Oh, she'd left that message minutes before she left her father's apartment, before she caught the train to Inaba. The anger had been a slow burn for her, prompted to flare by those few replies that had come in. They'd planned to kill him in the past, and then mentioned they might have killed him, and now they-- She had never asked Kyo who had attacked him. She'd been too afraid to. In the end, she could only rule out one person for certain who hadn't been involved, and one person for certain who had. Why did it have to be possible that her friends were this willing to kill...?

But she'd hesitated all the same when confronted with the TV. The portal. She'd been harsh, she knew it. She was walking right into danger, she knew that too. It wasn't too late to back down, but-- Wouldn't that make her a coward? She'd been trying for so long to be braver, to not turn and run away. Tatsuya had said that she should be brave for her own sake. Didn't this count?

The way had been hard. There were Shadows in the TV, ones that didn't take kindly to people. But luck, and a little help, had both been on her side. She'd found the way, she'd stepped inside, she'd tried one of the doors... Only to find it was locked. Her gaze had turned across the remaining doors, before noticing the that was furthest away was slightly ajar.

She opened the door.

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