Cutscene: Solitary Confinement For Two

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IC Time: Friday, May 08, 2010.

The night felt colder, colder then usual.

Reki sat, frowning as he shifted on the irregular mattress of the bed. His head laid back on the pillow as he stared up at the ceiling, his eyes burning as his thoughts threatened to pound out from within his skull.

That man he thought was his friend, Sekigawa-sempai...he'd lied, he'd told his mother about things that quite obviously worried her, things which she didn't need to know. Shirou, damn him, had told her about some details of 'The Plan.'

She had been troubled, crying, upset.. He didn't know how to deal with it, except for knowing he'd failed her. Failed her completely, brought her pain and sadness..

He found himself sitting up, his face finding his hands as he again forced back the rising sense of emotions. It had almost snuck up on him, but such outbursts would be beneath a reasonable man. Beneath him...

He would have to return, it was unavoidable, but...the night for the time being could be served by the motel. He'd cleaned these rooms. They knew him. There would be no questions. They knew he was a responsible young man. No drugs, no girls, nothing.

He rose, drawing back the covers of the bed, his eyes dim. He shouldn't have run away, not even for a little while...who would know what would happen to her... His eyes shifted upwards, he knew the nearby wooden bars could support a man's weight..

Usually such thoughts calmed him, thoughts of escape, escape from a life where every moment just carried failure...but, it was there..

The Man in the Iron Mask staring back down at him, silent, struggling beneath its restraints and staring at him with golden eyes from beneath its mask...

He couldn't trust /it./ The damnable thing, mocking him, even beneath the chains and restraints... He was a prisoner too, a prisoner and a jailor. Like the old tales where a man had to stay on a deserted island to keep the prisoner from escaping, a prsioner himself...

He slid into unconsciousness, alone with the worst of all possible cellmates.


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