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Maki was the best of Makis, of course, because she was the only Maki. Maybe there was a Maki in another world, but she and her were seperate entities. Here, she was loved. Here, she was adored. She was the Maki closest to the True and yet the farthest from the True and she remained in total ignorance of this fact.

She was able to save Thora, and she didn't realize how selfish that was. She was convinced, for the moment, to not shoot down Kandori but she knew the moment he got to the east side, things would get bad. She seemed to be the only person who knew of this, too.

Well, that's fine then.

As the subway was cleared, she'd be able to catch up with her friend and tell him the truth. That he was from another world from hers. At the same time, they'd have to save their mutual friend Chisato. What she didn't know was who brought them here in the first place. And what else was it that she didn't know?

Something important.

But that nagging feeling would not go away. As she filled her bag with goods from Fort Junes and prepared to set out, she considered how much peril there would be in facing the Harem Queen. It might even be more dangerous than facing Yoh. she knew that they faced him, she knew, somehow, that they didn't destroy him yet.

The important thing would be to get to the DVA System inside Rebellion HQ and destroy it before that 'Aki' girl got her grubby mitts on it. That's what really frightened her, even more than Kandori, something about her chilled her. She could barely stand looking at that bitch. Even her name was so similar, but they were nothing alike. She was one of the good guys, that much was obvious, and Aki? She was a bad guy. She reveled in it. And in triumphing over that bitch the True would finally be the Ideal.


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