Cutscene: Put Me In Coach

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IC Date: November 1, 2009

Characters Involved: Hinata Itoh

The locker room wasn't quite what she had expected. Half-busted lockers lined the walls, paint was peeling elsewhere, and there was an everpresent odor that had her nose twitching the entire time she was inside. The whole place needed a reconsturction intervention, stat.

Hinata tried not to mind as she checked through the closets and lockers. "C'mon, they've got to be here, somewhere..." She tried not to mind a great many things. There were few clues as to where she really was. There were demons all over. Everything seemed hazy, as if it all wasn't completely real. Maybe it wasn't. Her celphone wasn't reaching Port Island. At least Yu-senpai was here, and Blaise, and most of all Nee-san. It kinda sucked having her stuck here as well, but two Itohs were better than one. A part of her wished Nee-chan was here as well, though she was far more hoping that Ran wasn't anywhere near the SEBEC building when whatever happened happened, someone would have to be back at the store to cover her shift...

The Lucky 7. Mom. Dad. Home.

The girl pauses, breath growing heavy as her hand death grips a door handle. "No." No, she can't. Not when everyone else is down and out. She was going to pass this stupid trial and find the way home if she has to lead everyone back herself. But this centerfielder couldn't do it unarmed, she thinks as she yanks the closet door open. She'll need something to point the way-

It stood front and center among the practice collection. A little worn, a little dented, but there were few bats that shone like black and silver laquer of an ash Mizuno. Hinata blinked for a moment, then reached out to grasp it, pulling it free from the rack with all the reverence reserved for Stones and Once and Future Kings of Britain.

Eyes twinkling in the dim light, she held the bat before her, taking a couple practice swings. The weight was a little off, it wasn't /her/ bat. It was close enough. Itoh luck struck again. And now she could do what she had silently promised everyone.

She'll pierce the heavens with her baseball bat.

Hinata grinned. "Kandori-san did tell us to enjoy ourselves, he just didn't know /how/ I have fun." Already she's off for the door out, and the sweet slightly less oderous air. "It's game time. Let's play ball!"

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