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Lunarvale - Dojo Meditation Room - IC Time: February 21st, 2010. 1:00 PM.

The smell of light incense fills the air. A gentle chiming music plays over a surround system that is unseen. Peaceful images of things such as gardens and sakura trees adorn the walls of a meditation chamber, that support the comforting color scheme of the room. Small pillows and mats are found here and there, some accompanied by people using them. Other than the soothing symphony playing, not a noise can be heard.

This place was a side area to a local Dojo in the Lunarvale area. It was a rather large Dojo, owned by several black belts of varying arts. Akido, Kung-Fu, and Okinawan Karate styles to name just a few. It was a bastion of Japanese culture for the area, as Lunarvale for the most part was inhabited by immigrants of other countries. But all the martial arts styles believed in meditation and finding inner peace. One such student, Yoh Yamagatani, was in the meditation chamber himself, pondering many things.

Yoh had missed school today, due to a doctor's appointment, for a followup examination having to do with the strange tingling sensation he had in the back of his mind not too long ago. It had since vanished, and the boy was given the golden mark of health. Not that he knew it, but his Persona awakening had made it vanish, being a remote form of resonance detection. Not that he knew this though. Goju-Ryu classes had just let out, and the boy found himself with spare time. So, he spent it well in the chamber. He had a decision to make that would surely affect his life.

Yoh had recently gotten in contact with a group of folks in the Port Island area. These folks, known as SEES, helped keep Port Island safe from some sort of calamity that befell the city, causing a strange malevolent event that happens every night at 12 Midnight. This anomaly was known as the Dark Hour. Strange creatures known as Shadows roam this hidden hour of the daily cycle, attempting to devour all those whom are awake during it. Even more malignant is the tower known as Tartarus that springs forth from Gekkoukan High during this. This location is much more of a threat, and has to be dealt with as soon as possible.

The boy had come into employ for the group from a one Mitsuru Kirijo. This commander of the group had opened the doors to her sect for two things. One, to help him harness his newfound power to use it to help people, and two, to help stop the phenomena happening all over the city, and other locations. Yoh, being who he is, couldn't help himself but to at least consider the calling laid before him. This is why he was here. Weighing his options in his mind.

Several things were good about accepting this. If he did accept, he would be transferred to Gekkoukan High upon the school year rollover, and live in the SEES Dormitories and headquarters. This would put him in Port Island, farther away from his terrible past which all happened on the far end of Lunarvale and the town over. Leaving this all behind was one way to make it go away; a part of him he wanted to get rid of forever. Another was, well, he knew so many people from the Port Island already! This was quite surprising. Ah well, must have happened for a reason. Maybe the most important reason for going was Yoh couldn't help himself but answer a call of duty. To do something he will be remembered for for a long time. One of Yoh's fears was to be forgotten, like he was nothing, or did nothing in the end. He wouldn't have this though, and this may be his big break!

Though some things wanted him to stay. Main priority was his mother's well being. Since his father died, or apparently disappeared, whichever happened, Yoh was all Michi had. She seems to be happy enough these days, but he felt like she may really need him one day, and what if he wasn't there...? That was his biggest worry. Another that had come up was that Thora Kobayashi wanted him to stay nearby, to watch her demon gang in Mikage-Cho. While Yoh really wanted to help her, it was hard to be wanted in two places at once suddenly. Third, what will become of the Lunarvale Shrine? It was thanks to him it was nearing being fully remodeled. Would it just fall into disrepair again if he left? So much work wasted for such a lovely place...

Yoh finally stood up, remaining quiet and respectful of the other people meditating. He gathered his things and put them in his signature duffel bag he carries around. After walking out of the Dojo and wishing his semsei and higher ranks farewell, he made his way home. He had his answer.

Lunarvale - Yamagatani Estate - IC Time: 2:00 PM.

"Mom, I'm home!" Yoh yells as he closes the door to his home. It was unusually cold in his house for some reason today. As the teenager walked in, he took off his shoes by the door. It was strange, they didn't usually practice this tradition in his home, but Yoh had become so accustomed to doing it at friend's houses and other locations, he did it out of reflex.

Yoh sets his duffel bag on the living room couch as he takes a seat next to it. Staring right at him from the coffee table, is the fat cat himself, Chip. "Mrrrrow," is all he says as he sits there, and stares. And stares. Stares into Yoh's SOUL. "Hey, Chip," The boy says to the cat. "Mew," Chip responds. What a stimulating conversation. Yoh moves and picks up the cat, setting it in his lap, and stroking it's back. Chip begins to lightly purr. "You lazy fat thing," Yoh says as he stifles a laugh. The cat begins to purr louder, as if to say, 'THAT'S RIGHT FOOL! PET ME!'

"Hello, Yoh." A feminine voice comes from behind the boy. A woman rounds the couch and stands in front of him. Chip looks up slowly at the woman. "Nyaao." Chip has to have the last word. Spoiled brat. He would get up to jump into Michi's hands, but... he is being petted right now. Ain't no wait he is getting up right now. Not that he gets up for Yoh's mom anyway. What would make this any different? Nothing, that's what.

The woman held a familiar looking folder. Yoh eyed it, and knew what it was instantly. He left it on the counter to talk to her about it when he got back, but it looks like she snooped some and found out already! The woman just stared at Yoh, tap the folder against her side with her arms crossed. "I see you found it," Yoh stated. "I just got it, and was going to talk to you about it today." "Well that is good to hear," Michi chimes in. She takes a seat on a nearby chair, adjacent to the couch.

"I have thought about it long and hard, and I have decided that I am going to sta--" Interception! "--That you are going? Yeah, I know!" Michi interjects with this, and kinda blows Yoh away. That... wasn't what he was going to say.

"I was going to say that--" Again Yoh gets cut off. "You are going! It is a wonderful school with amazing credentials. Plus it isn't even that far away!" Michi snickers and slides the folder across the coffee table to Yoh. Upon opening it, Yoh found everything filled out that she needed to do. "Go ahead, finish it up!" Michi had a strange gleam in her eye. "I was going to stay though! I didn't um..." The boy falters for a moment. "...Y'know, leave you alone and stuff." The mother just laughs aloud. "I am a grown woman. I can handle myself. You worry way too much."

"I went to that school when I was younger," Michi adds. "It's accreditation is amazing for college. You want to be a psychologist like Satoru, you need good credit!" Huh, so maybe she did go the Gekkoukan. Yoh didn't think such a new looking school existed back then. "Uhm..." is all Yoh can let out. Sounds like her word was final. "Understood, mom. I will go." Might as well go with it. Didn't want to argue with her. She can be mean in an argument. If she thinks she will be fine... maybe she would be! he was thinking too hard about all this. Being too paranoid.

"Also, you'll be taking Chip." Wait, WHAT?! Michi adds this in just as things began to get cheerful. "Maaaoow," is all Chip says on this matter. Not like he cared. Long as he gets food, pets, a litter box, and the occasional can of tuna to be spoiled on. "I have to take fatty here?!" Yoh retorts. He holds up the cat. That thing was fat. Holding it up was a strain to most. Yoh could do it fine though. "It just eats and lays there though!" Michi squints at the boy. "Now, he is your pet, you know. I got him just for you!" Despite the fact he clearly favored Michi over Yoh.

"Nnnh." Yoh eked this out as he pet the thing a few more times. Though it didn't do anything for the most part, it did keep him company sometimes. Yoh was going to ask about whom would keep her company then, but remembered quickly just how many friends in the area she had. Tons. Like, every mother or female over thirty in the neighborhood knew Michi. What a socializer. "I will think about it," the boy added. it couldn't hurt, though he worried about that dog he had seen at the SEES dorm. Chip gets along with dogs, but would that dog get along with Chip, is the question. If he had to take the cat, he could only hope.

"Well, it is settled then! I will go whip up some dinner." Michi headed for the kitchen, as Yoh set the cat back on the coffee table. Way to support his bad habit of sitting on it. The teen set his head in his hands. So much for inner seeking and meditation upon this conundrum. Should have figured his mother would make the choice for him. Ah well. Yoh began to fiddle with his duffel bag for a minute.

Michi on the other hand, was in the kitchen, already on the phone with someone. "Heeeey!... Uh-huh!... Yeah, two months... Sell it... Near my parents... I know about it, you don't have to remind me... We will be safe, calm down!... Him?... No, haven't heard from him, why?... He may just be busy at the castle..."

Yoh walks into the kitchen to fetch himself a drink. And Chip one too, as that cat isn't going to move to get one, anyway. The conversation he hears is... a strange one, to be sure. Though he cannot quite tell what the other person is saying. After popping over the soda, he walks over. "Who you talking to, mom?" he asks quietly.

Michi looks flustered suddenly. "Oh, no one sweetie! Just a friend!" She turns back her attention to the phone. "I have to go. I will call you back!" And with that, she hangs up and walks off, strangely in a hurry for some reason. Yoh just quirks a brow.

That was weird.

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