Cutscene: Negotiation

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The screams that eminated from the top floor of the tower were thoroughly ignored by the pair of red-skinned Oni guarding the trapdoor from below. So was the clanking of chains, the thumping of large objects, and the loud laughter of Ongyo-ki. As Oni, it was their duty to torture sinners in Hell and such sounds were commonplace in their line of work.

Abruptly, all noise ceased. After a solid minute of silence, one Oni gave the other a quizzical look. The other shrugged.

Another minute passed in silence.

Ten minutes later, the pair finally ascended the stairs, and undid the iron bolt holding the trapdoor closed.

They were confronted with the leering, iron-masked face of their boss. While this was not an unusual sight for either Oni, seeing Ongyo-ki's head not attached to the rest of his body certainly /was/.

The head shifted slightly to the right to reveal the tower's prisoner, covered in a mix of red human blood and black ichor, eyes wild. In her other hand she clutched Ongyo-ki's weapon, a long iron pole with sharp crescent blades on each end. A single hushed word spilled from her mouth and a large red beast appeared behind her, half coiling around the human.

"Join me." Thora hissed breathlessly, "Or die."


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