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Misaki Izuna didn't expect to land in a mall, of all places. There were people here, though they dressed in gaudy, ugly clothing and constantly talked about some kind of Harem Queen. Misaki found the local atmosphere depressing, what with the gothic architecture in the diner and the terrible piano music.

She quickly found that she was unable to leave the mall. She exited one side and came in the other. No one could leave. Not even the demons. "Once you come to the Black Market, the only way out is the Harem Queen," they said to her. "So let's praise her and make the best of our time here!"

They were demented. She has a job to do, and she has no intentions of rotting here while millions of lives were at stake. It didn't take long for her to get her equipment out of her pack and get ready. Tactical harness. Automatic rifle. Detpacks. Grenades. Body armor. She adjusts her equipment, and loads in a clip of ammo. If she can't leave, she'll just have to take up the subject with the Harem Queen personally.

The door to the Karma Palace is kicked open, a flashbang clanking down the stairs and exploding, stunning the demons camping at the bottom for new victims. They were gunned down a moment later, as Misaki began her single-woman assault on the labyrinth.

Tank! - Cowboy Bebop OST

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