Cutscene: Lost Hope

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Time: Midnight
Place: Ebisu Beach, Sumaru
Date: June 17th, 2011

Late in the evening, long after the sun has made it's final descent past the horizon and the
only light that remains is the yellow hue of the moon on the sand, a young girl emerges from
the shadows. She has spent the last few hours waiting for everyone to leave the beach and waiting
for the right time to come out of her hiding spot.

There is no doubt that Akari is tired and hungry, but rather than head towards home, she sits in
the sand and traces patterns in it with her finger. The transformation she felt just hours prior
still causes her to shake a bit. Despite seeing Kyo's shadow form, she finds it hard to believe that's
what just happened to her. Was it possible? Had she really, truly become Magical Warrior Ixquic?
Normally the thought would make her excited. After all, what magical girl wouldn't want their own
transformation, but at the same time it terrifies her and worst of all, she didn't have anyone to talk to.

As the evening gets later, Akari watches the shoreline, alternating from staring across the sand to
staring at the water, hoping and praying for some sign of life, fully expecting Leo to just walk up and
tell her it was all a horrible dream. As this doesn't happen, she thinks to herself, 'This couldn't be
the end, one of her only sources of comfort since Isamu died 4 years prior couldn't really be dead, right?'

With those thoughts, the tears that had stopped hours ago with the emergence of her shadow form, suddenly
start again. She wraps her arms around herself, rocking slightly, not knowing what to do now. Akari couldn't
face her parents and she definitely couldn't face Seiichi, not after what happened. In the back of her mind,
she knows it's not right to blame him but there had to have been another way to help Leo.

Quietly she talks to herself, thinking of conversations she had with Leo before. "I just wanted a family...
Onii-sama, you were all I had." She beats her fist on the ground, sending sand flying up. "It's not fair...
just not fair..." After another hour like that, she curls up in the sand and falls into a restless sleep.

When Akari awakens the next morning, the sun is barely rising and she quickly grabs her sword and for the
last time walks off towards some unknown destination...

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