Cutscene: Long Road To Ruin

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Who: Shirou Sekigawa
Where: The Velvet Room (Shirou Side)
When IC: Sunday, January 23, 2010
When OOC: 9/25/2010
Soundtrack Song: Long Road To Ruin - The Foo Fighters

Shirou winced just a little bit as he went through the door that technically wasn't there. It was just a little like walking into a glass door in reverse; expecting a shock that never was there. Dressed in his usual school uniform and navy pea coat, he clenched a little at the collar of his coat, pulling the wool closer. It wasn't the cool of the air he was fighting off...

It was the inevitable chill of seeing the Velvet Room. As far as he could see, in every direction, were graves; simple tombstones, crosses, elaborate crypts, mausoleums. All in clean rows. All in clean columns. The only thing that broke up the landscape was directly in front of him... a small hill with a willow tree on the top, the branches hanging down. Down below them... sat a man, a strangely familiar one, with a hunched back and a long nose. To his left sat an older woman with a sad, slight smile on her face. Behind the hill was a river, that stretched off forever to the left and right, the only thing that could be constituted as a wall in this world. Of course, this being the Velvet room, everything was shades of blue.

"Ahh, come closer, please." The man intones, waving Shirou closer. The teen obliges, approaching the man who sits behind a small table, a tarot deck on the side. "It's been some time since you were last here, isn't it? Your connections have grown since then, quite a lot. Perhaps I could interest you a new vision into your future?"

Igor waves a hand, and the cards spring to life, shuffling before three cards are put down in front of Shirou. Another wave of his hand, and the first card is flipped up to view; A woman holding a scepter, looking powerful and full of energy. But here, she's upside down. "The Queen of Rods reversed... a woman that lacks faith and energy... or perhaps one that bends that energy to evil ends? Not someone you've met yet, but someone tied to your past..."

Another wave, as a second card appears. A heart, speared by two swords, but reversed. "Two of Swords, reversed. While normally a card of temporary compromise, this card represents a battle that does not end. Neither side can or will give in..."

The third card comes, as Shirou turns his head, looking at a card of a man juggling two pentacles, focused on the act. Shirou wasn't surprised at all to see the card was Reversed. "The two of Pentacles... reversed." Igor chuckles and shakes his head a bit. "Normally the card is that of a balance between health and work; not something that can be kept forever but managed. Here, there is no balance. One or the other will break apart, or perhaps both. Whatever balance you have will be lost..."

Igor mms a bit, and shakes his head. "But don't fret too much; a hard path sometimes brings about the best rewards. In the end of course, it all comes down to the choices you make. I wish I could help more then that..."

Shirou nods, and starts to walk off before Margaret calmly coughs, and leans down a bit to pick up a card that had somehow got misplaced. She holds it up with the back facing Shirou. "Folklore dictates that cards that fall out a deck, it holds special resonance with the questant." She smiles a little and turns the card around, revealing the Five of Swords. "A card that indicates defeat... but also acting in one's self-interest, but also of feeling discord. I truly feel sorry for you..."

The card sparks blue however, and Shirou's eyes turn wide. "Perhaps however this will help you in your journey... the strength of your friends will help you through anything." The card changes, revealing the familiar sight of Jack Frost.

Shirou just... stares at the card before sighing, and heading for the door. This was going to be a long, hard road to walk.

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