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Wataru, dead. The others: hated her. Or they would. They could say nice things to her, get her to do things maybe, but she knew how they felt. How they ignored her. They ignored every single plea. They ignored her offer to live with them. They ignored her insults. They ignored her feelings. They ignored her lies. They ignored her truth. They cared about Wataru. Through him, maybe, they could fake caring about her.

That silver haired guy. He talked to her, confronted her--why could't Maki do that? It doesn't matter if HE does it. She liked him. She saw him around. He didn't hurt daddy. He wasn't all that bright, clearly, but he seemed...Honest. For what he lost in smarts, he made up for with a clear head, Truth. She could appreciate that. He made her see things about herself she never truly expected to.

But it was too late, Aki knew. Dr. Fuzzles was correct. Ambassador Thorman was ready to nuke this place to oblivion, but that didn't matter. People died because of her, far more than the heads even Wataru smashed in. Even more people felt terror. The whole world was terrified. Of the unknown, yes, but with Izuna's presence it was clear the governments of the world had an inkling as to what was up here.

They'd have to. Made sense, there were always secret powers. SEES, the KDA--they were newbies to a global stage of psychic intrigue.

And Maki would never accept her. Even if the man with the silver hair believed that, she could never believe it. How could she believe something so impossible? Maki told her to DIE. Not even personally, but through a fucking Avatar.

She wanted to kill them all. Personally. Every single person in this world, and the next, she wanted to sense their life crumbling into dust. Then, finally, she would be free of their judgements, their disdain, their lies. They were terrible, horrible people.

But even they weren't as horrible as herself.

With each passing thought, with each drop of rage--

--the seal weakens. Old shadows sometimes spawn shadows of their own. Dark desires of control, taking over, instinctual urges long lost and buried underneath the veneer of civilization and society. Genetic shadows, older than any living human, primal urges long forgotten in the perils of evolution.

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