Cutscene: Late to the Party

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"You have GOT to be kidding me!"

The little fairy, clinking bag hoisted over one shoulder, flutters past an array of downed trees and otherwise 'scene of total and complete destruction' etched along a section of Mifune's slope.

"Ohhh, that is IT, I have HAD IT with Titania's nonsense!"

Settling to the ground, the teal-haired fairy, clad in an odd mishmash of a boy's school uniform and nursing attire, levels a solid kick at the tight ring of oddly-colored mushrooms.

"I mean it, she can just go ahead and die! Telling me I could come to the celebration this year... UGH!"

There's another kick, where mushroom bits go flying.

"And then what, she has the party a week early? WITHOUT TELLING ME?! Oh, because it's FUNNY to leave Trish out of things? Ugh, I've had it! That BITCH! That's it!"

Trish sets down the bag of coins with a solid thump.

"This is war! Do you hear me?! I WILL NOT LET THIS STAND!"

The angry stomping of mushrooms that follows hopefully makes her feel better. For a little while.

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