Cutscene: Just A Normal Teenager

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Who: Casey Coburne, Catherine Coburne(NPC)
Where: Sumaru, Coburne Household
When IC: Sunday, January 16, 2010
When OOC: 7/18/2010
Soundtrack Song: Rose, Rose, Rose Red by Emilie Autumn


~/o For this freedom
I have given all I had o/~

Evening falls in Sumaru, and snow falls with it. Shaking her head, Casey Coburne runs one hand through her pixie cut of dark brown hair, before she unlocks the door on a small condo in one of the more well-kept wards, stepping in quietly. She doesn't say anything, but inside she's chanting: Please don't let anyone be home, please don't let anyone be home, please don't let anyone be home...

"/Casey Caroline Coburne/, where have you BEEN?" A woman's voice rings out.

Flinching, Casey turns to her mother, gazing at that same familiar pair of hazel-brown eyes. "Hi, mom." Casey mumbles, trying too and failing hard at hiding her cut up jersey and undershirt, as well as a small bruise on her neck. Beneath the cut up shirts and along her cut up jeans, bandaged injuries can be seen - or guessed at. However, she seems to be doing fine. For now.

"What /happened/!?" The woman standing there in a comfortable business suit demands -- Catherine Coburne.

~/o For this darkness
I gave my light o/~

"I got into a fight, mom." Casey says, simply, tugging gently on one of the makeshift bandages. One of Catherines' hands descends, and dragging Casey by the hem of her t-shirt, drags her into the bathroom down the hall. Casey yelps, slightly in pain from the pinch of fingernails. "Mom, lemme go! I'll be fine!" But, too late as she gets sat down hard on the toilet seat and hydrogen peroxide and actual bandages are pulled out.

"Mom..." Casey protests, even as the woman starts gently swabbing peroxide, hissing and squirming slightly at the burn. "Mom, I'm fine!" The woman growls out something to her, and Casey stills, sighing as she gets really patched up. She holds still, the aura of silence radiating around the small room before her mom finally looks up - at the small bruise on her neck.

"... what is that bruise?" Catherine asks, voice going soft, cool, dangerously edged.

Casey panics. "I-it's nothing, mom, I swear! It's nothing, I'm fine!" Casey protests, even as it gets dapped with some antiseptic as well.

Catherines' lips thin out into a tight line. "Meeting some boy out there?" She demands.

~/o For this wisdom
I have lost my innocence o/~

Casey opens and closes her mouth, lost at this accusation, suddenly looking more childish and almost feminine than she normally does as her cheeks redden slightly, hands coming together and fidgeting, dropping her own hazel-gaze to the floor. "No, mom, I wasn't."

"Bull." Her mother snorts, hazel-brown eyes flashing. "Grounded, one day home, no laptop for a week."

"MOM!" Casey shrieks. "Mom, no, no, please, anything but that...!" Her chin wobbles, but she tightens it desperately.

"/Bedroom/, Casey. Be glad it's not a month." Catherine snaps, walking out of the room.

Casey, in a daze, puts a fist to her mouth to stifle the noise that escapes as her mother takes the laptop bag sitting in the hallway.

"... no..." She whispers, leaning against the sink.

She tries to be so good...

... why can't she be good like Him...?

~/o Take my petals
And cover me with the night o/~

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