Cutscene: Inward Reflections

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Settling in with new injuries, Minagi finally drifts off to sleep, glad for once it wasn't brought on by massive blood loss. She usually these dreams...the dreams created by her mind sometimes were not pleasant matters. Screams of the dying, ghosts of the past, all of these things often scratched at her subconscious. It wasn't to say she never had nice dreams, but often it was enough to make her skittish about the whole affair.

However, tonight no dreams would come.

The restaurant with the velvet carpeting would take hold of her dreams tonight. She sat in front of the gentlemen with the large nose, and beside him the very good looking helper. Minagi forced away a blush, staring at Igor for the moment. "Welcome to the Velvet Room, my dear young lady. It has been a little while sense our last meeting...and it appears you have grown quite strong as a person."

"As you grow stronger," Theodore speaks up, assisting Igor in explanation, "Not just physically, but spiritually as well, the sea of your soul will be able to call upon new powers. Before you only relied on yourself and the powers that come from you, but you must now rely on the powers from the bonds of others."

Igor looked upon Minagi again, seeing she understood...but was still not so sure. "Ah...I see the look. Even you know, however, that while your shadow and your persona are different sides of the same coin, that the shadow draws upon the negative aspects that were inside you. The Persona, however, draws upon the positive aspects, as well as the power of your bonds with others. The other persona's unlocked by this are but an expression of this. Eventually these bonds may even increase your persona's potential."

Minagi nodded...she did understand all of this. She wasn't exactly the smartest cookie, but a lot of this was feeling. Emotion...this kind of thing was easier for her to understand. "How about we let ourselves take a deeper reading into yourself." Igor says, as five cards were laid out in the shape of a cross. In the center was the Chariot, reversed.

"Ah...the Chariot. Something you are familiar with. In this position, it means several could be a lack of control. Perhaps the inappropriate use of force in a already bad situation. Or the advancement without the consideration of others." Minagi looked concerned...perhaps even scared a little.

"The next card is the thoughts and feelings that underlay this attitude." It was the Knight of Wands reversed, "The dark essence of fire...a feeling created by a dark appetite or overindulgence. Confidence and perhaps foolhardy actions."

"The top card card is what your attitude may become." The Six of wands laid there, "This represents a sense of honor and satisfaction at the resolution of an important matter. Triumph after a great struggle. Resolution." Igor says, with a gleem in his eyes. Minagi still looked confused.

"The card at the left is how others perceive your attitude." And what is here is the Ten of swords reversed. "The darkness before the dawn. A crushing and seemingly total defeat that hides within the seeds of final victory...Ultimate knowledge gained through ultimate sacrifice.

"And last...but not least. The final card at the bottom. This is what you cannot confront or are hiding from yourself." Stood here was the queen of Pentacles. "Interesting...The essence of earth behaving as a hot spring. A warm and generous host, providing shelter and comfort for all who want it. The qualities of maturity and sensibility combined with the innate appreciation for nature and the material world."

"I can only show you the way, but it is up to you to choose it. What I have shown you here are only possibilities.." Igor speaks, before Theodore speaks up, "No matter how certain the future, one person can change it for the better or for the worse at any time. Ultimately, free will is something that nothing and nobody can take into account," the man speaks to her with a coy smile.

"Now...let us awaken a new power within yourself." The cards drawn the center was the Tower. "This card represents yourself. You know this from our last is both destruction, and the chance of rebirth." Igor says, as more cards follow. The fool to the top, the magician, the Priestess, the Lovers, the Chariot, and the Star in various places around it. Each one forming a bond with the center card.

The cards break, like fragile pieces of glass as where they were floating, floats...a strange small thing with tiny wings. Pixie, hovering there, speaks with a squeak and gives Minagi a very enthusiastic thumbs up. "Yay! I am so happy! Finally we get to fight together! Don't be afraid to summon me to fight beside you! Together we can do anything!" And with fades into the sea of her soul.

"Ah...while she may not look like much, power untapped remains in that little form. You would be wise not to ignore what it can offer you, and in turn may teach you more about yourself." Igor says, "And until next time, humble guest..." The world of the velvet room started to fade, and once more, she was sitting in her bed, blinking.

"For a restaurant...they give bad choices for meals." Minagi says, grumpily, as she steps out of her room to grab a snack.

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