Cutscene: I'm Sorry

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Characters: Miwa Saitou

She was running out of time.

Her cellphone was running out of power.

Lying on her side on her makeshift sleeping area, Miwa stared at her cellphone's screen, more importantly, at the blinking icon that said exactly how little power was left.

It was futile. She knew it wouldn't work. But she still brought up the text message interface, selected the recipient. Kyo. Oh god, when she thought about it, the sense of sorrow on her part was overwhelming. How he must feel, how worried he must be--

And about how she'd broken her promise.

She tapped at the keypad, slowly spelling out her simple message: I'm sorry.

And she pressed send.

Miwa held her breath, knowing it wouldn't work and still hoping it would at the same time. Oh please, please, she thought desperately. Even if she died tomorrow, even if she never went home again, if she could just apologize for breaking his heart, then at least she could possibly ease his suffering. She blinked, her vision blurring. She'd promised to never leave him. And then... she'd...

The screen flicked. Turning away from her thoughts, she refocused on the screen.

NO SERVICE, the message read.

She could only stare at it, the message blurring into illegibility. Her hand shook, her thumb easing over the power button, then depressing it. Moments later the screen went black. It slipped from Miwa's fingers, the girl curling herself into a ball as she wept.

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