Cutscene: Hunter, Hunted

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The demon had been stalking its prey through the depths of the Karma Palace for an hour. The sweet scent of cordite, sweat, and fear drew it on. It hadn't eaten a good meal in weeks.

But this meal was so difficult. It was like chasing a shadow through the mazelike halls, just catching a glimpse around the corner, a scent here, a sound there. It was maddening... But the streaks of blood dripping on the floor proved to be a simple way to follow the human.

It turned a corner, looking up at the hall. The ornate doors led to a forbidden area of the Palace. The Harem Queen forbid it, upon pain of death. And no one who broke the rule ever returned. It turned away, looking down the hall at the blood trail. It turned a corner, and it smiled. That way was a dead end. Now, his prey would be brought down.

It turned the corner, smiling as it saw the crumpled form in the dead end, the bloody streaks ending at it. Clearly, it tired and collapsed from blood loss. It reached down with a claw, preparing to end it in one swift stroke. It was a good hunt, the prey deserved that much.

The swipe knocked the bundle of clothes open, revealing nothing but a black device that clattered onto the ground before it. It paused in shock, eyes widening... Before the device exploded.

The beast heard footsteps approach behind it, looking up as his red-haired prey steps into its field of view. She raises her gun, racking the slide before pointing it at its head. It is too weak, it cannot even howl defiance...

She speaks. "Go back to Hell." There is a loud crack, and it knew nothing more.

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