Cutscene: Echoes of Frost

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IC Date: November 11, 2009

Characters Involved: Shiori Hibiki

Jack Frost lurked in the bushes.

True, he was but one of many, and it was merely a scouting mission, but the target was important, and if he could just present himself to the one within... well, who knew how he would be rewarded?

Slowly but steadily, the Jack Frost crept forward, intent on his goal somewhere within the barricaded structure known by its inhabitants as Fort Junes...

A hand snaked down and grabbed him by the collar, yanking him up to dangle in mid-air.


"Now, I know you're alone, so this can't be part of an assault on Fort Junes," Shiori said pleasantly, holding the Jack Frost at arm's length. "And you've been circling the building for the past couple of hours, so I assume you're here for a reason."

The Jack Frost struggled in her grip. "Let me down, ho! How did you know all that, anyway?"

"It's my job," Shiori said. "And I really don't think you should be running around like that, without looking where you're going." She rotated the Jack Frost to face what he had been about to walk into.

Three pairs of glowing red eyes stared back.

"I'm not sure what Sekigawa-san did exactly to, uh, contract Cerberus-san to guard the back door," Shiori continued conversationally, "but part of his payment is in... I suppose we can call it 'meat' and leave it at that. I'm going to let you down now; will you promise not to ambush me or anything? Please?"

The Jack Frost saluted. "Hee-ho, ma'am!"

"Right." Shiori carefully set the Jack Frost down, whereupon he scampered a short distance away, and stood there, watching. Shiori gingerly tossed three slabs of meat over to the Guard Cerberus; each was casually snapped out of the air by an intimidating set of jaws. "That always scares me," Shiori muttered. She bowed politely to the Cerberus: "Thank you for your hard work, Cerberus-san!"

The Cerberus ignored her, settling down to its dinner. One of the heads gave her what could have been interpreted as a disdainful sniff.

Shiori turned to the Jack Frost, who was, despite the ever-present fanged grin, giving the impression of staring speculatively at her. "How can I help you, Jack Frost-san?"

"You are with him," the Jack Frost noted. "The Muted King."

Shiori blinked. "Yes."

"He was with the other one, at the house," the Jack Frost said. "Told us stories, hee-ho. Played us music! Why didn't the Muted One play?"

"It's... a long story. Do all of, um, the Jack Frosts know about-"

"Everyone knows!" The Jack Frost considered this. "But not everyone agrees. Actually, not everyone knows either. Some of us know." He thumped his rotund chest. "This one knows! This one was there!"

Shiori gave up. "Would you like me to pass a message on to him?"

"There is danger ahead," the Jack Frost said, beady eyes focusing on Shiori. "Lots of danger! Lots of terrible danger! You'd best be prepared, hee-ho!"

"I... uh, I'll keep that in mind, thanks-"

"And to prepare for that terrible, horrible, dangerous danger, you're going to need our help!" The Jack Frost pointed a stubby finger dramatically at Shiori. "You should be thankful that the great Jack Frost is giving you my card, hee-ho!"

"Well, I suppose, er, thank you for, uh..." Shiori hesitated. "Wait, what card-"

She managed to shut her eyes and shield her face in time, as a gust of icy wind sliced around her, snapping at her clothes. When she finally opened her eyes again, there was only the guard Cerberus, glancing disinterestedly in her direction.

And at her feet, a single card, glinting despite the gloom permeating East Mikage-cho.

Shiori bent over to pick it up, noting the picture of a grinning Jack Frost on the face, and the familiar design of a stylized mask at the back. Distracted by her thoughts, she slipped it into her pocket. Maybe Igor would know what to do with it.

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