Cutscene: Down the Rabbit Hole

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“Down the Rabbit Hole”

Tuesday April 7th, 2010 (OOC: October 12, 2010)

Kasumi arrived at her house before midnight. She rushed to make sure that she did. After the events of the last couple hours, the last thing she wanted was to get involved in something else. There was no doubt in her mind that something weird was going on. Things were definitely not as they seemed.

After she arrived home she made sure that her father was asleep. She did not want to have to explain to him why she was so late and what she had been doing. Not that she could have told him the truth anyway. Fumihiko was not one to get angry often but if he knew what Kasumi had been doing she knows that he would be mad at her and probably never trust her again. She could not live with that.

Heading to her room she got ready to take a shower. The evening’s events went through her head over and over. There were some details she could not remember. She went to the bathroom to start the shower and looked in the mirror.

What the heck?

There was a large black circle drawn in marker around her eye. She thinks about it for a minute and quietly mumbles, “Damnit Kanon! Not funny!” As she starts to remove it, she silently vows to pay her back one day. Kanon must have done that when she blacked out.

Kasumi’s thoughts soon turned from Kanon to what exactly had happened to her this evening. She can remember playing the game with her friends and afterward thinking that nothing had happened. She remembered going to the light switch but that was it... the rest of the evening was fuzzy to her.

Why couldn’t she have just taken Himeru’s advice? Why was she so determined to find out the truth? Why couldn’t she just let it go? Even as those questions run through her mind she knows the answer.


Like Alice falling down the rabbit hole, Kasumi had not just fallen down she had thrown herself headfirst. What was on the other side though? That thought scares her the most. Had she awakened some demonic force that was going to come and kill her in the night? The thoughts about what was to come worried her. After all hadn’t Himeru mentioned that it was what happened AFTER the game that changed her life? Himeru was still here though so it couldn’t be all that bad right?

As she tried harder to remember something else occurs to her... it wasn’t after the game... it was after the dream Himeru said her life changed...

Wait.... there was a dream! It hit Kasumi like a ton of bricks....someone talked to her. But about what?

The only words that she can remember right now are... Persona, Masks, Power...

The rest is a blur. Frustrated Kasumi finishes her shower and goes to bed. Perhaps sleep would do her good. Maybe once she rested she could remember more.

One thing was clear to her... something had happened though what that meant for her was uncertain.

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