Cutscene: Dissension

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Dr. Fuzzles was troubled. Even in the hidden world that nobody would ever find, the True was in danger. Pandora was stirring, and even the True could not fight Pandora alone. It wouldn't even try. That was the problem. As all the aspects struggled amongst themselves, it was growing in power. The influx of Lib was particularly harrowing. They were very careful to not give too much, a very measured dosage, but it had fed Pandora just as it had fed Aki as the two were inexorcably linked.

The True was in stasis, as always. It did not wish to be bothered. So it created Dr. Fuzzles to intercede on her behalf. But much like her creator, the True only stepped in when matters seemed truly hopeless. What were those dummies thinking?

He had to consider that protecting Captain Rebellion's Headquarters, an elementary task, might not be in Maki's best interest. The worst that would happen if Aki won would be Shadow Possession...

...But if she lost and brought Pandora in...then the world might perish. There would be nothing, no Hope at all.

He resolved to not interfere. The collective unconciousness was right about that. Humans made bad decisions, but perhaps they would reach Aki in time.

No, that wasn't it. Aki was right to be angry. It was the True they had to reach and, as a creation of the True, it could do nothing to help them at all.

Dissension - Homestuck -

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