Cutscene: Despair

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Music is the only comfort he could find. Minato Arisato sits with his back to the corner in the alley, head turned to his left to watch the opening to the main street. Things prowled there, and walking it alone was, in his expert opinion, a very bad idea. It wasn't quite the Dark Hour--his headphones wouldn't work if it was--and yet something like Shadows were everywhere.

They were hunting. Hunting /people/. Not coffins floating the streets, but actual people! He didn't know how this was possible. He was outside the SEBEC Building when whatever happened had happened, stopped by locals troublemakers who didn't care where he had to be. And then... this, with not-Shadows roaming.

Every moment he spends thinking about the situation is another he wishes he hadn't.

Minato doesn't know what's going on, or even where he was. Lunarvale simply /wasn't/ anymore, even if he was smack-dab in the middle of it. He doesn't know what happened to the rest of SEES that was there. Deidra, the so-called "Eclipse Squad"... in the confusion, he lost track of them. He never even thought to turn his cell back on.

Everything was stacked against him. Everything was starting to look hopeless. Every passing second was another he tried to simply turn up the music that had been the anchor to his calm, to his detachment. Everything was falling apart. Was he going to die here? Trapped, hunted and alone--

"You are never alone," says the other boy, the impossibly present boy, sitting with him in the darkness.

Minato and the boy exchange glances, one startled and the other oddly calm. As Minato stared, trying to say something, anything, the blue-eyed boy simply smiled, chuckling lightly in his own way.

"I told you, remember? I'm always with you."

Theme: Machinae Supremacy -- Redeemer -- Rogue World Asylum

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