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Philemon looked into the distance, his gaze fixed upon an infinity in the distance. "Point."

His counterpart turned to gaze at Philemon, narrowing his eyes in mild irritation. "What do you mean, point?"

Philemon didn't bother looking to him. "Do you acknowledge it?"

"I don't see why you're so insistant on this, you're too far behind." Nyarlathotep folded his arms, his entire being exuding impatience.

"You see only what you wish to see." Philemon on the other hand, seemed serene and immovable.

Nyarlathorep frowned. "Perhaps the same could be said of you."

Philemon tilted his head faintly. "Do you acknowledge the point?"

"Yes, yes, very well. I acknowledge point." Nyarlathotep turns away, muttering. "It's not going to matter anyway, as these idiots tear down their entire world around themselves."

"It's not over yet. Humanity never ceases to surprise me when things seem darkest." Philemon replies.

"They never ceast to surprise at how much they love destroying, you mean." Nyarlathotep chuckles. "But you're right. This isn't over. Endgame is still to come."

They both become silent as they continue to watch once more.

Dawn Whisper - Makai Senki Disgaea 2 OST

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