Cutscene: CSI: Velvet Room

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Who: Himeru Namikawa, Theodore, Elizabeth, Igor.
When: Tuesday March 24th, 2010
Where: Velvet Room - ??? - Void of Unconsciousness.

The evening had just begun when Himeru opened the blue door in the Lotus Plaza, when the door resonated with that One Key on her keyring. Odd hush-tones could be heard as the door opened, 'She's coming! Hide!'

She had not expect much as she entered, yet found one of Igor's assistant greeting her warmly. "Welcome, the Master had been expecting you." politely stated Theodore, gesturing for her to sit. The messy room seemed to have fewer cardboard boxes that she remembered, as if the various knickknacks had found places to be. She pulls the wheeled computer-desk chair back, seating herself on the fabric-covered seat. There seemed to be another person hiding behind the window curtains for some reason, the shape of a woman very visible. Oddly enough, the person she expected the most was not here. "Where's Nosey?" she asks, grey eyes settling on the blue hatted young man.

"The Master is in the Velvet Facilities, it won't be long." answers the young man, before motioning to the table. "He left this for you however, to aid you in your future challenges. Jack Frost. I'm sure he will explain why once he returns, so until then you can just..."

Theodore' sentence trails off as he reaches out for a pocket in his jacket, pulling out a pair of sunglasses and putting them on. "Chill out."

Ankward silences fills the room, the young man fidgeting before throwing a panicked glance toward the curtains, apparently the signal for a female voice behind said curtains goes "YEEEEEEEEESSSSS!", in that slightly cheerful yet controlled tone Elizabeth was best known for.

The ankward silence returns, Himeru's gaze interrupted only for rhythmic blinking every 8 seconds. She could practically see how uncomfortable the young man was getting, and so she gets up and steps up toward Theodore. Left hand reaches up, gently removing the sunglasses before snapping them into two. "No." before putting the broken pieces in his hands.

The young girl then reaches to the desk, grabbing the cute snowman card and just walks out of the room. As the door closes with a click, a flush sound echoes through the Velvet Room, before Igor simply walks in from the side. "Now then, I apologise for my delay, dear Guest, but..."

The longnosed man looks around, confusion briefly marring his eyes before his gaze settles on Theodore, displeasure marking his brow as the young assistant stumbles for words to try and explain this.

"Yeeees..." softly comes from the curtain, with no enthusiasm this time.

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