Cutscene: Atop the Tower, what do you see?

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Demons, humans, a city mixed with both types of inhabitants and now even manga superheroes. All of the last twenty four hours had only begun sinking in. Watching the strange city as far as the eye could see from the top of the Headquarters of Captain Rebellion only served to amplify just how far away they were from what she knew and called 'home'. It had hot water, supplies, beds and a snazzy science-fiction stylish decor yet it left her feeling even more drained and empty than when walking through the city itself.

"Not exactly the vacation trip we were talking about" thought Himeru, her mind finding humor in the predicament all the same. Still, she can't help to wonder how much time it will be until they can return home, if that option will even exist. Optimism had not been her forte this year, and it wasn't about to change. It wasn't exactly her goal to make her existence and life here, they would first have to regroup and find everyone else before considering the possibility of a way back to their own cities and maybe world, depending just where they are, no matter how far that might be. She knew that much, she knew what needed to be done, she knew what she needed to be, so why couldn't she stop shaking?

"You know you're going to fail, you're just lying and pretending you can make it out of this alive and with everyone else. Remember your place, remember you're not that strong. You're only good at saving yourself and sacrificing others." came a voice in her head, as if her own mind saw fit to sledgehammer her wavering confidence. Yet it only bends like a tree against a strong wind, as she reaches to her back and rests her left hand on the reassuring grip of the wooden weapon. Her eyes closed, she listens to the wind around her, counting the seconds passing by in her mind and wondering if they are equivalent to Japan Standard Time. Assuming they get home, will a week have gone by? A single day? Six minutes? Thirty years? A question best unanswered for now.

The voice drowned and evicted, Himeru opened her eyes again to look for the stars, but finding none. "You're just jealous you can't be here with us, with them. Then again, you're not really talking with me either, Imouto." she spoke, words lost to the wind. "I'll clean your grave once I'm done proving you wrong."

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