Cutscene: A Mirror Darkly

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Characters: Shadow Miwa

ICly takes place on June 24th, 2011

The room is dimly lit. Only a single lamp sits on the edge of the vanity, the glow behind amber-colored glass scarcely enough to illuminate far beyond the piece of furniture.

Sitting before the mirror, the figure smiles at her reflection as she slowly brushes her short teal hair. Save for one part of her face, it's quite the pleasant expression. Almost beatific. Of course, one part of her face would draw attention far before the others: her eyes.

Those eyes stand out all the more for the dim lighting, glowing points of dull red reflected in shadowed glass. She sets down the brush, idly then running a few fingers through her shortened hair. What a mess, she's thought. What did 'she' think she was trying to do, cutting it this short...

She leans forward then, turning her face this way and that, judging herself critically in the mirror.

"Terrible~" she pronounces cheerfully.

She settles back in her seat. Her red-eyed gaze remains fixed on her image yet, rapt as if that reflected face were fascinating and disgusting all at once. All sugar and pleasantries, that smile grows even brighter. Her lips part.

"I hate you," she whispers at the reflection in the glass. She's smiling.

She's still smiling as she grabs that brush. Still smiling as she flings it, hard, at her despised duplicate in the mirror. And still smiling as the mirror explodes into a million tiny shards.

"And I will destroy you. It's a promise <3"

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