Cutscene: A Goth In Mikage-Cho

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IC Date: November 1, 2009

Characters Involved: Chidori Yoshino, Midori Nakashima

Chidori Yoshino glared at the colourful, shimmering barrier that stood impassively between her and... wherever the rest of the world was.

It had been a simple idea, at first. The former host of the Chariot had been under the control of SEBEC, or so she had claimed. It stood to reason that SEBEC might have further information on the other important Shadows, the ones who were placed within the world to await the ascent of the Queen of Night.

The SEBEC building was in Lunarvale. Chidori had just entered the city limits when something happened, causing everything to shift...

And now she was stuck in this not-quite Lunarvale, where strange creatures roamed the streets, illuminated by the eldritch glow of the nearby forest of Agastya trees. Chidori had been able to avoid most of these creatures, although she had done the city a favour by disposing of a couple of weaker ones that had refused to stop bugging her for cash, or whatever it was these things wanted.

If this kept up, there would be nobody left in Lunarvale to call for Nyx. Sort of like beating the rush early, perhaps.

Chidori lobbed an axe at the barrier again. As before, it bounced off, clattering to the ground back at her feet.

No way out. She was stuck in this nightmarish world, this city on the edge of never, and the worst part of it was-

"Hi Chidori! It's a great day. Halloween must have been so fun they're still doing it. They like it so much. Want to hand out candy with me?"

Chidori did not turn around to look at the newcomer, but she did pass a hand over her eyes.

"This," she muttered to herself, "must be Hell."

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