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A very new school constructed roughly ten years ago, Gekkoukan's construction was funded by the Kirijo Group. Furnished with many of the modern conveniences newer buildings enjoy, it has an academic reputation to  match via the school's motto: "Two in harmony surpasses one in perfection."<br><br>
Students of [[Gekkoukan High]], past and present.
The main building consists of three floors. One's homeroom is determined by their grade. The higher the year, the higher the floor one's homeroom is located. Light grays and blues are the predominant colors of the hallways with some brown for contrast, making the campus appear bright and clean even on the dimmest of days... if sometimes coming off as cold and uninviting. Most classrooms have a blackboard on either end of the wall perpendicular to  the doors, and two monitors up towards the front. A vendor in the main lobby  sells snacks and school supplies through most of the day, if the need arises.<br><br>
As a curious note, sick students generally prefer to go to the restroom instead of properly seeing the school nurse, whether they are fatigued or even ill. Odd as it may sound, this usually does the trick for all but the worst cases, seeing them back in class with renewed vigor before long.<br>
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Students of Gekkoukan High, past and present.

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